New Year, New Geegeez

What's new on geegeez in 2014?

What's new on geegeez in 2014?

So 2014 is upon us. How were the celebrations for you? I had the traditional parent-of-young-child evening: dinner, a glass of wine, and in bed by 9.45pm...

As a consequence of that, I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and raring to go for 2014.

Now, as you'll know, geegeez is currently available for sale, but unless/until that happens, it's (sort of) business as usual. Here's what that means in the early weeks of the New Year...


I will be upping my output (sorry) as a consequence of the editorial team having been stood down (really sorry). So that means there will be more of a focus on my scribblings. These will cover whatever is topical and newsworthy, as well as things which look like good offers for at least some members of our community. That might be bookie specials, betting system trials, or competitions.

I'll also be sharing a fair bit more of my own systems portfolio. I've got about 80 systems currently in my 'incubator' (yes, EIGHTY!) and some of them are warming up nicely. Of course, there have been some clunkers in there, and a fair number which have bounced along plus or minus bits and bobs. But the headline stuff is worth noting.

Some content will be for Gold subscribers only. It has to be that way in the new world, I'm afraid, as it is those guys who keep the lights on in such places as today's racecards, the Race Analysis Reports and full form filters, and of course, Chris' excellent Stat of the Day and Double Dutch features.

I've kept Gold subscription costs at the absolute bare minimum - £12 a month. Keep in mind that our friend the VAT man swipes 20% of that, and the rest goes towards the data costs. Anyway, we've been here before. Please don't be peeved if something you want to look at is 'on the inside'. You can trial that side of things for 14 days for a solitary pound and, if you like it, feel free to linger as long as you'd like at the normal rate.

So, yes, more blogs in early 2014, and most of them free to all registered users.

Tipping League

I'm delighted to welcome a new sponsor for the tipping league in January, in the shape of bet365. They're offering a tasty £240 in free bets for the month, to be split as follows:

Winner - £120
Second - £80
Third - £40

Any registered user - free or Gold - can enter the tipping league competition. But, to be eligible for the prizes (as opposed to 'merely' the enormous kudos of being the geegeez tipster of the month!), you must place bets amounting to £20 or more with bet365 during the the first three weeks of the month. That's £1's worth a day, or one wager of £20 if that's the way you roll.

To enter the tipping league, just click the Tipping League link in the menu, or in your 'My Geegeez' area.

Good luck!

Your first 30 days for just £1

Daily Features

Chris is the only retained member of staff now, alongside myself, and he'll be continuing to provide you with his excellent - and profitable - Stat of the Day and Double Dutch advices. Stat of the Day's 2013 review can be found here. There will also be The Shortlist, and - possibly - some occasional content from some of the former columnists.

These are available to all registered users on the site, free or Gold.

Racing Form Content

As you know, geegeez has invested heavily in racing form content in 2013, and that will bear further fruit for you in 2014. As well as the cards, RAR's and Full Form Filters you're already familiar with, Gold subscribers also have access to Pace Analysis reports, and all of that for tomorrow's racing as well (from 6pm the previous day).

In the next few days, certainly by the end of this week, Gold subscribers will see a new suite of reports, covering course specialists, the 'best of' the RAR's, and four different trainer form reports. Here's the top of today's Horses for Courses (H4C) report - click it to see it full size:

The new Horses four Courses report outlines course form of all that previously raced at today's course

The new Horses four Courses report outlines course form of all that previously raced at today's course

And, by the end of next week, a new Horse/Trainer/Jockey search and track facility will be added. This is very cool. Whilst other sites allow you to follow your favourite horses in a tracker, I'm not aware of one which extends that functionality to trainers and jockeys. This is especially useful if you follow some of the less well known names. Again, it's for Gold subscribers, though we're trying to make the Horse tracker part available to all (if we can figure out how to do that!)

'Best of the Bookies'

In the early part of the month, we'll have a new daily slot called 'Best of the Bookies' (or some such). This will highlight all of the bookmaker promotions on that day, and be searchable by sport, offer type, and so on. It should become your first port of call before making a bet, as it may increase your winnings, or save your stakes, or potentially do both, depending on which bookmaker has which concession on which sport... if you see what I mean. For the sake of two minutes to check the list that day, I hope it will become indispensable.


Not every day, but probably at least once a week, as time and pot-plundering opportunity permits, we'll be welcoming back some placepot fun. These will be available to all users, and with luck we'll bag some tidy dividends along the way, as well as highlighting lots of value horses in their respective races. I loves me some placepot action! 🙂

Betting System Reviews

Yes, they're back! Actually, the betting system reviews never really went away. But they did receive less prominence in 2013, and that will be righted this year. So, by popular demand, we'll have more betting system reviews here on geegeez.

These are always impartial, unbiased reviews undertaken by geegeez readers such as yourself, and they take into account things like the complexity of the system/service, time taken to operate, customer support, and all that jazz... as well as, of course, the profit and loss figures.

So, more of that in 2014.

Big Meeting Previews

They take a lot of time to put together, and it's even possible that I might ask for a few shillings for some of them in 2014 - remember, geegeez has to wash its face - but I'm committed to bringing you more big meeting previews during 2014 as long as I'm here and at the helm.

With luck, we'll be able to replicate the recent 20/1 success of Mountainous in the Welsh Grand National in other upcoming big meetings. At the very least, I'll hope to steer readers towards a few winners and away from a few losers...


And that's how geegeez looks in the early part of 2014. We hope you like it!

For now though, allow me, on behalf of all of the team at geegeez, to wish all readers and their loved ones a happy and healthy 2014. If it happens to be a profitable one, so much the better. But, please, don't forget to enjoy the ride. We're a long time dead. 😀


Your first 30 days for just £1
16 replies
  1. Ian Barber says:

    Hi Matt
    Have you announced winner of your last competition (King George V)

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Ian

      I’m in contact with Seanie Mac about it. The winner was reillysmiley, who was closest the winning distance and nominated Silviniaco Conti.


  2. Rambler says:

    Thank you for the great write up Matt – I hope 2014 is kind to you & Chris and that all the things that need to be sorted, get sorted. I love the last comment, soooooo true – I often use a similar one when some of my buddies get too serious about their golfing abilities ! Can’t tell you exactly what words are used as you would not able to post this comment !!

    All the best for 2014 – over the time I have followed your website and twitter account it has been a most enjoyable ride, the best in horse racing terms of my life !


  3. fredcm says:

    Wish you all the very best I missed the free month offer as I didn’t have computer access but will sign up with on £1 fortnight deal.

  4. Jim Cannon says:

    Happy New Year Matt, Chris and others.

    I – for one – look forward to your scribblings so here’s to an enjoyable 2014.

    Enjoy the racing today – it looks good.


  5. Essexboy says:

    Teach me to stay up late 05.30 on New Years Eve Missing the first gold subscribers runner in 2014 from Harry Fry’s Stable Tour. Matt and Co thanks for all your sterling efforts and magnificent tipping Happy New Year to you all hope you stay with geegeez for the foreseeable future

  6. Megaseajay says:

    I’m new to GeeGeez…….and want to say a big thanks for the “Horses For Courses” table that I used for the first time today from which I made 6 winning selections, most of them at good value prices. Also followed your tip for Mountainous who won the Welsh Grand National at 20/1(also I chose two of the placed horses myself, Tidal Bay 10/1 and One in a Milan 50/1). Looks like you’re developing a really excellent and genuine service.

    I also very much like your actual assessments of some of the so called “private tipping services” as paid up members of those systems, showing them for what they are. Thanks again. Will certainly give the GeeGeez Gold service a try!

  7. bob says:

    Hi Matt what do you mean exactly when you have stated GeeGGEs is for sale. Dees that mean u will no longer be available soon and someone else will take over. Candidly if that’s the case can u plz tell me the real reason. Am I correct in saying u have found a fantastic way to make money all for yourself or am I barking up the wrong tree plz

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      You are barking up the wrong tree, Bob. I’m just a bit tired after doing this day in day out for nearly six years.


  8. JanSmuts says:

    Hi Matt
    Just to give you some feedback and ideas, which I hope you may find interesting/useful.

    I admire you a great deal for making this site what it is. I totally get that you need to monetise the site more effectively than you have done in the past, and that you give far too much away for free. However, for me personally £12 per month is too much when I am not going to make use of most of the things offered in the Gold Membership. Please don’t take that to mean that I don’t think it’s worth £12 per month, to someone else it might be. Just not to me. One of the reasons £12 per month is too much for me is because this isn’t the only thing I subscribe to…throw in RUK, Sky Sports, the Racing Post, Member’s Club and it starts to add up. I need to win that back before I start making anything for myself! Secondly, when I say I’m not going to make use of most of what you are giving me it’s because I am too busy and have too many other things to look at every day.

    The new race analysis cards are fantastic. Let people pay for them, but only them – if that’s all they want. They have to be one of the site’s biggest assets… so make them payable, no freebies – let people have them the day before, at a cost of £5 per month. For a £1 a month extra you could chuck in the new trainer form reports you’ve been promoting. Speaking of which, is there any chance of a traffic light rating for trainer form on the race analysis reports? Plus some way of seeing if the horse has won/been placed/is running well in a higher class of race? That’s caught me out a few times. It might not have won at that class, but it’s won at a higher class. How did I miss that?! 🙂

    If possible, could you give people the option to build their own package – start off with a basic package (such as the race analysis cards at £5 per month) and let them add other features e.g. choose 5 more features for another £5. That way people can create something that’s truly useful to them.
    Most of all, would you consider surveying registered users to find out what they are actually interested in paying for, and what they think is a reasonable price to pay? I am 100% sure you can make more money from this site and we would all hate to lose you and the team.

    Keep up the good work

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi JanSmuts (lovable old horse by the way!),

      Some interesting points, and I can see the logic in all that you say. There are two problems with them as things stands:

      1. I don’t actually have the technology to do the ‘build your own’ menu.
      2. I may not be running the site a month from now, so I’m loathe to undertake anything further until the future has been clarified.

      Again, I think you raise some interesting points.


      p.s. re class, you can (should?!) use the Full Form Filters for this. Takes two seconds: select the horse you’re interested in, click ‘Placed’ and you will see all wins/places for that nag. Very (VERY!) powerful tool in my opinion, and easily the most underused on the site. It’s my view that this tool is actually the smartest form aid anywhere. Not necessarily the sharpest, but easily the quickest way of understanding all you need to know about any exposed horse.

  9. JanSmuts says:

    Thanks for taking my points on board Matt. I haven’t used the form filters but I will now! I shall be very sorry to see you step away if that’s what you choose. All the best, JS 🙂

  10. ZiggyDoran says:

    Loving the site Matt, but since the middle of last week I’ve been unable to access the racecards. Every time I select them, I’m asked to sign in (even though I’m signed in). I can access the other Gold areas of the site, so it’s only the racecards that are giving me grief. Cheers, Ziggy.

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