One A Day Wonder System Review

I received an email this morning, dear reader, promoting a system called One A Day Wonder (OADW). It's a backing system which is easy to follow, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

First, let me tell you about the buying process, which can only be described as 'hyper-aggressive'. Actually, it could be described as a lot of other things too: annoying, stupid, greedy, confusing, unnecessary, etc.

OADW is sold with two 'upsell' opportunities, i.e. other things you are offered after you've bought the system. Although these are pretty much 'de rigeur' for a lot of people, this one really stood out.


Because the first upsell - which offered me something called 'Each Way Winners', another system - had a whole SIX different 'wait, are you sure you don't want it?' screens, each with a lower price than the last. So, having been first offered it for £27.95, I was finally offered it for £3.95!

Next, I could take lifetime email selections sent to me for just £23.95. No thanks, I said. Several more (indeed, another five) no thanks later (the last at £3.95), I was finally given the chance to download the manual.

Except I wasn't. I was asked to enter my name and email to sign up for a list which would then send me to the download page... Checked my email and finally I received a link to the download page.

When I got to that page, lo and behold if the upsold system wasn't there too! So I got OADW and Each Way Winners for my investment (£29.95 by the way).

I also got two other bonus systems, making four in total. But how are they?

Your first 30 days for just £1

Well, the focus of course should be on OADW, as that is the system under review in the title of this post. It's a simple system, and will take no more than five minutes a day to operate. But it has some issues.

Firstly, it uses a part of the website that will soon become obsolete. That said, you can get that info from other places so all is not lost. (I suspect that, despite me receiving the promotional email recently, the system has been around for a while).

It's difficult to project the success rate for such a system, but I suspect that it's quite high. However, strike rate needs to be considered in the context of odds available, and typically selections (of which there will be, unsurprisingly, no more than one a day) are close to the even money mark, perhaps a shade of odds on.

That said, today's pick is 11/8 shot Tuscan Gold (8.20 Kempton).

The point though is this: for a system like this to be successful, it would have to be finding the winner in more than half of all races. Not impossible but very difficult.

And of course, betting at those odds would require a reasonably sizeable unit stake to make it worthwhile financially. All those caveats aside, it might be a fun system for small stakes and regular interest.

The upsell system, Each Way Winners, is a bit trickier to use but still not that hard. It takes a bit longer to find the picks - about 15 minutes for four meetings today - and, as the name suggests, picks are backed each way. I have reservations about this system, especially as the example used in the manual to illustrate the system identified a horse that finished eight of nine!

It has a bunch of picks today, as follows:

Bangor 6.40 Sunday City
Ffos Las 3.30 Any Given Moment
Ffos Las 4.00 Swift Chap
Ffos Las 4.30 Gwilym
Kempton 9.20 Fly By Nelly
Yarmouth 2.45 Clerical
Yarmouth 4.15 This One's For Eddy

The two bonus systems are moderate to awful. The first, Alpha Fave, backs certain favourites under certain conditions and can only be described as an 'interest only fun system' (in other words, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole).

The other bonus system doesn't even merit consideration. It's rubbish.

So, overall, what do I think of One A Day Wonder? It has the usual hyperbolic sales bluster. It has the most aggressive post-purchase upsell sequence I've seen anywhere, in any market (i.e. not just horse racing), ever. And it requires opt in to get the system, which sets you up for all sorts of guff into your inbox until you work out how to unsubscribe (I downloaded the kit, then unsubscribed pronto).

One A Day Wonder is a fun little system that will find plenty of winners. The trade off is that those winners will rarely be at 'working man's odds'. It is easy to use and takes very little time.

In summary, if you can handle the labyrinthine sales sequence, and if you can bear opting in to get to the download page, and if you like fun systems where you neither win nor lose very much over time, and if you are OK with backing short priced horses then you might enjoy One A Day Wonder.

Although that sounds like a lot of 'ifs' (and IS a lot of 'ifs'!), I can't say it's terrible. Perhaps I'll track it for a couple of weeks and report back on my findings. In fact, I will track it for a while. 🙂

I can't recommend this as a portfolio system by any means, but it might give a little fun. I've seen worse for sure (though not in the sales sequence!)


Your first 30 days for just £1
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    FLORIN says:





    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Florin

      It is often the case that aggressive marketing leads to a poor product. But…. how something is sold does not have to hold any bearing on the quality of the product being sold.

      Example: Apple are super-aggressive marketers, and yet their products are the most lusted after on the planet (I make no judgment on how good they are!)

      So, whilst it can be an indicator, I try to judge the product separately from the marketing… if that makes sense.

  2. Peter
    Peter says:

    Being bombarded with offers from “DreamLays” with apparently extraordinary strike rates.

    Does anyone have direct experience or have you ever reviewed this Matt ?

  3. geordie
    geordie says:

    Thanks matt I would like to see [tuskan gold 8-30 kem win]. Its a horse that comes up in something I am looking at must stress though its nothing purchased just my own stuff. Kind regards geordie.

  4. Charles
    Charles says:

    glad to read your report Matt – also had an email offering the system to me today – did not follow thru after reading the sales page – cheers – Charles

  5. James
    James says:

    Do you think this system could be worthwhile if betting a percentage of your bank and compounding it?

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi James

      Impossible to say at this stage. I’ll track it for a while to get a feel for it, but I suspect not. That’s just a gut feeling.


  6. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Hi Matt

    I’m always sceptical of the many emails, I get about the next greatest system ever to see the light of day.Then telling it will win you £££’s for so little outlay.To be then offered one or two more systems along with the main system on offer.
    If the so called system was that good why do you need two bonus ones?



    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Kevin

      I agree about the value proposition being offered seeming unbelievable (and generally proving to be just that!)

      However, in answer to the question why have more than one system, as you know I advocate a portfolio approach… though not this group of systems as the portfolio!

  7. Alex Woolley
    Alex Woolley says:

    Hi Matt,

    Have you come across the FL horse racing system (Also known as Black Horse) ? I am currently evaluating it, but would be interested in your views.

    Best regards,


  8. colin
    colin says:

    I have Tuscan Gold as a lay!
    Be interesting to see who the wally is! (But I am not charging for the info)

  9. Graeme
    Graeme says:

    Hiya everyone. Been bombarded too with the “dreamlays” guff but decided to leave alone for now. knowing me I have either:- 1. ballsed it up and stand to lose out big time or 2. made a wise decision to leave well alone,time will tell (or not) Someone said to me a long time ago “if it has to be advertised that much it’s not worth having” nuff said

  10. Francis
    Francis says:

    On the OADW system from what you say and the selection
    Tuscan Gold, it seems like it’s small field maybe less than 10 run;
    Top rated by RP Ratings & Spotlight selection;to decide the bet
    shortest priced forecast. Something along those lines,if I was betting such horses I would prefer to look for the LONGEST forecast price-that way you would be more likely to get value for money odds. I don’t have a sub to RP, but you can use the Post Data to evaluate what constitues “value”. Total the number of points for every runner in the race,e.g. total PD pts e.g. 27 deduct your horse’s pts e.g.3= 27-3 =24,so odds are 24/3 =8/1.
    This is a simple example,but unless you get VALUE ODDS you will
    lose in the long run.
    best wishes,
    ps. “Tuscan” has not run for 60 days,not won at the trip and Sanders/Prescott so probably will start very short.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Francis

      Thanks for the comment, and no it’s not what you say. And the points about form, whilst undoubtedly valid, are irrelevant for systemites (unless the system rules cover those specific points!)


  11. Mario
    Mario says:

    Hi Matt
    Have you heard of te adrenaline junkie system which you can get if you subscribe to the total betting club. They report significant profits every month that they say they have ever seen from a system.
    Thanks Mario

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Mario

      I’ve not heard of that or the Total Betting Club. Has anyone else heard of this?


  12. Ronnie Nicolson
    Ronnie Nicolson says:

    I get e-mails from Total betting Club..they have a

    Not subscibed to it so cannot comment further.


  13. Tony
    Tony says:

    Hi Mario/Matt

    I joined Total Betting Club for a month to see what all the fuss was about. The profits are genuine but you need nerves of steel and deep pockets. It was not for me as you often get long losing runs followed by a winner at a huge price. As I said, may be OK for some but not my cup of tea.


  14. David
    David says:

    Hi Matt
    received a mail from them y/day.
    Also from someone who said his name was R. Brown who is in with the local stables at Middleham.
    Seems to be a great deal of supposed gems on sale at the moment my recycle bin is overflowing.

  15. Paul
    Paul says:

    Hello Matt,
    I receive regular e-mails from the Total Betting Club.It is a subscription based service (19.95/month) and gives members access to all their systems and selections.The ‘adreniline junkie system’ is almost 3,000 pts up for 2010 ( yes 3 thousand!)Two other new systems that started in April are over 150pts and 110 pts up to date. Last year it was the Maiden Heaven system that produced phenomenal profits for that flat season.If you like I can forward the e-mail on to you.
    Has anyone any thoughts or experience of ‘All by the Book,
    or The Turf Accountant ‘ system.
    With regard to Tuscan Gold , none of the horses have won at the trip. I hope he wins because my AW system has selected something else as a lay.
    Regards Paul.

  16. Al
    Al says:

    Yes I have been subscribed to TTBC in the past and know what the adrenaline junkie system is about. It is a backing system and basically relies on horses being outside 30.0 on Betfair. Obviously not going to divulge into the system, but it relies on having at least a 300-400point bank balance to kick it off as there are LOADS of selections daily. It did hit a 1000.0 SP horse last month but those are rare but hey, give credit where credit is due because what system can find a 1000.0 winner on Betfair?

    TTBC is a betting forum where you have to pay £25 per month to subscribe – I suppose it’ll be similar to Betting School forum where there are lots of horse racing methods and results and selections are updated daily by moderator and members.

    I don’t find it worth paying £25 per month, although the systems are proving to be profitable, you do need a big betting bank to implement and also patience, for example, adrenline junkie can go days without winning a horse!!

    Hope that Helps,

  17. Greg Phillips
    Greg Phillips says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have heard of the adrenaline junkie system and the total betting club, The editor is a guy called Matthew Wright (thats of the Total Betting Club) i don’t have the system but i do have a copy of a sample monthly newsletter from the total betting club, has different betting strategies in it, not a bad read for nowt, if anyone wants to know more let me know.

    All the best, Greg

  18. Hilary
    Hilary says:

    Hi Paul,

    I have been using All By The Book since April and it really does work. There’s been a review carried out since 14/04/2010 by bettingsystemtruths which you should read and then decide but it does do what it says and if you work full time you can use it at weekends only and still make a profit. If you want to know anything else let me know.

    Regards Hilary

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Hilary

      Good to hear it’s been working for you. The vendor has sent me a copy today, and I’ll be commencing a trial here in the next few days, so watch this space for more info.


  19. WAYNE
    WAYNE says:

    Hello Matt .. There was a system floating about a few years ago .. It was the most tipped horse of the day .. The selection is picked from .. The selection box in the Racing Post .. Usually around 10-12 tipsters would pick the same horse .. That would be the selection for the day .. These usually tended to be odds on .. A guy had a web-site can not remember the name of it .. He tracked the selections .. At that time it had around 80% strike rate .. Best wishes .. Good luck .. Wayne

  20. WAYNE
    WAYNE says:

    Hello Matt .. I have a nice little lottery system .. Well it is not really a system .. Its a bet .. This is on the hotpicks .. You pick out 4 selections similar to a yankee .. eg .. 10 20 30 40 pick 4 .. this is your first line .. next line 10 20 30 pick 3 .. next line 10 20 40 pick 3 .. next line 10 30 40 pick 3 .. next line 20 30 40 pick 3 .. Total stake £5.00
    If you get 3 numbers out of your 4 numbers .. You will have it in one of your pick 3 lines .. You win £450 .. But if you are lucky enough to get all 4 numbers you win £7,000 + £450 + £450 + £450 + £450 = £8,800 all for a £5.00 stake .. Try winning that on the horses .. Wayne

  21. Paul
    Paul says:

    Hilary, I have read the reviews for All by the Book on Betting System Truths and also Graham Lauries and Ian Erskines sites.
    All of them very positive. I would have to use this system at weekends, but my concerns are that once you have identified the selections ( which from what I know about the system are based on differing odds offered by different bookmakers) if numerous people operate the system could the odds change significantly before you get chance to place your bets?It seems that you need to have a few bookies accounts , all funded in readiness , to operate the system as the selections become available at around mid-day -as stated on the sales page.So does it not become a bit of a race in itself to get the bets on to make it work or does this scenario not happen.
    Thanks Paul.

  22. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    Interested to know which part of the website is going to become obsolete and the alternative places for the info


  23. Rosie
    Rosie says:

    I also try to purchase the OADW and after I paid I was still not able to get what I paid for all I got was page after page asking me to buy more . I kept saying no but they won’t take no for an answer. In the end I went to bed at 0214 am without my copy. What kind of people are they. I get so many of these emails I am sick and tired of them. I am yet to buy something that works. I have spent so much money on systems that I can’t understand.


  24. Steve
    Steve says:

    My web is still in creation cannot get the commercial porton

    I have given up on unsolicited mails and am soon to rid my CP from this trash

    Some are not only scams they are from scum

    It is now not possible to sort the wheat from the chaff hence you are gambling before a horse is even backed.

    The tips/systems provided by the very few who do respond will send you to the pawn shop very soon

    I will as I said l rid myself as best I can from these intrusions.

    Steve F du Toit

  25. Paul
    Paul says:

    I fell for story from Richard Brown from Yorkshire a while ago, sounded so genuine on phone, sent him money, has not answered his phone since. I would be interested to see his email and if he’s using a different phone number.


  26. Jay
    Jay says:

    I also received the offer to purchase the above OADW system but was put off buy the continuous hassle to buy and gave up. Now after reading your report maybe there is an angle where this could work even with short odds (the average person knows we won’t make a million in the near future) and the majority are happy for a steady and but often profit. Not knowing the rules (the name is the clue) but how many times are there a couple of bets narrowed down to just the one by ways of silly filters? Is there a possibility for a double to be included?

    Also the Each Way Winners faired ok ish with results.

    I think the bottom line is we take all these hard pushed systems with a pinch of salt. I find dissecting a number of systems to create my own has always served me best.

  27. Alex Woolley
    Alex Woolley says:

    Hi Matt,

    Yes FL stands for Front Line. Please see previous thread above. !!


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