Obvious Update…

It was with a mixture of immense pride and huge trepidation, dear reader, that I traveled up to beautiful Warwick yesterday. The purpose of my mission? To greet my fellow Obvious co-owners, and to cheer the same beast in her first race for us.

I've recorded some suitably amateur video footage, which I'll endeavour to add to the blog later in the week (once I've worked out how to operate a Flip camera!)

For now though, below is a recording of the race (no sound, alas). Obvious comes out of stall 17 (the far left), and is in the dark blue and white quarters, red sleeves and cap. In fact, in the still below, she's in front! 🙂

It was great to see some of the Geegeez mob there. The idea of the Racing Club is predicated on it being a social setup, where some of us like-minded individuals get together, have a drink, and talk ponies (or pony, if you like).

I know those of you who were in the Owners and Trainers Bar with me yesterday had a good time, as did I with you!

I thought Obvious looked fantastic beforehand, and she took everything so calmly, which was brilliant. You never quite know with fillies how they’re going to react on the track.

She bounced out of the stall, and seemed plenty keen enough (whilst not actually pulling too hard, if that makes sense).

Towards the end, she definitely got tired and Amir stopped riding (rightly, in my opinion) over two furlongs out, so the final finishing position is not as accurate as it might be. He also suggested afterwards that the trip was probably a bit on the long side, so she'll likely come back to around a mile or a mile and a quarter next time.

All told, although she was beaten quite a long way at the line, it was a really promising run, and I’m looking forward to her next outing, after which we’ll know what she’s been allotted for handicaps. 🙂

I’ve emailed Julia to see how she came out of the race (Obvious, not Julia!). She looked fine immediately after, but that’s not always the full story is it?

Looking forward to a fitter run next time…

That's all for now, but I'll be back later with some more video (hopefully!).


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9 replies
  1. Leo says:

    Hi Matt,
    Beautiful to see. Prominent for a long way.
    The entertainment value will be huge for us bloggers.

  2. Paul says:

    “She bounced out of the stall, and seemed plenty keen enough (whilst not actually pulling too hard, if that makes sense).”

    Yep, agreed Matt. I thought that was a really promising run for her second start. She didn’t look overly-keen, just that she knew her job, which I took as a good sign.

  3. Paul Brown says:

    Hi there,

    Very exciting, you must be pleased.

    It’s obvious that ‘Obvious’ is sure to be a winner over a shorter trip – well done

  4. John Shuff says:

    Well done ‘Obvious’ very promising first outing I’d say… will be watching her continually even tho I’ve no shares in her.

    Good on yer Matt.

  5. Kevin says:

    Hi Matt

    Having paid my 20p to UK racing I watched the race with interest.
    Came out the stalls well,coasted across to share the lead.Then went on to the lead,i thought then is she a front runner? As the race heated up she began to tire,which was Obvious (no pun) after being off for so long.

    So I think to that a drop down to 1m/1m1f may be the way to go.So next time she runs I’ll be no each way,guess around 20/1.

    Kind regard.


  6. Gordon Mills says:

    The race itself was nothing to rave about but my obervations of “OBVIOUS” suggested you may have a natural “MILER” on your hands but time will tell when she puts on a bit of age:

  7. ian says:

    matt will obvious be held up in midfield in its next run, probs worth a try, mile or mile and a quater could suit

  8. john cutler says:

    very fine effort you must be well pleased with all connected.

    Good luck with the future

  9. Neil says:

    As a two per center and a relative local it was a pleasure to be there

    I enjoyed meeting Matt, Julia and my fellow owners, Obvious looked a beauty and I thought handled the day really well

    She was on her toes when they were saddling her and I wasn’t surprised to see her lively start

    I’m looking forward to meeting up again (all the owners except me seemed to be called Dave!) and seeing her run again

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