More Goodies in this Season of Goodwill…

Tis the season to be jolly, dear reader, with a fa la la la laaa, and all that. So, after yesterday's Low Hanging Fruit end of stock sale, there are more - hopefully useful - goodies up for grabs today...

First up, thanks a million to all those who steamed into yesterday's special offer. The truth is I had another box of the disks which I could have returned sealed and the duplicator would have recycled.

As it turned out, over sixty of you signed up within six hours, and I had to take the link down! Yet again, my dear reader, you well and truly flabber my gast.

Special mentions go to Rae, in Victoria, Australia, who benefits from the best value as the postage was more than the price in PayPal (!); and Samuel who, unperturbed by the fact that the link had been removed from the blog, paid full ticket £69.95 to get a copy (I've refunded you £65.95 Samuel, and thanks for your vote of confidence).

I now have absolutely none left, so please don't try to buy this.

This exercise has confirmed to me that many of you are interested in trying to make a few quid online and, in acknowledgment of that, I will be starting a new blog in the New Year, to try to help you along. It'll likely be a bit more 'hands on' than Geegeez, and I think it's important to differentiate between horses and internet marketing - some people are interested in both, many people are only fussed for one or the other.

Anyway, enough for now: more in due course.


So to another festive giveaway - I hope you think we look after you here and at Nag3!

I think it's fair to say that most of you know about my feelings regarding the new Racing Post site. In case you don't, I do not like it one iota. Nevertheless, for all my frustration and annoyance at the speed of the site; the changes to amount of data you can see on the page; and, most gallingly, the fact that I foresee a membership model in the new year, RP remains far and away the best site for form study and realistic betting forecasts.

So, to help me and millions (well hundreds at least) of others up the learning curve, and over the distaste barrier, that wily fox Jonathan Burgess has produced a guide to the new site, which he's giving away free.

You may have seen this already if you're a member of the Betting School (and I believe it has also been published in one further place, though can't remember where).

If you haven't, and you - like me - are still struggling to get to grips with the new Racing Post site, you'll want to download this as an invaluable companion until you're up to speed (pardon the ironic pun) with RP Mark II. I've already found the Runners Index, the whereabouts of which was previously unknown to me, extremely useful.

To get your copy, you'll need to click the link below and follow the very straightforward instructions there.

One thing you will notice is that there are links at the bottom of each page in the guide to Jonathan's own horse racing manual, False Favourites. This guide will be known to many of you already. For those who aren't aware of it, it is - in my opinion- one of the best value laying manuals (not really a system as such) on the market - I say value, because its a hefty document, and you'll be surprised by the price I reckon.

JB is one of the good guys, and a man whose material I'm happy to share with you here (especially when its free!).

Enough of the sycophancy already - if you're still struggling with the RP site, go get the guide!

Now that we know how to read the Post again, life will hopefully be a little simpler...



Time for an update on the two most talked about systems of the moment.

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold

First up, the Betting Vault continues to confound, confuse, and downright confuddle with it's weird and amateurish combination of justifying losers and constant reference to quarter the SP as a rule of thumb for the Betfair place market.

Yesterday's schoolboyish email is copied below for your amusement / bemusement:

The had an average day with 3 out of the 7 selections WINNING for us!
1) DOMINICAN MONK was a PLACE bet at 8/1(SP) and came 3rd and WON
for us.
2) TAKE ME THERE was sent off at 11/4 and was a PLACE bet, again
we won as the selection cames 1st.
3) OISEAU DE NUIT was a PLACE bet at 15/8 but ran an awfull race and
lost for us finishing in 7th place.
4) COLLEGE ACE was a PLACE bet at 17/2 and was edged out of 3rd
by 1 length and was a loser for us.
5) CAROLES LEGACY was a WIN bet at 2/5 and came 1st winning for us.
6) CROSS KENNON was a PLACE bet at 5/1 and came 5th losing for us

7) BOLLINTREE BOB was a PLACE bet at 16/1 and was pulled up, losing
for us

Based on the SP figures and divided by 4 to give the PLACE odds the selections profited by just under 2pts today.

Betfair SP is generally much higher and your actual results may vary at one point BOLLINTREE BOB was available in Betfairs WIN market at odds of 34.0 which is more than double the official SP.

Oh. Dear.

Worse still, news reaches me from a Geegeez reader that the system is actually STOLEN lock, stock and rusty barrel from another vendor. Now, whether its good or bad is secondary to whether the guy flogging it has the copyright. This is only hearsay, and I pass that snippet on as such (no litigation please), but if you weren't already sceptical, then you should be now.

To be honest, if you've already bought this, I'd send an email to and ask for your money back. If you haven't, don't!

[I'm now braced for some typically 'brusque feedback' from the vendors, but this should not have been allowed to come to market in my opinion...]


On a lighter and somewhat brighter note, Project Betfair was twelve from fourteen and plus four points after yesterday's three losers (thus, winners) and one winner (at 11/4, rounded to 3/1 for betfair purposes, and thus loser).

Today, the system nominated the following horses (sorry for 'after timing', but I've printed instructions, envelope labels, bagged and sent 60 odd 2-disk sets today!):

3.05 Master Medic (WON 5/1, Betfair SP 4.9/1 (!))

2.10 Gayanula (2nd, LOST, 5/2)
2.45 Charles Parnell (did not qualify, due to price threshold)

Mister New York (still to run)

So, a tough day for Project Betfair followers, with a four point loss with one to run. This now renders the overall position as level, which is not terrible but far from brilliant either.

I'll continue to track the Project Betfair until the racing stops before Christmas (December 23rd), and will write up my findings then.

I still have affection for this product, and all systems have wipeout days like this. In reality, it's a tad unfair to only trial it for ten days or so, when a month would still be on the short side.


Trainers in form was something that was asked for in the recent Geegeez survey. Well, ok then!

Hopefully, this will not signal the end of their blistering runs, but Miss Venetia Williams and Mr Alan King are in excellent fettle currently.

Between them, they have the following nags engaged tomorrow, and these are worth a second glance at least:

Venetia's tomorrow (copied from the Racing Post)

20Dec08 12:30 Something Wells ASCOT (Four Day), Gooding Group Graduation Chase
20Dec08 1:05 Chief Yeoman ASCOT (Four Day), BGC Silver Cup Handicap Chase (Listed Race)
20Dec08 2:35 Chief Yeoman HAYDOCK (Four Day), Joseph Heler Cheese Handicap Hurdle
20Dec08 3:10 Atouchbetweenacara HAYDOCK (Four Day), Sodexo Prestige Tommy Whittle Handicap Chase
20Dec08 3:15 Pipo De Re ASCOT (Four Day), Foundation Developments Novices' Handicap Hurdle
20Dec08 3:40 Lord Jay Jay HAYDOCK (Four Day), Kitt Green Handicap Chase
20Dec08 3:40 Coach Lane HAYDOCK (Four Day), Kitt Green Handicap Chase

And Alan's (same source):

20Dec08 12:30 Penzance ASCOT (Four Day), Gooding Group Graduation Chase
20Dec08 12:30 Pur De Sivola ASCOT (Four Day), Gooding Group Graduation Chase
20Dec08 12:50 King Lok HAYDOCK (Four Day), Haydock Park "Fixed Brush" Novices' Hurdle
20Dec08 1:05 D'Argent ASCOT (Four Day), BGC Silver Cup Handicap Chase (Listed Race)
20Dec08 1:25 Noticeable HAYDOCK (Four Day), J Mallinson (Ormskirk) Ltd "Fixed Brush" Handicap Hurdle
20Dec08 1:25 Bormo HAYDOCK (Four Day), J Mallinson (Ormskirk) Ltd "Fixed Brush" Handicap Hurdle
20Dec08 1:40 Katchit ASCOT (Four Day), International (A Hurdle Race) Grade 2

20Dec08 2:00 Turkish Surprise HAYDOCK (Four Day), Taag Steelwork 30th Anniversary Novices' Chase
20Dec08 2:10 Blazing Bailey ASCOT (Overnight), BGC Long Walk Hurdle Grade 1

20Dec08 2:35 Junior HAYDOCK (Four Day), Joseph Heler Cheese Handicap Hurdle
20Dec08 2:35 Theatre Girl HAYDOCK (Four Day), Joseph Heler Cheese Handicap Hurdle
20Dec08 2:45 Squadron ASCOT (Overnight), The Ladbroke (A Handicap Hurdle) (Listed Race)
20Dec08 3:10 D'Argent HAYDOCK (Four Day), Sodexo Prestige Tommy Whittle Handicap Chase
20Dec08 3:10 Kelrev HAYDOCK (Four Day), Sodexo Prestige Tommy Whittle Handicap Chase
20Dec08 3:15 Delays Expected ASCOT (Four Day), Foundation Developments Novices' Handicap Hurdle
20Dec08 3:15 Orion D'Oudairies ASCOT (Four Day), Foundation Developments Novices' Handicap Hurdle
20Dec08 3:40 Penzance HAYDOCK (Four Day), Kitt Green Handicap Chase
20Dec08 3:45 Kauto The Roc ASCOT (Four Day), Racegoers Club Championship Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Grade 2

OK, so that's a lot of 'hosses' to wade through. I'm obviously not suggesting all, or even many, of them will win. What I'm saying is that if you like the look of a horse tomorrow, and you subsequently discover its from one of these two stables, that should give you a fillip and it may even be worth an extra 50p (obviously, assuming you can afford to go the extra 50p - responsible gambling only please folks!)


That's all for today - be sure to check the blog tomorrow for one more pre-Christmas special. I'm off for a medicinal glass of the black stuff to help soothe my irritated throat, and deflate my swollen cranium... ah, the healing power of Guinness!

Pip pip!


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