About Matt Bisogno / Geegeez

Me, enjoying a sunny day in the LakesMy name is Matt Bisogno, Editor in Chief of geegeez.co.uk, and I've been interested in horse racing for over twenty years now.

Having started out like everyone else, with wide eyes and little idea, I became convinced that it was possible to systematically win at horse racing. In the intervening period, I've tried pretty much everything you can imagine to get ahead of 'the bookie' (who, these days, might be you or another geegeez.co.uk reader, due to the advent of the betting exchanges!).

Through my years of research, I've found one or two ways that perennially help me stay closer to parity than the average gambler, and my specific systems research has enjoyed huge public success, with over 2,000 copies of TrainerTrackStats sold since it's inception in 2006.

I have a vision for geegeez.co.uk, which is to make it one of the best free horse racing resources available outside of the major media houses (like sportinglife.com and racingpost.com). And, importantly, I am committed to independent editorial, which enables me to review horse racing products in a completely unbiased fashion, and share with my readers the turkeys and the (relatively) golden geese.

I am originally from Bournemouth, and am a big fan of the Cherries (for my sins!), and have lived in London since 1992.

Away from the horses, I love to travel and have been to the Breeders Cup in USA every year since 2001.

The geegeez.co.uk website is my second website, after I handed over the reigns of Nag Nag Nag to my good friend and colleague Gavin Priestley in Summer 2008.

Geegeez has as its express primary purpose the presentation of impartial reviews and independent editorial content, relating to UK horse racing and horse racing systems.

Visitors should note and be aware that where a product receives a favourable review (usually following a successful public trial period), links to purchase the system can be found on the Geegeez site.

These links usually contain an affiliate code which means that I receive a commission payment, which would otherwise have been passed directly to the seller. You will never pay more than buying directly. Rather, the purchase price will be divided between Geegeez.co.uk and the product vendor.

I do hope that you agree that the provision of a trusted service such as that offered by Geegeez is not compromised by the use of affiliate links. If you disagree, you remain welcome to view the content on this website, and - where you'd like to - purchase directly from the vendor's webpage. 🙂

Best Regards,
Matt Bisogno