September 2008: Football Loophole System Review

I'm not entirely sure, dear reader, who's responsible for this football system, though I suspect it has something to do with Mr Steven Lee Jones. I say 'system', but in fact this is a collection of no fewer than seven systems: five traditional 'place your wager ahead of time' approaches and two trading (i.e. change your position during the match) tactics.

As with all Sports Betting Manuals' products, I was a little apprehensive regarding the content of this guide. But the first thing to say is credit where credit's due. Despite my reservations, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are 56 pages of fluff-free content.

In fact, this guide packs in more than the vast majority of racing and betting system ebooks. It's a pretty good read, I'd say, and - as mentioned - with seven systems, there is plenty of quantity.

But what of quality? Ok, what I propose to do by way of a test is to put up all of the selections identified by the system in the Premier League and Championship this weekend. This will cover the 'pick in advance' quintet of systems only, as I will be playing footy myself tomorrow afternoon (at an inordinately modest level!), so cannot review the trading systems.

So, System 1 is a way to find decent Home Wins, and nominates the following:

Middlesbrough over West Brom (1.86 on betfair as I write)
Reading over Swansea (1.8)

System 2 plays Asian Handicaps:

No qualifiers

System 3 is interested in over/under 2.5 goal markets:

Cardiff - Birmingham over 2.5 (2.3)
QPR - Derby over 2.5 (2.06)
Reading - Swansea over 2.5 (1.89)
Wolves - Bristol City over 2.5 (1.9)

System 4 lays aways (Premier League only):

Lay West Brom (at 5.3)

System 5 also involves striking a wager after the game has kicked off, and so I can't flag any qualifiers here.

I have used the trading strategies, and I like the reference to going against people's emotions that underpins these.

On the whole, I think the guide is probably worth it for the trading strategies alone, if you're not already aware of them.

For the other systems, time and results will tell. One word of caution on those: it does take a little while (perhaps half an hour for Premier League and Championship matches) to find the qualifiers across the five systems.

But then, you might well just specialise on a subset of them.

This is the best manual from the Steven Lee Jones factory for quite some while, and I give it a thumbs up ahead of the matches this weekend. Even if they don't go to plan, for anyone who plays on the footy, you should at least take a look at the sales page.