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Michael’s already 20pts up in his hat-trick bid…


Geegeez System Reviews Weekly Update

Geegeez System Reviews Weekly Update

Good Morning, everyone!

I hope you are all well and the sun at least makes an attempt to shine on you today!

Today is the first of what will become a regular Wednesday feature aimed at keeping you appraised of the current state of play over in our System Reviews section of the site.

Today's headline refers to Michael Carr from BackLucrative, who is currently aiming to get a third consecutive betting service approved by ourselves at Geegeez, which is no mean feat, I tell you!

Well, he has certainly started off in the right direction, with a near-19% strike rate and just over 20pts profit made from level stakes in the first fortnight under review and a full breakdown is available here...

Your first 30 days for just £1

BackLucrative aims to find value bets and Michael then posts them on a dedicated members-only each morning for a subscription fee of £99 every three months or just £297 for the whole year, but Geegeez readers can get their first month at a reduced rate of just £15.00!

Click here to get this offer, or just for more information...

BackLucrative is just one of a number of active reviews in our System Reviews section of the main site and as you'd expect, some are doing better than others!

Selective Racing Trust had an awful start to their review, but took a break last month and came back with a fresh approach and in the last three weeks have landed 6 winners from 11 bets for a profit of 14pts.

And then, in no particular order... Over the Top had a poor week, surrendering their previous 100% strike rate with a couple of high-priced losing lay bets (details of that here) and it wasn't great for Top Notch Tips either, as they lost almost 10pts on the week, but thanks to a 31.7% strike rate, they just about remain in profit.

High Five are also still in profit and despite a loss of just over 8pts in the last seven days, they still have an excellent 41.3pts profit during their review. That's a level of profit I'd be surprised to see Duncan Robbins achieving if I'm honest. This one is a bit of a slow burner and has only found 7 winners from 31 in five weeks. 22.6% isn't normally a poor strike rate, but when your selections are at the sharper end of the market, you're going to struggle, hence the current losses of 7.7pts.

The last of our current batch of reviews is Value Racing Tips, who seem to do pretty much what it says on the tin. They provide racing tips at what they see to be "value" prices and in a month with us, they have found 17 winners from 74 selections for almost 19pts profit and the full breakdown of the selections is available right here.

For full details on any of these services, just click their name(s) within this message, or visit our systems reviews section, to which we add new reviews on a regular basis. So, if there's a service/product/system you'd like us to review, just let me know!

Have a great day, wherever you are,
Chris & the Geegeez team

Your first 30 days for just £1
3 replies
  1. twood715 says:

    A great addition to the site I hope it can become a regular weekly feature. I often wonder how profitable it would be to subscribe to all of the recommended systems. How much would the monthly cost be and what would the returns be? I know it would be a lot of work but is it possible that it could be a feature on the website – the top five systems on a daily basis side by side, profit and loss?


    • Matt Bisogno says:


      I’m really not sure where to start with your question.

      Here’s the thing: everyone is different, bets on different horses for different reasons. There is (obviously) no single solution.

      We trial independently systems and services, and those which pass our trial are recommended for people whose betting style they might fit.

      Is that all right with you? Do let me know specifically what your point is/was, and I’ll be happy to reply further.


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