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Partners in Profit: An Update

Partners in Profit

Partners in Profit

Quite often we run trials on betting systems / services and they don't perform as well as they promise to. Generally, the reasons are very apparent for their failure and the ultimate results come as very little surprise to us here at Geegeez.

This, however, isn't always the case. Sometimes we come across a product that looks good, has verifiable historical results and what would appear to be perfectly logical ground rules for finding selections, yet they still fail to deliver the goods. This is what happened to Partners in Profit: we trialled their selections throughout December & January and the results were somewhat surprisingly poor.

An 11.8% strike rate coupled with a loss of 56.91pts (21% of total stakes) didn't make good reading, but I was convinced that this service had legs. I re-read the manual, re-checked the rules behind it and I still maintained that this looked like "a good system" and that it would bear fruit and return to its previous levels of form. I spoke to the author, Phil Eadie, about my thoughts and he also insisted that it would, indeed, come good again. It has to be said that the terrible weather we endured had to be a mitigating factor. Our reviewer John Murphy shared our opinion too, his closing comments to the review were: "Overall, my recommendation on Partners in Profit would not be to dismiss it out of hand but to spend a little time and effort testing it for yourself to see if the expected upturn happens (final day of testing had 2 winners from 3 selections so an encouraging end of the trial)."

So, I decided to continue following this one behind the scenes: determined to either prove my own suspicions correct or finally write it off after all. The results for February so far are a bit of an eye opener: just see for yourself.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Selections: 89
Winners: 15 = 16.85% Strike Rate (5% better than the trial period)
Profit: 43.50pts = 48.88% return on stakes

John (the reviewer) was right not to totally dismiss and his advice to maintain a watching brief has proved to be the right advice.

I still believe that Partners in Profit will return a long-term profit: the results of December & January seem to be exceptions to the rule and not the norm. In fact, I'm happy to put my own money down on these selections (as I have been doing this month!) and I'm also happy to recommend this service as one to consider adding to your betting portfolio.

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