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Geegeez Review Update

Geegeez Review Update

Geegeez System Reviews Update 24/09/14

It was, in fairness, a better week for some of our review guinea pigs this week. Well, in comparison to last, that can't be too hard!

Rather than sift through them all and place in some form of arbitrary order for you, I'm just going to quickly run through them in the order they have appeared on our site, oldest first! As usual, links to the actual reviews are in blue, whilst a red link will take you to that service's homepage, where you can find more information or even sign up if it's a good one!

Hawkeye has, I'm afraid, performed terribly and infrequently under review. It focuses on high value bets and will therefore have long losing runs Just two (both lost!) bets this week means they now have a 1/20 record in almost two months with us. They are currently 18pts down, but it's hard to appraise a service from just 20 bets, so we're going to let this one for another 30 days.

We're also struggling to fairly assess the Focus Ratings service, which I personally think is decent and offers great value for money. However, it's difficult to quantify its value in a review. A ratings service should, in my opinion, be used to firm up a bet, rather than be the source of a bet. Blindly backing the top rated (see here) has failed to generate a profit, whilst a breakdown of code/trip has had some success (as can be seen here), but not earth shattering. We shouldn't write this off, but we aren't sure how best to report it! (We're honest, if nothing else).

Meanwhile 1PointWins isn't quite living up to its name, as our review shows an overall record of 22 wins from 91 for a 5.2pts loss. They actually lost 3.63pts this week, despite upping their strike rate to 7/27 over the last seven days.

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And the last week hasn't been kind to Wootton Racing at all, in fact it has been disastrous. They were already 8.16pts in the red a week ago, but a run of just 3 winners from 25 since my last update saw them lose a further 19.85pts in just a week and they're now staring into a large 28pts hole on their review.

There has been quite a lively and interesting debate going on regarding the Midas Method service, which has just about got its head above water with a modest 2.3pts profit in 23 days. Averaging 10 bets per day, it's not for the faint hearted and a loss of 2.3pts this week has led to plenty of comments on the review page itself, which you can read right here.

Ron Robinson's excellent and informative Post Racing Service continues to highlight winners and found another 6 this week on the way to another 6.1pts profit. The full review shows that they re running at just 20% strike rate and have accrued over 46.5pts in just 29 days with us. Like the Focus Ratings service above, there's far more to Post Racing than just "tips" and it's worth checking out. (click here to do so)

It was a quiet week for Footy Lay Profits, but all four lays were successful and in the short time they've been with us they've only one losing bet from nine. Phil's breakdown is just here, whilst it was also a good week for another football service, Football Fever. Nine wins from eleven this week gave them another 2.33pts profit, which means that under review, they've got an 85% strike rate (17/20) which has already made 4.7pts profit in a fortnight. Each selection is listed here.

Multi-sports service On The Ball, however, wasn't quite on the ball, if you'll forgive the pun. Just four bets this week is a quiet time, but when only one wins, you're going to struggle. A 2.05pts loss on the week took the overall review position to 5 winners from 13 for a loss of 3.1pts. It is, however, still very early days, with just a fortnight gone on this one.

The two most recent additions to the reviews page have both made a very good start with good strike rates and profits after just nine days. Soccer Tip isn't your average football service for a couple of reasons. Firstly it only focuses on one specialist, but widely available bet and secondly it's run by Louise, a mother of two! 8 winners from 11 so far for Louise and 6.1pts profit is a good return, as you can see here.

And last, but not least is the Betting Insiders Club: a service that I've personally been a member of for a couple of years and something I was eager to review as soon as the opportunity arose. It is much, much more than just a tipping service, as you'll see if you read my full review. But they do send out bets each day from their "approved portfolio" and in the last nine days since I started reviewing them, they have hit 9 winners from 15 for level stakes profits of 6.5pts.

Plenty to go at there and hopefully a wide enough variety to satisfy all tastes. We started receiving selections from two more racing "tipsters" this week and their respective reviews should appear online this afternoon, so be sure to keep an eye on the System Reviews section of the site for more about those.

Until next week, all the best.

Chris & the review team (without whom I couldn't do this!)


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    twood715 says:

    Interesting as always Chris and a great service by Geegeez. I have taken advantage of the £1 offer from Soccer Tip (I don’t normally bet on football) and placed my first bets! I’m hopeful that this will be a slow burner and balance losses incurred elsewhere.


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