Orbiting The Stars…

Many is the time, dear reader, when I've watched four runner races for valuable prize money and cursed people who don't enter their horses. Well, now the boot is finally on the other foot...

Yes, on Saturday at Cheltenham, in none other than the Grade 2 Relkeel Hurdle (previous winners include Black Jack Ketchum, Mighty Man and Lough Derg in recent seasons), my very own (in part) Night Orbit has been entered!

Let's be clear about a couple of things:

1. He is rated 38 pounds inferior to Zaynar, and probably has no chance of winning.

2. There is prize money down to 6th place, from a £42,500 race fund, and there are only eight entered - including one complete no hoper. If they all stand their ground (unlikely), we have to beat the plodder and one other.

3.Orbit will love the trip, ground, and stamina testing track, and he is a valiant battler. (His class is questionable, and it may be this that finds him out here... but we'll see!)

4. I'm gutted I can't be there to see it!

It's both exciting and tilting at windmills, but at least I'll be able to say we didn't leave the prize money on the table...

Your first 30 days for just £1


Moving on, and a quick word on Mick Kinane, who announced his retirement today. After many westward ho! wagers as a result of Kinane's misjudgments at the Breeders Cup over the years, I'm not a fan. But... his riding of Sea The Stars this season was impeccable, especially in the Arc where his rivals (human and equine) did everything they could to make it difficult for him.

I salute him for that. And I salute him for his longevity - over thirty years at the top is hugely impressive. And, finally, I salute him for having the good sense to quit after what may well be his crowning achievement with Sea The Stars. Off to stud you go, Mick. Well done, even if you weren't always in my corner.


Betfair Renegade update:

another water treading experience today - three winners and a 2/1 loser putting us exactly where we started the day:


Overall stats look like this:

Bets 61
Av Odds 6.12
Winners 11
Total win odds 37.27
Losers 50
Lose % 81.97
Av Win Odds 3.388182
Average SP+% 12.57

Tomorrow, there's a lot of potential action so we should break the stasis, one way or the other!

Hex 12.50
Hex 12.50
Hex 12.50
Hex 12.50
Hex 1.50
Hex 2.20
Hex 2.20
Hex 3.20
Leic 1.10
Leic 1.40
Leic 2.10
Leic 2.40
Leic 3.10
Kemp 6.20
Kemp 7.20
Ling 3.30
Ling 3.30

You can take a look at Betfair Renegade here…


3 £9.50 £112.80
4 £9.50 £122.30
1 -£29.50 £92.80
3 £9.50 £102.30
Your first 30 days for just £1
11 replies
    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks a lot for the kind wishes, guys. We are a little out of our class, but – as you say – nothing ventured, nothing gained. 🙂


  1. George says:

    Thats what life is all about tilting at windmills Matt

    Was lucky enough to experience the same many years ago

    with a horse i had a part Share in took on the big boys and finished

    second what a feeling hope you have tha same this weekend

  2. Will Kenton says:

    All the very best for You and Night Orbit on Saturday, hope that you will be buying the round !!! in the evening.


  3. loudon says:

    good luck with your horse on sat. You cannot win anything if you dont take part.Good on you for entering your {gee gee].I shall look up my info but 38lbs is one lot of weight advantage especially the way the ground is going at the moment ,but zaynar is a very usefull animal and if you run a close or decent race you have a horse who you can have fun with.But dont play with him too much nor let the handicapper get a hold of him
    all the best loudon.

  4. Ravi says:

    Good luck and hope you will be in orbit come Saturday afternoon, I will be cheering here in South Africa, as you know we catch all the live action on racing international, and I will have a nice each way.

    You got to have a line in the water to catch a fish…

  5. Scott Armstrong says:

    It happens, you know. In the 1950s in the West Country I came across an owner exercising his gray horse in a field. I asked him if it was any good.” Not under present conditions” was the reply,” but we are hoping”. I backed the horse twice and lost money both times. The next run was in the Cheltenham Gold Cup, which it won at 66-1.The horse?—Gay Donald. And yes, I backed it each way.

  6. Kev says:

    Great experience to go to HQ and run in a big televised race. I hope you get RUK or similar in Californ – I – A and get a chance to see it.

    Good luck and lets hope he comes home safe and sound, whatever the outcome.


  7. IAN HARTE says:


  8. Dave Proc says:

    Best of luck, Matt!! Have just watched one of our horses( syndicated) get cut up at Kempton, finished 8th having been snatched up twice!! Live to fight another day, but it makes all the difference if you own ( even a small ) part, gives you a different perspective on racing.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Dave – hard luck with your horse. That’s definitely the nature of it, and you’re right: it’s amazing how closely we study the video of our own horse’s performances! Next time…


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