**NEW** Profiler Tab: Video Explainer

We've added a new tab to the racecards called PROFILER and, in this video, I explain what it is, what it does and how it works. It's an exciting new development that looks sure to throw up some great insights, especially in terms of trainer and sire angles.

Watch the video and then have a play with Profiler!


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  1. briboy
    briboy says:

    Thanks Matt for explaining it and giving a clearer insight into how it could be used.

    I’m really thinking that this will come into its own in the NH season, specifically around the track configuration and conditions with particular horses and in NHF and novice events. Also going to give it a blast on the 2yo flat events, think there might be a real advantage above and beyond the obvious sire/distance/trainer data that tends to drive the price in those races.

    Knowledge is power, thanks for giving the power back to the average punter.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      A complete fluke because it was horse number 1, I assure you!

      Better to be lucky than good sometimes.

      Though it did have a line of green on place on Instant Expert, as a number of happy Gold subscribers have pointed out… 🙂


  2. Arsene
    Arsene says:

    Hi Matt, this looks really useful in many ways, to look behind the Form and tease out factors that may well have a bearing on the result, not necessarily apparent from usual Form presentation. However if you ever consider updating the Profiler may I suggest another piece of information to include would be the horses run style.I know we can see the last four run styles in the Pace tab and detailed Form Analysis but to see a line of how the horse runs on certain goings,distances and tracks would be useful,especially if the a particular run style results in win or place finishes. Just a thought. Theres always one right!! Regards David


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