No Placepot Picks Today…

After a consultation with my better half (i.e. I was told), there will be no placepot picks on Sundays, going forwards.

They take between 90 minutes and two hours to construct, and Mrs Matt has pointed out that I should spend some time with her and 'young man', Leonardo.

So, I've little choice but to fall in with her - in truth, entirely reasonable - demands. Normal service resumes tomorrow, and will be in situ Monday to Saturday each week.

In place of the placepot, here's a pic of the boy. He's a winner, all right!

[Thanks for understanding]


Riding out to the line on his walker..!

Riding out to the line on his walker..!

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    Lucky says:

    Perfectly reasonable, Matt. We should all have a day off on a Sunday – time to recharge for the week ahead !
    All the best

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    Stuart Merrell says:

    Sounds like a good idea Matt, got to keep her sweet haha did you manage to get any Real Madrid tickets?

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      Matt Bisogno says:

      I didn’t! I forgot until the afternoon (pressures of work!) and missed out. Oh well. I’ll be one of the 100,000 telling their kids they were there when they weren’t!!! 😉


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    Topjockey says:

    Hi Matt I tipped Afsare on Sat in the Tipping league what are the rules regarding non- runners for league purposes.

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      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Kevin

      It’s non-runner money back, but we know there’s an issue with withdrawn horses, which is being looked into.

      Best Regards,

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