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I know from asking you, dear reader, that one of the things you enjoyed most about Nag3 (my old home, now run by my good friend, Gavin, whose son's 5th birthday it is today - Happy Birthday Dylan!), were the horse racing system reviews that I posted.

Key to their success was the openness of them, in that I put the selections on the site daily. Well, I'm going to be doing more of the same here, and I thought to spice things up, I'd have a 'head to head' contest this time.

But, before I go into that, I just wanted to add a couple of points about Racing Systems Builder, the excellent software I use to research systems such as TTS. I have had another email from Neil, one of the guys at RSB, and he asked me to point out the following, which I'm happy to do.

It seems that some of you may have had a problem downloading from the link (please let me know in the comments link at the bottom of this post if you did - or if you didn't!)

A better idea might be to direct them to our website \Free Starter Pack (bottom of menu on home page). There are several advantages to this :
1) Spaces to put their name & contact details + any specific interests/requirements

2) With the Starter Pack they also get our RSBnet CD + 20 free £credits to open their RSBnet account.

3) On the Free Starter Pack page we encourage them to first look at 2 tutorial videos about creating a simple system & introducing them to RSBnet. This is quite an important point, in that up until recently we were experiencing a fairly poor take-up from initial enquiries, due to a basic lack of understanding of the general systems philosophy & the daunting amount of detail involved in presenting & explaining the whole RSBfast/RSBnet concept.

Again, I don't get any payback from RSB, I just think this product is different class if you're seriously interested in researching racing systems.

The key thing to note here is that this way, the chaps at RSB will, I believe, send you a pack out with a starter CD. Moreover, I've now discovered that there's actually a video tutorial on the page under the 'Learn' menu option (hint: the link is right at the bottom of the 'Learn' page).

The link again is and from there select 'Free Starter Pack' from the menu.


Back to the published system reviews.

So, from today until 17th October (ten days), I'll be reviewing and posting the selections from two racing systems that seem to divide the online betting community more than pretty much any others.

Your first 30 days for just £1

The first is the 'legendary' Legacy system: it's been around for a long time, and it has had good, bad and utterly filthy reviews over the years. So, with an open mind, we'll see how it fares.

The second is a system called 'Fancy Fillies', which has also managed to engender a dichotomy of opinion in the online horse racing reviews fraternity.

By way of introduction, let me tell you a bit about each, and then we'll proceed to the selections. I'll write up a fuller review on the 17th along with any recommended course of action.

(The reason for the 17th is that my birthday is on the 18th October, and I will be headed to the States on 19th, so may be hard to contact for a few days...)


First, Legacy. It's a system of backing favourites under certain criteria. My initial 'gut' reaction is not positive, I have to say. But I am here to provide an unbiased review, so I will park my thoughts for now.

Having gone through the cards, there are no qualifiers on this system today.

If you want to look at the sales page, it's here. My strong advice at this stage is NOT to buy. Rather, wait and see what happens over the next ten days. If it's any good, buy it then. If it's not, you'll have saved yourself a fair chunk of cash (this system is not cheap!)


Now to Fancy Fillies. It's a lay system and has one qualifier most days. Today, Bees River is the lay.

Again, I strongly counsel caution at this stage, but if you want to look at the sales page, it's here.

I will revert with more meat on these somewhat skeletal system introductions later in the week.

That's all for now.



p.s. Grab a free copy of RSB from under the 'Starter Pack' menu link.

Your first 30 days for just £1
2 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt

    I have used Fancy Fillies sucessfully for the last 18 months with a strike rate of 65-70%

    However, Bees River was not the selection for today as at 0830 this morning the betfair prices did not meet the system criteria.

    The FF selection is Surrealism in the 16.40 at Nottingham. I know because I post the selections to the Fancy Fillies subscription website every day!

    Best wishes

  2. Matt Bisogno says:

    Thanks for this Jon. It was the qualifier when I checked at 13:00, though appreciate that Hazel recommends looking earlier in the day.

    If you do a sub for this, would you mind emailing me each morning at [I obviously want to provide the correct / consistent information]


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