Oaks Day Preview (plus free stuff)

I'm in a rush today, as I'm off for a good old fashioned 'Leo Sayer' (all dayer) at the Epsom Oaks races. Naturally, I've already done my study and placed my bets, so I can drink and be merry without fretting on bad judgement. That will have already happened!

So, because I spent too much time studying and want to get away early, I've attached my notes... quite literally!

If you click the images below, they'll expand into almost readable size images, I hope. Click them again, and they'll be legible to even the most frustrating of eyeballs (again, I hope), though you'll need to scroll to and fro at that scale.

You can click your browser's 'back' button to return for page 2. Apologies if you can't read my writing.

Epsom Oaks Notes 2012 page 1

Epsom Oaks Notes 2012 page 1

Epsom Oaks Notes 2012 page 2

Epsom Oaks Notes 2012 page 2


As if those cryptic messages weren't enough, I've also got a great Friday freebie, courtest of my old mucker, David Peat.

Your first 30 days for just £1

You may (or may not) remember David as the luckiest man on the planet... he's the one who lives in France (in the grounds of a chateau these days!) mowing the occasional lawn and trimming the occasional hedge, and otherwise studying racing.

Well, he's produced a canny little horse profile tool - that being his thing - which features 26 strong profile horses (back them when conditions suit, be wary when they don't); and 56 Course Specialists.

They're all here: http://horseprofiles.wordpress.com/horse-profiles-book/

Just click the link on that page that says ''HORSE PROFILES FOR THE FLAT 2012", and the download will start. No email or anything. 🙂

Oh yes, and if you follow David's blog there, he usually has a daily update for when the profiled horses are running.

All good stuff, from a top man, and all of it free and without email address requirement. What better way to take you into the weekend?!

Good luck with all your weekend wagering. I shall be on Stat of the Day duty from tomorrow, but today is for drinking and general merriment. 😀


p.s. I only returned from Bled late last night, and all I can say is 'WOW'. I'm pretty certain it's the most beautiful place I've ever visited, and I've been lucky enough to go to a lot of beautiful places. Images online don't do justice to the concentric circles of nature: island, lake, forested hills and castle, Julian Alps. Truly. Breathtaking.

And I'll have a video montage for you when I've edited it! For now though, try this, complete with (unwitting) cameo from Mrs Matt:

Your first 30 days for just £1
9 replies
  1. Stephen Sear says:


    Well, this is the first time we have been treated to see yr ‘raw’ racing notes,and I must say that the great amount of info you pack into this is absolutely astounding.Everyone can see why you have been at the ‘top of the tree’ for Racing stats for several years.
    Keep up the good work and would like to see these ‘raw’notes again sometime.

  2. Dougie says:


    1st time i’ve seen your workings – great start to the big meeting.
    Can you let me know where you obtain the race stats from?
    Hope the rest of today continues as well as it’s started for you.

  3. Thomas says:

    Thanking you Mr Bisogn!!!! 2 bets for me today and 2 winners – Side Glance 4-1 & Producer 5-2.

  4. peter new says:

    Excellent blog as usual Matt, you certainly earned your drink today with
    all that research you put in, it paid dividends as well. Good luck for the rest
    of the weekend.

  5. russ says:

    hi matt great paper homework how do u get all ur workings out like that and were to look thats very immpressive ive tried wiv racing post and weekender i get winners to but your work is very good it takes me 6hrs to study race card and im a amature lol any help would be a appreicatied thanks russ ……………. ho by the way i had ( WAS )in the oaks the only horse wiv a million pound guines tag amazing 25/1 £2 win return £52.00 also had it in mt tentofollow wait to hear from you

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Russ (and others)

      I used horseracebase.com’s daily race card features; Proform’s pace element; Racing Post’s form content; and a bit of good old Bisogno noggin. 😉


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