Although not my usual 'cup of tea', I do occasionally take a look at money-making systems and services which are outside of the tight remit of 'horse racing system'.

Far and away the best I've seen in this regard is LS Trader. I was enamoured with it from the outset, but slightly hesitant when I first recommended it here on The reason for my hesitancy? I hadn't trialed it live on the blog as is my usual approach.

Because of this, I was worried that - despite the excellent track record of LS Trader - the wheels would fall off at the precise moment I praised it. Of course, such fears - though perfectly natural - were unfounded.

Since I first looked at LS Trader it has made it's users a ton of money: in fact, it has made more money than any other product I've ever promoted. This is at least in part due to the slightly more aggressive trading approach that the product takes but, nevertheless, its performed has still been stellar.

I was so impressed that I've actually written a testimonial for the LS Trader site, which is something I VERY rarely do. I wrote the following:

Hi Robert,

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed I have been with LS Trader.

As you know, my 'day job' is reviewing horse racing systems, and your trading service was something of a deviation from my norm. Nevertheless, when I saw the results your clients had been pulling in, I felt it was something I had to share with my readers.

At the time, I remember being a little apprehensive giving such a robust 'thumbs up' to a service that is not really my main area of expertise. But I needn't have worried.

LS Trader is all it says it is, and more. From the time I first wrote to my readers on 11th November - when you were already 1,111% up on the year (!) - to the time of writing now, when you are a mind-blowing 1,504.1% up at the end of the year, all your clients have been in clover.

In layman's terms, every thousand pound invested this time last year, would now be worth �15,041.

Now of course, it's important to note that this kind of result is untypical, but the average annual return of over 160% still means you're significantly more than doubling your money, year on year. And, with the joys of compounding, you can expect to see fantastic returns over, say, a five year period.

Although I'm still not completely au fait with the finer points of commodities trading, I've never needed to be. I just do as I'm told, in about ten minutes every Sunday night / Monday morning, and watch the results.

Here's to a 2009 that's even 20% as good as 2008!

Best Regards,
Matt Bisogno


Since I wrote that, I received an email from a client in mid-February, saying that he'd banked over �7,700 (albeit from a starting capital of �20,000), since December 2008. That would still have been nearly �2,000 from a starting bank of �5,000.

LS Trader is an excellent trading system, IF you have a decent bank (at least �5k). It is relatively pricey at �147 a month, but that's more than offset by it's performance.

If this might be for you, take a look at their website here.