New Year, New Site…

What a drag it has been for many today, dear reader, as - after a protracted bout of R&R (involving all or a subset of over-eating, over-drinking, and over-TV watching) - the masses headed back to their respective places of work to clock in for day one of the new working decade. A collective sigh of deafening proportions could be heard every half hour from 6 to 8.30 this morning, as alarm clocks up and down the country signaled the end of the holidays and the start of the salaried grind.

But for some, me included, the work has already begun. And for a fortunate few, the notion of work is challenged by the enjoyment derived from the '9 to 5'. Professional footballers (and indeed all pro sportspeople), TV stars, pop/rock artists... and bloggers... all mostly enjoy their travails. But I digress...

Cutting (back) to the chase, I've been a busy bunny over the Christmas and New Year period, finishing off a new site dedicated mainly - though definitely not exclusively - to our friends across the Irish Sea, who love their racing as much (and more) as we Brits do. The site will contain everything you've come to expect from Geegeez, just with a strong leaning towards the Irish racing scene.

There will be big race previews pretty much every weekend; news digests of the major happenings each week; and system tests will generally take a sideways view on the product or service, by applying it to Irish racing (despite the fact it may not be explicitly designed for that purpose).

It will be predominantly written by me, but I'll also be supported by some guest writers, most of whom are far better qualified to scribble on their subjects due to their enhanced geographic proximity, and their primary interest being on that there racing.

To kick things off, I've added some old reviews in order to give a bit of 'ballast' to an otherwise empty skeleton website.

But, much more importantly, there's some great fresh content, including a look at the Supreme Novices Hurdle, the first race of the 2010 Cheltenham Festival, where I've found a couple of lively alternatives to the very short-priced favourite, at odds of 25/1 and 33/1. (I'll be hoping they go the same way as other ante-post recommendations, Go Native (33's to 9/2 in places) and Petit Robin (33's to 9's in a place, though I've laid my stake back on this one, due to the trainer making noises about skipping the race - you might want to do likewise if you followed me in).

And there's also a preview of a liability (i.e. less scary on the downside) laying service that has been performing impressively in recent months, and that will be tracked for the rest of the month on the site. This is atypical for the site going forwards, as it's focus will be on Irish racing, but nevertheless I think it's well worth keeping tabs on.

Your first 30 days for just £1

If you're interested in Irish racing, or just want a nice weekly summary of what's happening in that sphere, I'd encourage you to register for updates. These will consist of one or two emails a week - certainly no more - notifying you of the content that's been added since last time. (There's a readily identifiable registration box on the right hand side, into which you can add your details should you so wish).

Oh yes... I'd better tell you where the site lives! 😉

Cue drum roll...

The New Home of Irish Racing is....

Please bear in mind that it's a brand new site, and not everything is working quite as I'd like it to at this stage. However, the most recent posts can be found very easily by scrolling down the home page there (and this will always be the case).

Feel free to leave a comment on the site with your thoughts, which are most welcome, whether they're favourable or not. At this time, I'm very keen to understand what you think is missing, as well as what you like, so don't hold back!

That's it for today. Welcome back to work (sorry), welcome to 2010, and... welcome to!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Robert Day says:

    You all so recomend Betalay which is sold by the Rochdale mob,
    about as much use as the weather at present would never recomend
    it to anyone,absolute tosers.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Robert

      A couple of corrections on your point, though not about the #1 pastime of the Rochdale mob 😉
      Firstly, Betalay is not owned or sold by them. Rather it’s been sold by a chap from Liverpool, named Jack Walters. Jack has co-promoted TTS in the past and I know he’s not ‘one of them’.
      Secondly, I trialed Betalay on the blog and it performed very well. Consequently, it was difficult for me to do other than give it a favourable review. Moreover, I did caveat the review with a couple of observations, which you can see on the review page:

      I hope you think that’s reasonable enough.


      p.s. yes, the weather is absolutely desperate at the moment.

  2. simon holden says:

    Matt if you lived in Rochdale would there be an alternative to that as the number one pastime ?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Simon, Given that their team stands proudly atop League 2, fully five points clear of my own mighty Cherry Reds (Bournemouth, lest you didn’t know!), Rochdale residents could do worse than support their local club.


      p.s. no links please…

  3. David Hughes says:

    Hi Matt dont agree with your ten out of ten rating for favourites phenomenon took two big hits with this system back in the summer, using the bot so no human error.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi David

      That’s fair enough. Any system takes hits – there’s no such thing as the gravy train (as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you). Despite the hits FP took, it still finished the year at a little over 80 points profit.

      Given that this followed profits of 171 points in 2008, a staggering 333 points in 2007, and 211 points in 2006, I stand by my opinion. Of course, there will be dips along the way, but keeping the faith has kept me nicely in front with this.

      Moreover, Matt W is one of the nicest blokes you could meet (I know, I’ve met him numerous times), and his customer service is widely regarded to be the best in the biz (even better than mine, apparently! 😉 )

      I’m still delighted to recommend it:


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Peter,

      I continued to review BR until it was removed from the market. At the time of the end of the review, it was still in front, albeit marginally.
      I didn’t see much point in continuing with the review if the product was no longer available anyway – it became somewhat academic.


  4. john murray says:

    dear matt,
    firstly may i wish you your family and staff a happy new year. being a scotsman new year is our time and means so much t us. but with my illness i am not a drinker now, but doesnt stop me having a nice time. i have had a look at your new site horse-racing i-e and i think it is brilliant. i have been looking for something along these lines. i do look through my laptop for irish horse racing. this is a wonderful oppertunity to keep abreast of whats happenning in ireland. my scincere best wishes for your new site.
    john murray

  5. Tony says:

    Hi Guys,
    When are people going to wake up and smell the coffee about any type of gambling systems?…
    Not one of them works in the long run and most as far as i’m aware are back fitted with no independant verification of bets placed just results.
    Why would anyone who has created a profitable system ever think of selling it??..i for one would not…
    Opinions expressed are mine alone as i can’t answer for the masses..opinions welcome ….

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Tony

      Thanks for your comment, and this is indeed a hoary old chestnut! 😉

      Systems don’t work forever, not because they’re back fitted, but because genuinely reliable patterns are picked up on over time by more people.
      This means that – even though a system’s strike rate may remain consistent – it’s profitability can drop due to the average odds of runners.

      That said, there’s an immense amount of …insert expletive here… out there at the moment. It seems that when there’s a recession, and the world looks for a shortcut solution, horse racing systems are high on the agenda. The problem is that people don’t look for the reliable ‘trickle of profit’ systems from which to build a portfolio but, instead, plunge for whatever is the ‘silver bullet du jour’.

      Part of the role of Geegeez (and now is to find the worthy needles in that rather large and sewage-tainted haystack.


  6. Tony says:

    Hi Matt,
    I agree with your comments and think your site is very informative and it needs people like yourself to review systems to sort the wheat from the chaf…
    It’s just a shame there are so many sharks out there trying to profit from decent people tring to make a few quid from there betting…it’s just that iv’e read so many blogs with system builders calling each other and rubbishing each others systems that it’s hard these days to tell who the good guys are…
    once again thanks for your input and keep up the good work.

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