One Good Bet System – Final Review


The “One Good Bet” system is a horse betting system that assumes a certain level of knowledge and in some instances, "personal judgement". Selections can be found fairly easily using your favourite newspaper, Racing Post or Sporting Life online. The system is for Flat racing only and operates Monday to Saturday only between May and September.

There are a number of criteria such as "unsuitable race types", number of runners etc., which need to be taken into account before arriving at possible selections.

System Claims

I will quote the website directly "This method is very straightforward to operate. Bets are easily found and can be placed in the morning. It does not involve laying horses, dutching or following the live betting. The method is supplied with fully verified and checkable results which are not “back-fitted” or created in hindsight. These are genuine bets that I made myself at the time."

The system has been tested over one year only, namely:


From a total of 84 bets 53 were profitable = 63%

Total profit using £20 stakes = £2705

Return on investment = 161%

Average profit per month = £541

Longest profitable run = 12

Longest unprofitable run = 4

Your first 30 days for just £1

The "bet" referred to above is a £10 each way double so the staking cost of each bet is £20.

Review Results

The system does not "operate on a Sunday" so during our review period (1st May - 31st May 2010) we had 25 "action" days available.

Possible "action" days = 25

Actual "action" days = 10

Total bets = 9

Winning bets = 4

Winning bets that were profitable = 2

Total Staked = £180.00

Total Return = £76.13

Overall Profit/Loss = - £103.87


Probably one of the most unexciting systems I have ever encountered. Bets are infrequent and given the whole premise of the system, each-way doubles, prices are uninspiring. During the period of the review we didn't actually experience a winning bet where both selections won. Of the 4 "winning" bets  only 2 gave a positive return (£11.55) above the original stake. The other 2 "winning" bets collectively lost (£15.42) of the original stakes!!!

The purchase cost of this "system" is £95.00 which, considering the performance and price profile of the selections, is outrageous.  This "system" is a waste of time, money and the paper it is printed on.

The author was also responsible for the "Simply the Best" system, another poor performer, which I previously reviewed. Unsurprisingly, that system is no longer available. I also doubt that this one will see the light of day for very much longer either.

Happy punting


Your first 30 days for just £1