One-A-Day Wonder System – Update 18

Yesterday's horse, Morgan's Choice, finished last of four, with a price drift from 2.7 in the morning to a Betfair SP of 3.95. That meant we didn't get paid if we backed it, and we didn't get paid if we traded it.

We would however have got paid if we'd laid it!

Daily Total -£10

Overall -£84.67

This is NOT a good backing system. And whilst it is difficult for me to suggest buying any system to use for another purpose, OADW might make a decent trading and / or laying service. Essentially, the typical situation has seen the price get shorter making for a trade. On the three occasions when the price got longer the horse always got beaten, suggesting we could lay the horse to get our stake back.

This is of course based on a very small sample so it's just a thought at this stage.

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