National Horseracing College sustains ‘significant’ damage after fire

The National Horseracing College near Doncaster suffered “significant” damage to a barn after a fire on Tuesday.

A swift response from the fire brigade and those on site at the time ensured the area was quickly cleared and all humans and horses are safe.

According to a statement from the college’s social media account, the incident caused by power lines that cross the facility.

Colonel Stephen Padgett, chief executive of the college, said: “The reaction of learners and staff in the face of this very challenging situation has been fantastic.

“The fire brigade responded despite difficult conditions to minimise the damage and to prevent the incident from being any worse than it already was.

“Appreciation of and gratitude for the efforts of all involved. (The) business will be affected but we are already making plans to sustain operations. Onwards and upwards for the college.”

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