Oh Boy, He’s Good!

It was a proper roller-coaster weekend on the betting front, dear reader, with more downs than ups for this scribe. Today I’ll share my weekend woes with weaders… Plus, I’ve got some exciting news of what I think is my best freebie ever…

Let’s start with the horse-y action just passed. And what a weekend of racing that was!

The highlight on Saturday was unquestionably the Group 1 Lockinge Stakes from Newbury. A mile was the test for the nine participants, headed this year by the brilliant Paco Boy. In opposition was a range of equine talent, from the improving Zacinto through placed and winning horses at Royal Ascot in Lord Shanakill and Ouqba respectively, to hardy campaigners like Pipedreamer (a Group 2 winner on Arc day last year).

Paco Boy was sent off the favourite last year – backed in from 7/4 to 11/8 – having previously won the Sandown Mile in a canter. This term, he used exactly the same prep race and won in equally facile style. Punters, whose memories may be shorter than the average elephant, piled in again on Saturday, as Paco’s odds contracted from 4/5 to a starting price of 8/11.

In the event, it was a two horse contest which, with hindsight, was a one horse race.

The opening skirmishes saw Stimulation and Price of Dance remind people that they’d shown up for the race, before Lord Shanakill took  over with a quarter mile to run. Now in the care of ‘Sir’ Henry Cecil, the good Lord was quickly usurped by two horses coming from opposite sides of the field.

On the near side, Paco Boy, who’d been sitting as quiet as a very quiet mouse in the naughty corner for talking, and who’d been told to be quiet. On the far side, the more strenuously ridden Ouqba, who responded very well for Richard Hills’ encouragement.

Indeed, Ouqba nicked first run and might have caught Richard Hughes, aboard Paco Boy, napping with 150 yards to go. Luckily for Hughesie, when he asked Paco to lengthen, the response was extremely impressive.

Zacinto never got into the race and was eased up last.

If you’ve never seen a Group 1 race won on the bridle before, then this was very nearly the day. In case you missed the race,  here’s a video of Paco Boy’s imperious run.


I had backed Ouqba place only, making Paco a certainty, and got a nice 3/1 for my wager. Obviously, after the event I was wishing I’d done the forecast, but that’s life.

Something to note about Paco Boy with Royal Ascot in mind: he’s won eleven out of the twelve times he’s raced in a field of ten or less (and was second on the other occasion). He’s lost each and every one of the six times he’s faced more rivals than that.

If the Queen Anne Stakes has a big field, I’d be wary of piling into Paco at short odds.

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Then it was off to France on Sunday for the Gallic Guineas. And my luck took a plummeting nosedive akin to the vertiginous drop on The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

In the ladies’ version, there were two horses trained by a bloke few have heard of, but whose record in the race includes two recent wins with very similar types.

So I backed both of his, figuring that all horses are pretty unexposed at this level and he knows what the score is when trying to win here.

I was so right, I couldn’t have been more right, with his Liliside winning a rough race by a head, and his Baine finishing a might unlucky third, having almost hit the deck when running into a horse in front of her and then having the second favourite, Joanna, veer across her close home.

But you don’t always get paid for being right. As is often the case abroad, the lights on the results board went on, and a stewards’ enquiry was called. In fairness, it was a rough race, and Liliside had extricated herself from a pocket with a tactical manoevre that might have been overlooked here (and might not, under the strangely inconsistent rules / stewarding we have in place) but was never going to pass undetected in Paris.

Liliside was booted out, and who should be awarded the race? You guessed it: the self same horse that was awarded the Newmarket 1000 Guineas two short weeks ago. Special Duty has now failed to win in three starts this season and yet finds herself a dual Guineas winner!

It can’t be right and, whilst the decisions of the stewards in one – possibly both – cases were correct, there certainly seems to be a lack of lustre about Special Duty’s status currently. Hopefully, she’ll be able to win a prestigious race before the end of the season without assistance from the beaks.

To add further insult to my financial injury, Baine was then promoted to an unlucky 2nd from an unlucky 3rd, meaning I not only backed the disqualified winner, but I also backed the eventual unlucky runner-up, and didn’t get paid on either!


In the chaps’ version, I sided with the Newmarket form and had a reasonable bet on the highwayman, Dick Turpin, to stand and deliver. I also followed up by idiot bet on Buzzword at Newmarket, with an idiot bet on Buzzword here…

As it transpired, dandy Dick T ran a bobby dazzler again, and again had to settle for silver behind a Frenchie. The pair of them pulled clear in another rough looking race, but there was no fluke about the winner’s performance.

Lope de Vega was drawn 15, which is widely considered to be an impossible draw at this track / trip. Scrimmaging inside of him certainly would have aided his cause, but he still had a mountain to climb from the ‘car park’.

He was given a fine ride and quickened away nicely.

Interestingly, the third home was an unconsidered Czech horse called Shamalgan. By English Guineas winner Footstepsinthesand, out of Unfuwain mare, this looked a solid performance, and he might be a dark one to look out for perhaps at Royal Ascot in a few weeks time.

Buzzword was 4th at 46/1 and might win a good race yet.


Just time to tell you that tomorrow, I’ll be releasing what I think is probably my finest freebie ever. Of course, I’ll let you collectively be the judge, but suffice it to say that if you thought a system that had found a 66/1 winner (Handicap Chase Outsiders) was good, this one trumps it!

I’ll say no more now, but look out for an email tomorrow telling you from where to download the goodness. :)

Bye for now,


Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. jose says:

    Be aware of something Matt, Liliside is a french trained horse, but his owner is more from Spain than from France. It´s the same case than last year no winning of As De Trebol at the Prix du Palais-Royal (Group 3), another Spanish ower horse

  2. david says:

    Hi, you and your readers recommended Richard Stoddartt/Betcatalyst with the proviso that there are long losing runs. At the moment I have run out of digits for same and my ROI is now IL!! What is the record for the longest losing run?. The annoying thing is that his reasoning behind the tip is sooo convincing. and what is ”moderation”?Have a good week.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi David

      Yes, I recommended Bet Catalyst on precisely that proviso. Not sure what your issue with that is?

      Regarding moderation, lots of people want to leave a spam comment here with just a link to a web address. So, unfortunately, I have to review comments before they’re posted. Normally takes just a few minutes, like this one.


      p.s. you seem really flustered this morning, David. Hope it gets better for you as the day wears on…

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi Matt

    Always good to read about your little adventures around the world of horse racing.
    I saw something that you would have liked.The two papers I take every week,wow that sounds like I nick them, Weekender & Raceform Update.Well was looking through the cards.For the 2.00 at Market Rasen, at noted the winner of last years race.It was non other than Night Orbit.

    Happy puntting.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Very nice Kevin! 🙂

      Dear old Olly is going to run quite soon, on the flat first and then over the bigger obstacles for the first time.
      He’s schooled well so we’re hopeful.


  4. dave foster says:

    well i won on special duty,but had also backed jaqueline in our gns.and agreed stewards were correct,in france backed lilyside small only i may add.she deserved to lose under fair rules,but why did special duty,under the same rules not get disq.also.after lily interfered with the horse she shoved,special duty did immediately the same to the same horse,if you watch the replay.so totally unfair in my opinion regards to the rules

  5. RON says:

    HI Matt just a response regarding Richard Stoddart prem tips service I have yet to see a Winner I live in hope . his forcast (as David said) is convincing and the prices good perhaps one day
    Best wishes Ron

  6. david w says:

    Hi all
    Re: Richard Stoddart selections…
    I use this service and, whilst true it’s a long run recently, it has provided many a big price win/place horse. That’s the inherent problem with big prices, they’re big ‘cos they’re not fancied!
    If the reasoning is sound, then the results will, in time, follow.

    Any unhappy punters can always ignore the advice and not complain about being recommended a system that clearly doesn’t suit


  7. The Brigadier (Mark) says:

    Well said David W. (and MB). Fact is Catalyst will make you your fortune one day!

    Keep the faith with the Catalyst. I was at Cheltenham when Richard’s selection of Pigeon Island (40/1) came through and let my mates have it for some reason; for the one and only occasion I didn’t step in! I genuinely do not know why. Especially as I made the call to Bet 365 and placed the readies!

    It was deflating paying chunks of cash into their greedy little pockets the following day. Ouch!


    (and Matt – no I don’t work for him or know him…)

  8. craig robbo says:

    hi just wana say 2 members of this site av a luk at this site scoop6 pot massive,i joined 2weeks ago n got fingers crossed but well worth a look mailto:info@iscooped6.co.uk craig

  9. zen says:

    I had a look at that Craig and would be interested to know how you get on, the sceptic in me says it would be a better pay having 100 subscribers at £5 a week and pick a duff horse……

  10. craig robbo says:

    hi zen the site had 2 place bets in 1st week payed £400 n 84p per member so they add 2 last week n then they had 3 winners 10-1 11-1 n 11-4, 3 2nds so place up again 4 lines over £2000 aain adding 2 bet this week cos worked owt just under £5 each oping 3rd time lucky : ) ps gavin on nag site doin scoop6 this week a tenner craig

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