Of course, not all betting systems relate to horse racing. And, whilst the predominant focus of this site is on horse racing systems, we do from time to time trial other systems.

To date, we've looked at a football system, a greyhound system, and a commodities trading system (yes, we even look at non-sporting systems!). In future, it's likely we will also look at foreign exchange (forex) trading systems as well.

The only non-racing systems that have passed muster are the impressive TUFXP and LS Trader. Here are the other systems to be reviewed thus far:

TUFXP 10 / 10

A complete Forex course and 'point and shoot' signal software package, TUFXP performed brilliantly during our trial, and is highly recommended. Although it is expensive (£1947 + VAT), it comes with a full money back guarantee.

Read about TUFXP here.

LS Trader 9.5 / 10

A commodities trading system, based on following trends in the various markets (from pork bellies to US dollars, and everything in between). The system is very professionally managed, and there is a weekly communication to explain to both members and non-members alike how the recommendations have performed.

It should be said that LS Trader requires a significant starting bank (at least �3,000, preferably �10,000) to be effectively utilised. Assuming that doesn't put you off, then it's well worth reading the rest of the LS Trader system review, and considering whether it is something you can add to your portfolio.

Football Loophole 6 / 10

There are, of course, very few loopholes in betting terms. The main reason for this is that as soon as they're detected, they're very rapidly closed. But, it seems, systems sellers like the word 'Loophole' almost as much as they like 'Secrets'!

This system looked ok, and did ok in the trial. And that's what it is: ok. Worth a look if you like punting footy, but there might be better out there. Check the Football Loophole system review here.

Greyhound Tipster 4 / 10

Lots of people love the greyhounds. Alas, most of them don't bet very much money on them and, if they do, they tend to do it at the track. What this means is that any betting exchange-based greyhound system is going to have liquidity problems. And so it is with Greyhound Tipster. It's a fine idea in principle, but it doesn't work in reality.

I had high hopes for this one, but they simply didn't materialise. Pity.

Read the Greyhound Tipster system review here.