Only Until Tomorrow: Top 3 System for £7

Sorry for the hype-y headline, dear reader, but I know that a number of you missed out last time this offer was made, and I didn't want you to miss the opportunity again (if you were interested).

Kris Jackman's hugely popular Racing Secrets [Exposed] manual has just been re-released, but only until tomorrow (Thursday). This has long been one of my favourite laying manuals, because it sets out the approach you should take to finding short priced profitable lay selections.

It's not a system per se, as it doesn't have hard and fast rules. But it's two level approach to identifying and then opposing 'false favourites', i.e. horses who are shorter in the betting than they should be, is extremely well laid out, and simple to follow.

The one pitfall that many people found with RSE, is that it does take around 20-30 minutes to find the potential lays. Not a massive amount of time by any stretch of the imagination, but not everybody has that time, or - let's face it - is prepared to do the legwork!

So, in acknowledgement of this, Kris is now offering you the chance to receive his take on the day's lays for nothing.

Your first 30 days for just £1

To reiterate, you can get the 105 page Racing Secrets [Exposed] manual for seven quid, AND a month's worth of selections into the bargain. Now, of course, this is ridiculously good value (which, as you'll know, I'm a big fan of!).

And there is a 'catch'. When you sign up for your copy of the manual, and your 30 day free trial subscription, you will be enrolled into an ongoing subscription for a periodicity (that's a real word, I didn't make it up!) of your choosing, and with a price that becomes relatively less expensive the longer you sign up for.

But of course you don't have to stay enrolled. If you'd rather find the runners yourself, or you just don't want to persist with it, just cancel your membership in the first month, and that's that. Nothing more to pay. In fact, if you don't think the manual is for you or it doesn't represent value (I can't see this, but maybe you might think it), you can get a refund of your seven notes.

So, assuming you have any interest in laying short priced horses, there's absolutely no reason not to take a look at RSE. After my own Laying System (natch!), this is about the best laying manual I've seen - and I've seen plenty!

Get it here for seven quid TODAY - it's off the market again tomorrow.

That's all for today - apologies to people who already availed themselves of the £7 deal.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. pauline says:

    Hi Matt I have bought the racing system exposed for £7 yesterday but only got an email with details of my membership to the ongoing service and no links or info as to how to download the manual or where to find it. Can you tell me where to get it it must be on the interenet somewhere if it is coming off tomorrow!- when I emailed the owners the email came back as no known email address. I have got the selections for today but it is the manual I want rather than the service! Can you help at all?

    Thanks Pauline

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Pauline

      I suggest you check your spam / junk folder to see if there is an email there with the details in it. Alternatively, please check your clickbank receipt email, in which there should be a download link.

      If still no joy, email Kris at


  2. David Wilkinson says:

    I had the same problem as Pauline. Every thing I did took me to a page selling a football system. Only by clicking on the “no thanks” line at the bottom of the sales blurb was I directed to the download. as I emailed to Kris, not very impressive.

    Have fun,


  3. hardraysnight says:

    if this is the one of the best laying systems i would hate to see the worst. it is definitely not a system, method perhaps, for there are so many variables and judgments, i always thought you spell it judgements, but obviously bill gates has other ideas, that need to be need accounted for

    full of generalities and padding, the only nice thing i can say about it is, fortunately, they never wasted any trees in printing

    the odds of the tips, together with their rate of success is um disappointing

    but he does answer emails and send the promised tips regularly, which is more than many other in racing cyberspace

    have a nice day

    have a nice day

  4. Jack says:

    Fools like shep are born every day which is a godsend for those who bombard us with their ‘racing secrets’
    Why do people seem so unable or unwilling to try and solve the puzzle themselves
    A a loser you have picked yourself is free.

  5. paul says:

    I agree that the selections are often long odds and not short prices but the manual itself is great, especially for beginners and for seven pounds I’d rather have one padded out with lots of pages and evidence packed rather than a one page method of laying second favourites that lost last time out or some sort of other rubbish that is pushed by affiliates for 40/50 quid a pop! The link to the manual and members area is above the link to the football system, Kris has answered my queries in 24 hours which was impressive. I personally use the methods/information and tables in the manual to identify my own favourites to lose and since using have had a terrific success rate.

  6. hardraysnight says:

    why do department stores have sales

    to get rid of overpriced junk……..

  7. ian hartley says:

    Nice one ,niche market 45/1 £5 ew on betfair £270 great tip thanks,
    deduct £ 10 ew arbor supreme. easiest £250, result thanks MATT. ian hartley

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