Matt gets the hump (video exclusive)

It's true. I've got the hump. Click play on the video to find out why.


Here's the link I spoke about.

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  1. Chris Worrall says:

    A £10 bet on Genstone Trail today would have covered everyone’s subscriptions for the entire season.

  2. Josh Wright says:

    very well said, i couldnt agree more.

    I am shocked that it has not sold out yet! it was the first system I ever purchased last year as i delved into a more systematic approach to my betting.(following the use of gavins excellent festival guides) I had no hesitation signing up to the early bird list and getting this system as soon as i could.
    the profit I made last year betting £10 stakes gave me the foundation for building my portfolio this year, and I owe a lot to its success! (not least proving that systems do work!)

    I couldn’t recommend it highly enough, what are you all waiting for!


  3. CJ says:

    Matt, maybe only 17 people signed up through your link but how many signed up through others? I signed up and to be honest, I have no idea whose link I used as I got so many emails all for the same system.

    I even got one today from a site that said there were two selections today, a winner and a second but I definately only got one selection. Maybe the owner of the Trainer Track Stats site should be a bit more selective in who he uses to market the product.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi CJ

      I spoke with Gavin today, so I know the overall numbers as well as ‘my’ numbers. Like I say, both are shy of what I think they ought to be. But what I think is pretty irrelevant really!

      In any case, you’re certainly right in what you say, and I’m not precious about people buying through ‘my’ link, I just want more people to help their betting with TTS.


  4. john bodkin says:

    Quite so. As a fully paid-up subscriber to TTS for the NH season (can’t remember if it was via you or not, Matt – sorry), I agree with all that you say, and enjoyed today’s 8/1 winner (on which Betfair were 11/1, by the way). But equally worried that your rant betrays a lack of sleep and maybe just a touch of post-natal depression. Are you feeding the lad yourself, I wonder (in which case I understand Boots does some fantastic nipple cream)? As the father of 25 year old twins – I’d say the first 20 years are the worst: it’s all downhill after that. Best wishes. JB.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Er, yeah, thanks for the advice JB!

      Mrs Matt is bearing the brunt of it. I’m just (quite clearly) having my ‘beauty’ sleep interrupted…


  5. Keith Williams says:

    Just watched your video and I agree it sounds like a great product. I followed the link and spent an hour yesterday trying to purchase the product without success. The paypal link would not work properly. Perhaps it’s because I live in Spain, although I do have a Paypal account and have used it frequently since living here with no problems. Eventually I e-mailed Gavin and he replied saying that he he has many problems with this payment method. He has kindly forwarded his address so that I can send him a cheque, and in the mean time has reserved me a place.

    Of course, it is frustrating that I have missed out on a 8/1 winner, hopefully I will be able to get hold of the product sooner rather than later.


  6. Alan says:

    Well I hate to brag or gloat but I bought T.T.S yesterday looked at the system rules picked out Genstone Trail backed the horse @ 10/1 £10 paid me fee’s on the first bet Next bit picked out a near qualifier 1lb out of system an it drifted out to 18/1 should not of made bet but it was within price critera last night as an E.W DOUBLE BBBBBOOOOOMMMM
    Regards Alan

  7. Jim Hdez says:

    Matt, may I ask, how many selections does TrainerTrends cover in a month/year.
    What I like about Stats is the ‘one horse a day’.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jim

      It has between none and four a day on average. Some busy Saturdays may have more though, so it won’t be for everyone.


  8. ONEMAN says:

    Hi matt.

    Good video.

    Can you send me a private e-mail please and just subject it ( Why? ) I,m called Chris and use Oneman on this site as it caused much confusion with same names so i changed mine.( i think there was about 4 of us on the same blog at one time including admin not long back, very confusing for every one???)

    As i have to give my e-mail for this reply, i presume you have it, so please use that.



    P.S. Just a small item that i would not like to share on line. If that is O.K.
    P.P.S. If you carn’t get my e-mail from this reply please just say and i will post it on here.

    Kind regards again


  9. Brian says:

    Just purchased the system, I watched your video and you are clearly passionate about it, Jumps are not my forte and wouldn’t mind finding out more about it. Lets hope for a good profit.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hope you enjoy it, Brian. Thing is, if it doesn’t work for you, it’s guaranteed for 30 days, so no hard feelings.


  10. Norman Hatt says:

    Hi Matt,
    Maybe a lot of people aren’t buying it for the same reason as myself—-they’re skint!!
    My betting activities are ‘on hold’ at the moment because I’m too busy just trying to survive, and even if TTS is great,and I’m sure it is, it’s still a lot of money to find when you’re struggling.
    I’ve had to transfer most of my betting bank money out of Betfair into my bank account to cover things like direct debits, etc,, that wouldn’t have been paid otherwise. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this position. That’s one possible reason anyway.

    Cheers Matt


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Of course, I understand that, Norman, and both Gavin and I are keen to give plenty of good stuff away as well as offer paid for products. But yes, you’re right that a fair number will not have the cash just now.

      Hope your situation resolves itself soonest.


    • oneman says:

      Hi Norman.
      Please do not be bitter, Just follow this site. You may not be a millionare over night but i guarantee it will put a smile on you face and your account will be happy!

  11. David says:

    Unfortunately Matt many people may still be reeling from the Betfolio fiasco. When one horse in a stable starts coughing , several of the inmates become infected.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi David

      I think fiasco is quite a strong term, even if Betfolio has under-performed against expectations so far. It’s important to make a distinction between Betfolio, which is my product, and TrainerTrackStats, which is Gavin’s… unless you categorize all products from all people under one banner.


    • Josh Wright says:

      as a betfolio subscriber i do not find myself reeling, and I find the term fiasco a strange choice of words. yes i think we are all, and i suspect matt most of all, disappointed with results so far but systems are a marathon not a sprint.unless i have my maths completely wrong (which may be possible) the losses are still shy of half of a sensible starting bank of say 100 points.

      you could of course disagree with the methodology behind the betfolio systems, i for one do not and think that they will prove successful over time.

      the point is that the losses are manageable within a sensible bank, and hence i am not reeling. if you managed to get information on what stables were affected with coughing etc you could have stopped betting on those trainers selections could you not?

      i just have an issue with the words reeling and fiasco. if you only ever bet what you can afford to lose you should never be reeling from betting and i cant see what has been a fiasco.

  12. Tony says:

    Perhaps the asking price of £79 is too high bearing in mind that the Trainer
    Juvenile Track Stats Flat 2012 is showing a loss.Also Gavin’s 5 selections for the Newmarket Meeting of last Saturday were very poor

    • Matt Bisogno says:


      Gavin’s picks at Newmarket are absolutely nothing to do with TTS. They also followed on from a quite incredible run of success, which you presumably enjoyed prior to Newmarket. Like I said in my video, some people are very short termist.


  13. David Walker says:

    Matt I to am having difficulty with Paypal can you send me your address to the following email [removed] and I will send you the cash by registered mail

    David Walker

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi David

      I’ve forwarded your email address on to Gavin. This is no longer my product. I invented it six years ago, but haven’t been the author for the last three years.


  14. jeff says:

    hi matt
    i don’t buy many systems,but i thuoght last years was brilliant. i brought this years and if it performs half as well as last years i’ll be happy even though i missed todays selection through work.

  15. richard firth says:

    well i also was a little broke till the ces saturday with the place also clearing £2,200 in total i am looking for something solid to fund my bets with jackpots and such my last win was on the now defunct super seven nearly £18,000 for 5 out of 7 and only 8 goes ,over the years i have had 5 out of six about 14 times and winning the jackpot 3 times the main reason is i will only have a max of 36 goes up against some people having 10,000 goes this is what i like dispite the frustrations ,i must say matt all this marketeering watching each others back with e-mails,and now coming on to almost claim we are mugs not to buy this,thats life insurance salesman tactics and it gets on my tits being 64 i do have some ,you did i am sorry to say go down a little in my eyes when you spoke about that cretin tim lowe at least you did not mention is hero andrew reynolds we should keep away from people like them i want go into details,lets stick to trying to find something in this most difficult game of ours i am sure this system of yours and now gavins is good but we all have different reasons for not going with it,bonus bagging is doing my head in at the moment but it does work,i must check my lucky 15 now typing all this out at my pathetic rate i have missed the 8.20 den machine to go with arctic lynx or three times the one winner now thats what i love i love betfred and i still love you matt,pity about the big match good night all richard

  16. gwyn says:

    thought it was a bit pricey compared to last year , but intead of purchasing an additional 3 or 4 horses to follow books as previous , i decided to go all in on TTS, liked the idea of the daily update , glad I did £20 @ 15/2 , lovely start , keep up the good work 🙂

  17. oneman says:

    Was i wrong to be cautious, in the first place? Was that a bad thing?

    Kind Regards


  18. robertoppenheimer says:

    I want this TTS product but if only I could pay in instalments. Such great info to get but such a lot of money to shell out in one go. It is so annoying for me not to get my grubby hands on the TTS manual and 6 month subscribtion

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      I’m pretty sure there’s a monthly option as well, which works out a bit more over the full term, but is much more affordable of course.


  19. robertoppenheimer says:

    Matt – also what do you think of Jason’s tipping service and bettor systems. Is he worth a subscription charge or would you still recommend TTS. Try to bw non partisan please Matt. Oh, and thank you for all the great work you have all put in on geegeez. It is a very informative website.. Robbo

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Robbo

      I’m not sure which Jason you’re referring to so I can’t comment on that. What I can say, quite simply, is that if he doesn’t have six years of public profitable results, then he probably isn’t offering something as good as TTS.

      That’s as non-partisan as I can be. 😉


  20. Josh Wright says:

    thank goodness for the approach of some people to betting, god help us if we all become clued up (or at least slightly clued up) to this challenging yet rewarding game. would hate to think what the consequences would be of a more widely educated betting public.

    some comments on here are close to, if not, absurd, lacking in logic, reasoning and common sense.

    (and now i appear to have become one of those moaning types who comment on threads, oh well never mind)

  21. Nick Hardman says:

    Hi Matt, I have purchased TTS as I know it will make me a nice profit over the NH season. I have followed yourself and Gavin for a number of years and can vouch for the quality of the products and services you provide. TTS was always going to be added to my portfolio as soon as it was released. My only surprise is that I expected it to sell out in just a matter of hours!!! I would recommed this to absolutely anyone who is serious about making long term profits. Cheers, Nick.

  22. Philip Clayton aka The Pennies Punter says:

    Wotcha Matt, I have never heard a ‘rant’ expressed so quietly before. You should hear me when I’m ranting. Although I’m not buying TTS, it is not because I think it wont be good I am sure it will be great. But I bought Inform racing through your site and it is doing fairly well for me and I don’t want to use another system that might contradict the first one. What I like about Inform is that it has cut drastically the time I spend reading form, and where there are clearly rated horses that could have equal chances then I focus on those and not the whole field.

    Having two systems in operation simultaneously would immensely push up research time and time is something I am extremely short of. Inform is the first and only system I have ever purchased and it does work. Today I backed Genstone, Haldvisini (?), Drumlang, Cochabamba, Sky Khan and The Lock Master. Because my inveterate style is multiple bets with occasional singles I did not win big but made about £70 for the day. Since I bought the system I have had wins of £329 for £2, £307 for £4.60, £573 for £2.70, some reasonably big double wins £70 for £2.30, £116 for £5, so it has more than paid for itself.

    Good luck. Philip

  23. Johnny5 says:

    Didn’t see link yesterday as travelling abroad

    Trust you so will have a view …. SotD already paid for this and deserved Matt

    Good luck

  24. Mike says:

    Hi Matt. I think the reason people are not buying is the recession. I know in my case thats the reason. I can afford the membership but am not spending any money at all on betting at the moment (as I don’t have it to loose, and only bet when I can afford to loose). For the moment I am a tyre kicker and probably will be for bit longer. Of all the systems I would have bought this year then TTS is most appealing. I like the way Gavin marketed it, I have been a fan of his for a while. He even gave away free systems including AW TTS (from Nov 1st) recently so that would have made me more likely to purchase. (I bought TTS a year or two ago). I can feel the disappointment, and lack of belief that of all the hits to the site only 17 were purchased – especially when you are almost guaranteed profit but it comes down to the same thing again for me which is lack of money for betting. I will continue to check out Gavins blogs and also your own excellent site, but unfortunately for the time being wont be in a position to buy anything. Anyway just thought I’d give you an insight into why I, and I presume others, are not buying at the moment. Mike

  25. Brian says:

    Maybe people have had enough of these computer generated stat compilations. You talk a lot of sense on your website, Matt, and I am sure Gavin is a sincere guy as well and his price is very reasonable, but asking why people haven’t bought TTS – come on! The short answer is that they don’t want it, simple as. Maybe a longer answer would involve the availability of sophisticated software enabling punters to produce their own systems – it ain’t rocket science after all. There are also several similar research products available if you don’t want to put the work in yourself. You might also consider the flood of marketing you get in your inbox whenever you show the tiniest interest in sites such as yours, and the way you and Gavin and The Secret Betting Club and their ilk all seem to scratch each others back. It’s all pretty incestuous. You are trying to make a buck and that’s fair enough, but people are turned off by excessive marketing: be careful you don’t kill the goose that laid that fat golden egg.

  26. Robbo says:

    Josh you must be a very popular guy with the system sellers maybe you get commission on talking such bo%$££ks!!!
    The much trumpeted 10 months of Betfolio is close to an end and you say 50pts loss is fine well luckily for you there are plenty more similar quality products on offer, I would say even with systems 10 months is giving it every chance!!!

    • Josh W says:

      not as popular as they would like Robbo! (have only ever purchased 4 systems and a couple of services) and no i dont get commission – if only, I profess to have never met Matt or Gavin in person. – we will agree to disagree on my assessment of some of comments on here.

      I am not saying 50 points loss is fine, of course I am not, what i am saying is it shouldnt lead to financial ruin with what i would term the ‘right’ approach (subjective I know, this game is one of differing opinions!) that particular gripe was with the words reeling and fiasco and I stand by my assessment of that language.

      yes it could be argued 10 months is giving it a chance, I will wait for full seasons of both codes and hopefully a more stable british summer!,with TTS it is 6 years of success and some people still appear to want more evidence/are not convinced.

      if you could enlighten me on these other similar quality products (inc a one of annual fee of less than 120, and a bot that places bets for you, and evidence of level stakes profit that is independently proofed) I will be more than encouraged to trust your word and have a look at them.

      • Matt Bisogno says:

        To clarify, Betfolio is a portfolio of systems under one banner. It has been let down quite badly by a couple of historically robust systems within the portfolio. Other areas have performed strongly.

        I’ve never had a losing product on my CV, and I don’t intend to start now, so I’ll be offering Betfolio customers something special – and only for them – into the new year. I made a profit target of 100 points and it’s my intention to work towards that goal.

        There aren’t many (any?) other vendors who would worry about such things. I do. Perhaps that’s why geegeez stands apart from pretty much all other sites in its transparency and punter-friendliness…


        • Josh W says:

          not wanting to irk Robbo even more..

          i fully agree, and I should have pointed out that buying systems/services is as much about trust in the people behind them as the success of the system – in my opinion anyway.

          i have no doubt that betfolio, with all that it consists off, will prove to be a success, and I look forward to the ‘something special’.

          keep up the great work.*


          * opinions not based on receiving commission, just one very content punter with the customer service and products that I use, most if not all that have been introduced/recommended by matt and his pupils.

  27. pth (@pth61) says:

    Matt I’m suprised your suprised whats the catch and why recommend a service thats sponsered by other persons for no reason

  28. Bob Smith (@RobertS00994664) says:

    Having watched the video I logged in and purchased T.T.S. – first system I have ever purchased ever. Why did I buy ? – sure you are so genuine Matt, from the heart video. Also, having been caught two years ago on a computer scam don’t like putting card details in anymore – PayPal is great news. So now waiting for my faith in you and the Team to give me an enjoyable and hopefully profitable N.H. season.

  29. mike oliver says:

    Hi Matt
    I purchased TTS last year to tide me over as I could no longer use the Adrian Massey website to build my own systems andb I hadn’t yet come to terms with the HRB site. I was delighted with its performance but decided not to subscribe this year for two reasons. I’m now much more au fait with the HRB systems builder and I’ve had a profitable flat season with my own systems and there’s nothing like getting winners that you’ve worked out for yourself. That said I’m a great admirer of your work and Gavin’s and over the years you have both given me profitable ideas to build into my own systems.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Great stuff Mike – I love it when people are finding their own way, and creating their own approaches. 🙂

      And yes, HRB is an exceptional tool for such research – heartily recommended.


  30. drumlin20Ivan says:


    There is so many systems out there at the moment all trying to sell us a winner. Now i dont for one minute doubt the results of TTS however to sell it to joe public you need to run a free trial for maybe a couple of weeks. If the results are reasonable then it will fly off the shelves


  31. Jim J Kelleher says:

    Cheers Matt, Belated congrats on new Baby + Birthday.
    You run, and give a fantastic, interesting, informative service.
    I’ve just returned from two weeks holiday, listened to your Rant, and parted with £79
    before you’d finished speaking. Keep up the good work! its much appreciated.

    Thanks Jim K

  32. Paul Leonard says:

    Hi Matt, trainer stats are something I am really interested in but I just cant afford to buy TTS. I have begun to look at this angle in a very limited way due to time constraints and the product is something I would seriously consider purchasing if only I had some spare money.

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