Soccer Magic Matrix Review

Soccer Magic Matrix Review: August 2009

This weekend has seen the start of  the new football season and no doubt over the next few weeks you will be getting numerous e-mails concerning new football strategies that you should arm yourself with over the season. Now for this first weekend I have been trialling one such strategy.... but one with a difference: Soccer Magic Matrix.

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What is Soccer Magic Matrix?

This is not a football tipping service or even a football system per se. No, in fact you will still have to come up with your own selections.  What Soccer Magic Matrix does is help you frame your combination bets in a powerful bet structuring program.

It is an on-screen calculator that helps you set up your combination bets, works out your stake, your profit, you can use fractional or decimal odds and it is all calculated right in front of your eyes on screen.

For those of you out there who are saying "ooh I don't like the sound of that, it will be too complicated", I can tell you it isn't. I am not the most techie of people on the net but it took less than 10 minutes to understand and learn the techniques required to operate this tool.

Basically it is for people who like to play in the football market with accumulators, combination bets, perming of matches, etc., and it eases the burden of having to work out your own staking policy, the program does all this for you.

As the authors say "the aim of Soccer Magic Matrix is to open up your combination adventures by providing a calculator which will give you the flexibility and power to try out various scenarios very quickly and to determine if your particular scenario is viable" and I can honestly say that it certainly does what it says on the tin.

How does Soccer Magic Matrix work?

Over the last 10 years the majority of my betting has been in the football sphere and for the last 3 years I have been using my own system, which relies on singles, having never really been into accumulators, but having checked this matrix out, I can see the possibilities.

If you think about it, even if you just had a double with both of them at 8/11, it would return 3 times your stake, a profit of 2 points and 200% ROI. If it was a treble with all of them at 8/11, it would return over 5 times your stake, a profit of 4.15 points and 415% ROI. Those are pretty interesting stats and really deserve thinking about.

Basically the Soccer Magic Matrix can deal with 6 football matches at a time and you can have 6 different betting strategies within those 6 matches. For instance Bet1 may be a treble (Match 1 Home Win, Match 2 Away Win, Match 3 Draw), that is what the Matrix deals with ie a football match and the 3 different possibilities. Bet 2 may again be a treble but on 3 different matches, as I have already said it can deal with 6 matches at a time.

Bets 3,4 and 5 may be different combinations within those 6 matches, maybe a single, a double and another treble. Bet 6 could be an accumulator of all 6 matches and wouldn't that be nice if it came up. You don't have to have 6 bets, you may just want one or two, it is totally up to you.

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What you can do though is play about with the system until you get the bets framed exactly as you want them. It takes no time at all and is very adaptable. Other features on the matrix help you fix your stake. Let's say that you have come up with 6 different bets and you have £100 to place on them in total, you would then put the £100 into the total stake box on screen, press the calculate button and the matrix would automatically work out how much to place on each bet to give you the same profit no matter which bet came up. Or you could say I want to earn £100 profit on each bet, you would press the calculate button and again it would tell you how much to place on each bet to win that £100. Although it may sound complicated here, in essence it is a very simple system, quickly understood and easily implemented.

How did Soccer Magic Matrix perform for me?

So this weekend I put it through a test, not by itself  but up against my own tried and tested system. I picked out 6 matches from my own system and used these same 6 matches on the Soccer Magic Matrix. Whereas in my own system my stakes were in singles, on the matrix they were in trebles with 6 different combinations. I picked out matches in the Championship:-

Cardiff v Scunthorpe

C Palace v Plymouth

QPR v Blackpool

Reading v Forest

Watford v Doncaster

W Brom v Newcastle

From my own system I returned a profit of 13.8% ROI, which although not fantastic, is acceptable for the first week of the season. In fact I only got 2 correct bets out of 6, with draws at Reading and West Brom.

For the Matrix I used the same 6 matches but had 6 different trebles, using a combination of the 6 matches. Unfortunately 5 of those bets went down but one of them went in, Cardiff - Home Win, Reading - Draw, W. Brom-Draw. I staked a total of £100 on the 6 bets, of which £13.10 was placed on the winning treble. It returned £237.85, so with a stake of £100, that meant £137.85 profit, or 138% ROI.

By coincidence then, the results on Magic Matrix returned exactly 10x the ROI that my own system did, 138% against 13.8%. Whereas with my own system I had to get 2/6 correct to earn 13.8%, with the Matrix you only had to get 1/6 correct to earn 138%. Now obviously with 6 trebles you are not bound to get one of them up every week but even if you only got one up every two weeks, you would still be looking at approx. 20% ROI, which is pretty good in anyone's language. Also you don't have to stick to trebles, if you are more cautious then you can go for a double. For those of you a little more adventurous, can I say that if you had picked the correct results for all of the 6 matches you would have returned £6667 for a £10 accumulator.

Where can I get Soccer Magic Matrix, and what do you think of it?

The Soccer Magic Matrix can be found here and it costs £57. For Geegeez readers, however, you can get £10 off the price, by entering the coupon code, sm6

The product would suit anyone interested in football betting doubles, trebles, accumulators, combinations, or permutations.

It is not really for anyone just wanting to place single bets.You still have to find your own bets, and it is important to note Soccer Magic Matrix is not a tipping service.

It is very simple in design and operation. If your combination is not viable, it will tell you so.You can set your stake to either total stake or profit per bet.

If you have one main bet that you are not quite sure of, you are able to have side bets to nullify any liabilities.If you bet multiples, perms or ackers on the football, this might be an invaluable tool for you.

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