Online Gambling: What Do You Think?

A short post today, dear reader, to tell you of an academic study currently underway into the effects of online gambling.

As you know, this is a subject very close to my heart. And, as you probably also know, I am a strong proponent of responsible gambling, and only ever risking money you can afford (and are comfortable) to lose.

Well, some academics at Swansea Metropolitan University are looking at online gambling, and are interested in your thoughts.

There are ten questions (the last two have quite a lot of parts), it's completely anonymous, and I've asked for a copy of the report when it becomes available, so that I may share some of the findings here.

If you're not interested in this, feel free to ignore. However, if you would like to share your thoughts on the subject, then you may do so by clicking the link below:

Contribute to the academic study here


On the subject of hot trainer, Barry Hills, he has two runners today at Pontefract - Chapter And Verse, who is odds on in the 2.10, and Jabal Tariq in the 4.10, who looks quite interesting in what could become a tactical affair.

For my money, the one to beat is not Hawaass, the likely odds on jolly (who steps up markedly in class on his seasonal debut), but rather Richard Fahey's Albaqaa. This one will be straighter for his first run and has won in this grade.

High numbers are usually at a distinct disadvantage over a mile at Ponty, and I'd be against both Kingsdale Orion and Ours in the 3.10. Looking for one to back, why not side with Unbreak My Heart, who has his first run for the aforementioned Mr Fahey, and who has his right trip and grade, is well drawn, and can go well fresh. At around 9/1, he's a fair each way squeak.

That's it for today. Hopefully some of you will take ten minutes to help with the survey, which I think will be interesting and possibly revealing.


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8 replies
  1. john murray says:

    dear matt,
    i certainly will participate in the survey, and will do right now. i have always been a person that has been a responsable gambler. i would never gamble money i could not afford to loose. my family always come first. i am 61 years of age now, been disabled through serious illness in july 2002 which has left me in a wheelchair, i was a regular attender at the scottish race meetings, and have been to york a feww times newcastle, carlisle and sedgefield. but like you gambling must be done responsibly. yes internet gambling has become over the top, with no amount concern as to if the people can afford to bet. i do think that internet gambling should be more regulated.
    john murray

  2. george H says:

    Nice one! Unbreak my heart wins at Ponty. I was just too late logging on, but well done anyway.
    I’ll be filling in the survey too; good idea all round.
    Cheers, George

  3. William says:

    Hi Matt
    I have filled out the online survey and agree that there is far too much advertising for gambling. If people can act with care then fine. I do think more controls are required as too many firms make it sound easy which of course it is not, the spread betting wagon is now going through this as well being pushed like mad.
    Thanks for the tip Unbreak my Heart.

  4. David Wilkinson says:

    I have just completed the survey. There are different types of internet gambling. Exchanges like Betfair and Betdaq are based on real events which are happening in the world. They are verifiable. Internet casinos are controlled by a microchip which is programmed to give a certain return. They can be set to anything. You will never stop problem gamblers with gimmiks like warnings on websites or time limits or cash limits. They will only stop when they admit to themselves that they have a problem. I am generally against banning things, which punishes the sensible majority to cater for a weak minority, but I would ban internet casinos.

  5. John McDonald says:

    Wish you could get the e-mails the night before I nhave no way of getting access to my e-mails during working hours. Yes I work long hours during my working day but cannot open any e-mails whilst working. Very interesting Blog keep them coming.

  6. Rog Kay says:

    Hi Matt,

    I consider myself a responsible gambler, but I think that unless money is no object we have all at some time or another wagered money (to put it in a nice way) that could have been used more wisely.

  7. Andy says:

    Have filled in the survey – but, from the way the questions are worded feel that its a pop at online gambling.

    Personally I enjoy a pop on the horses or football and only spend what I can afford to use (dont always lose).


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