Major Problem With TTS…

I sort of knew this would happen, dear reader, and I'm not surprised, to be honest...

TrainerTrackStats is one of those 'hardy perennials' (or annuals to be totally correct) that just bely the general cynicism in our game. It's sold over 2,000 copies since inception, including just over 1,350 last season alone (that might have been a record, by the way!)

And we noticed something last year that we'd not seen before. TTS had started to become a victim of its own success. Let me clarify that, as I know it sounds a bit self-serving and grandiose.

Basically, because so many people were 'in' on TTS, and the selections it threw up, it meant that hundreds - and quite possible thousands - of people were trying to back the same horses. Guess what happened next? Of course, the prices begain to reflect this groundswell of support and truncated. Got shorter.

The horses still won at the same rate (roughly 2 in 9, or 22%), but the average price shrunk by about half a point. Now that might not sound a lot, but believe me, it can make the difference between success and failure when applied over a decent volume of wagers.

So... I'm not at all surprised that Gavin has decided to seriously restrict the number of people who will be able to 'cash in' on TTS this season. It's an eminently sensible decision in my opinion, for several reasons:

1. He wants to protect the price for himself (and me!)

2. He wants to protect the price for those who order TTS

3. He wants to show the same healthy profits as the last three seasons (or better), and this means not impacting the market too much

4. He wants to be able to offer TTS next year, in the knowledge that there is still a value edge available to those who have the info.

Claro? It's a brave decision of course, because he could have made himself a whole lot more money by just selling as many copies as he possibly could... and I know from the number of people registered already that interest is higher this year than ever. (It's one of the perks of being a mate of Gavin's, that I get to look over his shoulder to see how he's doing!)

So this is what he's decided...

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold

This season, there will only be 250 copies of TTS available. Considering that's less than ONE FIFTH of the number sold last year, and that interest this season is even higher (again, unsurprising, seeing as TTS delivers season after season), those are going to go pretty fast, I reckon.

If you're of a mind to get TTS, then there is something you need to do. Please follow the below instructions carefully, as it's pretty much the only way you can GUARANTEE to get a copy:

If you haven't yet registered for the freebies

If you've yet to register for the free stuff, then I'd urge you to do that, whether you want TTS or not. Quite simply, Gavin's giving away more goodness than most people charge over a hundred quid for.

Go to this page to  sign up for the free stuff (no obligation)

[Note, once signed up, you'll receive a confirmation email, from which you need to click the link, to receive a second email with the location of the freebies - this is a faff, but it's also a legal requirement, sorry.]

Once you're in the giveaway area, make sure you add your name and email address a second time. This is the ONLY way you can guarantee to get a copy of TTS. You're not obliged to get TTS if you sign up, but if you don't sign up, you might not get TTS. People on this list will get a two hour head start on the rest, and that could be the difference between having this and not having it. I expect it to go that fast.

If you've already registered for the freebies

Even if you're already signed up and enjoying the giveaways (great, aren't they?!), you still need to do this:

On the freebie page, there is another email registration form. By adding your details, and clicking the link in the confirmation email you will subsequently receive, you can assure yourself of the option to get TTS.

Important: you are not reserving a copy by signing up, nor are you obliged to purchase TrainerTrackStats if you do. But... if you don't sign up, there is a chance - remote maybe, but still a chance - that you'll miss out. And I don't want any Geegeez reader who wants TTS to miss out. Simple as that.


Okay, I've maybe laboured that somewhat. So apologies if you feel that's the case. But, put simply, this is my favourite horse racing betting product ever (it would be, it used to be mine!), and I think it's as good - if not better (hard for me to say..!) - than ever. TTS is coming at midday on Monday, 28th September. ''Early bird' registrants will have the chance to get it from 10am GMT on Monday. Enough already.

I'll be back tomorrow with a preview of another upcoming race, the Melbourne Cup. It's a race the Euro's love to win, but have only succeeded twice with, when Dermot Weld's pair, Media Puzzle and the brilliant stayer Vintage Crop, prevailed. They have however peppered the podium, and again have a strong hand this year.

More tomorrow...


p.s. I completely forgot to mention that there's another freebie in the giveaway area today, and it's the Director's Cut form this year's TTS. That is, it's the twenty 'next best' trainers. Those who nearly made the grade, were nicely lucrative to follow, but not quite up to TTS muster. Go get it here...

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold
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  1. Rick Ford says:

    Hi Matt,

    When you released and heavily marketed TTS 2008/09 I did tell you that the system would not have been profitable as previous seasons due to over selling but you denied that fact because according to your own research people only staked £10-£20 a point. Obviously you changed your mind?!

    You should know that any really good system that gets well documented does affect prices and I hope Gavin really restricts the numbers. If the demand is there then be a shrewd business man and simply increase the price and protect the profits.

    I would pay £100 for the system or £30-£40 a month for the subscription.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Rick

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, we did heavily market TTS last season, and we were very proud of the resulting ‘reach’ that it got. Regarding results, of course the more people who have it, the more money there will be for the selections. We found that you’d have still made over 45 points profit at Betfair SP, and anyone betting a minute or so before the off could have gained another 8-10% on that.

      I didn’t change my mind regarding prices. Rather, I expected the high take up but a lower retention rate due to the heavily subsidised early offer. It was my contention (and on this I was wrong!) that a majority of users would stop using it as soon as the inevitable losing run occurred. That didn’t happen.

      Gavin has decided (with a little consultancy input from me…) to restrict numbers to 250, and that is a hard line in the sand. As you’ll know from Flat Racing Profiles, I learnt the volume lesson there, restricted numbers, and put the ‘sold out’ sign up within the week. We never re-opened the doors. That service incidentally is up over 55 points for the optimum picks… So you can be pretty confident that when Gavin says he’s going to limit entry, that’s precisely what he’s going to do.

      Regarding the price, it’s not my place to say what that will be, and you’re right that there was an option to increase the price in recognition of limiting supply. Neither Gavin nor his consultant (me!) were unaware of this, and we’ve taken a view, based on the state of the world at this time (and therefore people’s disposable income levels) and the desire to allow our regular subscribers an opportunity to re-engage with TTS.

      I believe Gavin is charging about half what he could charge whilst still selling out, which is why I honestly feel it won’t be up for sale for very long.


  2. Mike H says:

    One year guarantee CLICKBANK


    Clickbank MEANS warning SIGNS because they promote the Carp programs out there (they have NEVER refused to give me the MONEYBACK)

    But if a genuine program produces the GOODS then give us that option (not excuses)

    Programs have OFF days but if they are backed up with a way to get some of the moneyback (Staking Plans & guarantees) and they are WILLING to give this guarantee and back up there system, then they are worth a shot!

    I have bought systems through CB and they have never failed to refund (why i do not know as i have had over 11 programs returned) we are by nature curious and want a program that WORKS without excuses or IF only it was?.

    BUT free is FREE

    If a program is worth its SALT then WE pay the one off fee (PLEASE NOTE. NO MONTHLYS THATS TAKING THE Pee) and let it roll.

    Taking the PEE is THAT what BOOKIES DO? We are out to beat the bookies and for you who have not figured it out BETFAIR is run by the bookie, dont believe me then login in to Blet365 (NOT A SPELLING MISTAKE) and watch their prices,

    THE biggest joke is WE back against each other BUT we back against the bookie


  3. Chris says:


    My only problem with the limited offer is that the release time handicaps all of those of us who still have to work for a living & can’t get access until the evening!!

  4. sam says:

    Mike H- clickbank doesnt promote any products, they are only a medium to allow people to sell digital products! thats why they give you a refund no questions asked!

  5. Chris A says:

    Hello Matt,
    Along with many others, I appreciate all the time and effort you expend in researching systems.
    I was very tempted to buy TTS at first sight, but a little simplistic digging into the SPs revealed the following:
    10/1: 48L 3W 18pts.LOST. 11/1: 24L 3W 9pts.WON. 12/1: 46L 6W 26pts.WON. 14/1: 41L 5W 29pts.WON.
    6/1 to 9/1 showed a loss of about 78pts.
    I haven´t done the SPs below 6/1, although quick look through them doesn´t appear promising.
    I realise that such an analysis is open to easy critisism, but on face value backing only the system qualifiers in the 11/1 to 14/1 range would win 64pts. (111 bets, 14 wins).
    Your thoughts on the above would be interesting.
    Chris A

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Chris

      The research that I used to undertake for TTS is the exact same approach that Gavin has followed for this season’s version. We researched the SP ranges as a whole, and also reviewed the subset data of price ranges within that.

      We found that each subset of the price ranges was also historically profitable. That last season would have shown a profit for high odds horses (and potentially the low range as well) is incidental, as the previous five seasons’ information contrived to generate the resultant data that made the manual.

      All that said, if your personal preference is to simply back the higher bracketed horses, this makes TTS no less appealing and, indeed, the automated software will enable you to specify what minimum price threshold you have. So, if you wanted to simply back horses at 11/1 – 14/1, you could do just that.

      Hope this clarifies, and
      Best Regards

  6. Chris Onions says:

    Mike H – Bookmakers DO NOT put money into the Betfair markets. I use to be a football trader for SportingOdds. They just monitor Betfair Prices for their own books.

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