NEW: 'Access All Areas' in Race of the Day

New Features for ALL Registered Geegeez Users

This week I'm delighted to announce the introduction of some new features on Geegeez for ALL registered users, whether you're a Gold subscriber or not. And, of course, some new Gold only features. In this post, I highlight what you can expect to see later this week...

The development of the racecards and form tools on is an ongoing project. Unlike other more established (but less useful) sites that you may currently - or, hopefully by now, previously - (have) use(d), we're always looking to give more information to our users, and crucially we're trying to do it in the most user-friendly way possible.

The latest tranche of changes will be live this week, and include extra content for both free and paid users. Here's what you can expect:

Full Form Filters Enhancements

Full Form Filters are the best free form tool in Britain, and have been for some time. This powerful screen is available to all registered subscribers, and allows users to sift through any horse's (or trainer's or jockey's) form to see just the elements of interest. In this week's release of new content, we're adding some extra filters to the FFF tab.

Full Form Filter upgrade

Full Form Filter upgrade


As you can see from the image above, users will now be able to select only a horse's handicap, or non-handicap, form - or all runs (the default setting). Also, for those horses that have had more than one trainer, users will be able to click the 'Trainer' check box to show only the runs for the current trainer.

These new filters work either in isolation or in conjunction with the existing filters - going, distance, course, class, time off, race category, and wins/placed/unplaced - making Full Form Filters an even more powerful free form tool.


Race Of The Day

NEW: 'Access All Areas' in Race of the Day

NEW: 'Access All Areas' in Race of the Day

One of the things I've been keen to do is 'showcase' the depth and quality of form-cracking tools and reports in Gold. The first new means of doing this is a Race of the Day which, as the name suggests, focuses on a single race - highlighted in yellow on the cards page - where all registered subscribers have access to all of the form tools, including Instant Expert and Pace Analysis; comments, breeding, and head to data info; and jockey / trainer form indicators.

The race in question will generally be the second most valuable UK race of the day, and it will be easy to spot by the line of yellow on the cards page. Note, you will only see this if you're logged in and a free subscriber.

If you're not logged in, you won't see it; and if you're a Gold subscriber, you don't need to see it as you already have access to all areas for every race!


Your first 30 days for just £1

Feature Of The Day

The Race of the Day content is a good reason for non-paying subscribers to log in and test drive Gold content every day, albeit that you'll only have access for one of the twenty, thirty, forty races being run on any given day.

But I'm keen to show you more of Gold, so I've decided to share a 'Feature of the Day' as well. This will, again as the name suggests, permit all logged in free subscribers access to one of the numerous features available to Gold subscribers. The weekly list will be as follows:

Monday – Stat of the Day, our daily one a day tipping service (+20.83 in September, +92.57 this year, +231.88 since inception in Nov '11)
Tuesday – The Shortlist report, highlighting the pick of the Instant Expert profiles
Wednesday – Trainer Statistics report, featuring four in-depth summaries
Thursday – Instant Expert tab, available for all races
Friday – Horses for Courses report, outlining which horses have done best - and worst - at today's course
Saturday – Trainer/Jockey Combo report, pinpointing the 'job' combinations of trainer and jockey
Sunday – Pace Analysis tab, providing insight in to how every UK race is likely to be run: which horses might lead, whether the race is likely to be fast-run or a dawdle, which part of the draw might be favoured by a 'pocket of pace'

Clearly, I don't want Gold subscribers to feel their investment is being compromised. After all, they've become the heartbeat of the site now. And that's why, as well as having access to all of the features above - and a hatful more besides - every single day, I'm releasing new content for Gold subscribers only this week as well.


Shortlisting within the Instant Expert

This was a user suggestion, and a very good one. The new release will allow Gold subscribers to remove horses from consideration on either the main card tab (as they can now) or the Instant Expert (new feature), with an action taken on one tab being reflected to the other. Here's an example:

Reciprocal shortlisting between Instant Expert and main Card tab

Reciprocal shortlisting between Instant Expert and main Card tab

Coming Soon: Upgrade My Geegeez page

We'll soon be upgrading the My Geegeez page to give Gold users more control over their experience. This upgrade will include:

- An option to have your tracked horse/trainer/jockey entries emailed to you

- Your tipping league status

- Your tracker entries engaged today


Coming Soon: User-Defined Report Filters

If, like me, you search for specific criteria within the Gold reports, it can be a minor frustration having to sort then scroll to what you're interested in. But, in the near future, you'll be able to add filters at the top of each row to only include report entries within your chosen range. This is an exciting new feature which should make the reporting suite even more accessible than it already is.


Coming Soon: Pace Analysis for Irish Racing

We're currently working on a solution to a long-standing gap in our service provision around Irish racing. In the next month or so, we'll have in-running comments for Irish form lines going back as far as January 2013, and pace analysis data for the same. Again, I personally am very much looking forward to this important development.


I really hope that the new features, functions and content will enhance your racing enjoyment, and profitability, and I can't wait to get them live for you!


p.s. if you're not already registered on, then now is clearly a great time to do that. As well as all of the above, you'll also have access to our daily Double Dutch tipping content. Register here.

Your first 30 days for just £1
30 replies
  1. says:

    I’m a gold subscriber, can we have the odds on H4C report and the ability to show odds in decimal format throughout.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Suat,

      There are some space constraints on the H4C report, but I think we can probably accommodate the odds in there. Regarding an overall odds format preference, that should also be possible though it is a bigger piece of work. I’ll add it to the list, and thanks for your suggestions.


  2. sondrio2 says:

    hi matt, the changes look really exciting, the only thing i would change if ever possible would be a fitness tab in the instant form, i know its easy to flip over to the racecard to check when the horse last run, but if i had a bank of greens showing fitness as well that would be utopia.
    cheers george

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi George

      I’m not sure what you mean by fitness? How do you define it?

      The problem is that with modern training methods, some trainers are adept at producing horses after a long break, and others cannot have one ready even after two months.
      We have the ’60+ days’ Full Form Filter.

      I may have missed the point here, though!


      • sondrio2 says:

        hi matt, no your probably right, but i define fitness as the last run being within 28 days, but thats just me, i was thinking if the tab was green for fitness if run within 28 days for last run amber if between 28 and 60 and red for anything over 60 days, but of course the problem is we all view fitness differently.
        cheers george

  3. Kev says:

    HI Matt, the site is improving all the time and some excellent features to come. If I may make a suggestion and that is to remove the ..More on the individual horse form page which only lists 10 races at a time. It would be helpful (to me anyway) to see the horse’s full race history list with clicking More, and regarding that page I don’t find the font and spacing particularly easy to read and would prefer a little more space between each line (similar to your main rival), and a stronger font, as I think it would be more readable. Thanks and best wishes.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Kev

      Thanks for that – will see what can be done. Certainly should be possible.


      • Lynne says:

        I mailed in some months ago about a similar problem. If you click either horse / trainer from the race card, you can only see 10 races and there is no scroll bar. I was told to click the ‘more’ link, but I can’t even get to the ‘more’ link because there is no scroll bar. If I approach the same thing from within the Full Form Filter, I can at least see the more link. It should be a simple matter of adjusting the ‘properties’ of the pop up box from the main race cards (and removing the ‘more’ option in the Full section)

        Not being critical…just an observation! Loving the site thanks.

        • Matt Bisogno says:

          Hi Lynne

          Yes, I remember, and this is noted. We try to get everything included, but this one has slipped through the net thus far. I will ensure it’s in the next release. We’re actually updating the form popup window to align better with FFF in this release, but whether you’ll see the ‘More’ button I’m not sure (because I can’t replicate your issue – I CAN see the More link).

          Hope that makes sense, and offers cause for optimism at least.


  4. mike says:

    Hi Matt,
    whats lacking on market at the moment is good speed figures (not weight adjusted) for racing on the all weather at Dundalk which is a good surface and very fair track.
    looking forward to sampling your new race cards.
    Thank you. rgds, mike

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Mike

      Totally agree re Dundalk. I wish we had some speed figs for there, but at the moment not possible. However, I hope that the pace data will be a big help there. Plenty of races where you’re favoured if on the front end, it seems to me.


  5. malcolm pendrey says:

    you have a great site! and I am a free subscriber. I do miss stat of the day! grateful for free access on mondays. I have enough systems of my own that means would not wish to delve into other things, as good as they are. however if its possible, I would be prepared to pay for just stat of the day?

  6. fredcm says:

    Looking good Matt but I noticed speed ratings weren’t on until late this morning so missed them when doing calculations.
    Best regards Fred.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Fred

      Really sorry about that. There was a problem with receiving the file from Peter this morning. A rare blip on that score, but one for which I apologise nevertheless.


  7. simonr says:

    All sounds great Matt, and the Emailed tracker will be very useful. Have you given any thought
    to enabling individuals to add comments/reminders as to why they chose the tracked item.
    As you have probably found over the years you can spot a horse for the future and then it dosn’t run for many months at which point memory can fail. At present I have a hard copy list with comments, but it can take a while to find the relevant entry when ploughing through several years worth of notes. If a brief note could be added at the time of selection , time could be saved.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Simon

      This is definitely something we’d like to introduce. There is a level of complexity, alas, which is why the feature is not already in place, but it remains high on our ‘to do’ list. Ideally, I’d like to have a range of user fields, including comment, and at least two ratings fields for those who keep their own numbers.


  8. grahame18 says:

    Hi Matt
    was just going to mention the speed ratings but you have answered that above.many thanks for your continueing hard work.
    Yours Graham

  9. chrismac says:

    Hi Matt, I just want to pass on my thanks for the best value site in racing, I know I’m in at the original rate but even at the current new subscribers rates it would still be fantastic value.
    And the improvements just keep coming.

  10. Ian says:

    Hi Matt

    I have to admit to only just starting to use the Race cards to full effect. Stat of the Day has also become one of my ports of call in the morning and has contributed to an excellent run in September – all in all very impressive and leaves most other rating services/form guide systems for dead. If there could be an improvement I would suggest that the pace information be presented in a more graphical way.

    Cheers Ian

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Ian

      Thank you for the kind words.

      Re pace, I agree. It’s an area I’m keen to do a lot more with in the coming months, which is one of the main reasons I was asking for a database guy the other day!


  11. stiffjimmyb says:

    Noticed that the Speed Ratings (SR) don’t appear to be on the cards anymore – is this a permanent move?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Not at all, they’re right there now. Please refresh the page if you’re not seeing them. We were upgrading some content at about the time of your comment, which might be the reason you were momentarily missing them.


  12. Tuckers Luck says:

    Hi Matt, great additions thanks, would it be possible to view the ‘tipped horses’ by Geegeez members somewhere on the race card? just an idea..


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Interesting idea, Steven. A sort of ‘wisdom of the geegeez crowds’. I’m not sure how possible that is, though I know it’s not impossible! Will add to the list.


  13. simonr says:

    Hi Matt.
    Talking of tipping, i have tried tipping in the league in the last two days and nothing has registered . I tipped 5 today, when I got to the fourth tip the system told me I only had 10 points left to go. Still noting…am I doing something wrong.
    Regards Simon

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Simon

      I’m afraid there is a problem with the tipping league via the cards at the moment. We’re investigating. In the meantime, you can still access Tipping League from the menu link, by selecting Cards, then the meeting and time of your choice.

      Hope to have this fixed in the next couple of days.


  14. Alan Carr says:

    do you think it might be a good idea to highlight r/h and l/h track performance – either in the Form Filter or via Instant Expert. Sorry if this has already been discussed – I’m currently a trial user. Thanks, Alan

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      HI Alan

      It has been discussed and it’s one of a number of things we’re looking to include this year (though not in the current phase). The challenge is ‘where’ to put this info. I’ve been toying with an ‘Instant Expert II’ but that feels a bit clunky at the moment. Still pondering…

      Thanks a lot for the suggestion – repeat suggestions only serve to underline the interest in that information.


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