Passed with Flying Colours…

What a fine weekend that was, dear reader, with much outdoor fun and frivolity had.

It all started on Friday night, with a visit of some famous drunks to my local park here in London. Yes, the precursor to the big 'Lovebox Weekender' two day festival was a one night special featuring those luminaries of the music scene, The Blockheads (minus the late Ian Dury of course); The Pogues (minus Shane Magowan's sobriety of course); and Madness and their legion of 'rude boys' (minus any semblance of youth of course).

This was an old man's festival day, and I loved it for that. Madness were excellent, The Pogues atrocious, and the Blockheads minus Dury were... well, they were exactly that.

Saturday was a racing day. I'd arranged to meet a friend who's moved to Moulton, the neighbouring village to Newmarket from where Sir Henry himself trains, and head to the track.

The race fare was moderate, but it did enable me to get across to Exning in the late afternoon sunshine and say hello to some old friends, and one new friend.

Yes, I got to see Obvious in the flesh for the first time, and what a remarkable sight she is. She's incredibly laid back, and has really settled in well at Harraton Stables. As you can see from the picture below, she's carrying very little condition and looks like she won't take too much getting fit (with luck).

Julia Feilden and Obvious,'s new Club Horse

Julia and John (her husband) are both really pleased with how readily she's settled in, and the news of her canters are that she's barely been blowing. That is, she's not been short of breath doing easy work, which supports the notion that she's fairly fit.

Next will be to get her into 'fast work', i.e. galloping, and this should happen within the next fortnight. This is when we'll truly get a handle on her ability-wise. Obvious-ly, she's got improvement to come, having had just the one run. But, how much improvement and from what starting point remains to be determined.

I have to say that I was thrilled with how the filly looked, and I could tell that John and Julia are both chuffed too. It looks like being a very interesting and fun twelve months.


Your first 30 days for just £1

Now then, no horse can race without wearing the silks of the owners. And I've now had confirmation that has been registered as an owner, and that the requested silks have been reserved as ours. In case you're interested, and I'm sure some of you might be!, below is how they'll look. They take the red, white and blue colour scheme from the website and will bring those patriotic (if you're a Brit, at least!) hues to the track. Racing Colours

I can't wait to see our horse, wearing our colours, strut her stuff for the first time!

Incidentally, Julia had a proposition for any readers that might have missed out on Obvious, which might be of interest, and which I'll share with you later in the week.

Again, there's no financial gain for me, and this opportunity will cost less than the Obvious involvement. That's enough for now, but suffice it to say that for those wanting a low cost involvement in a geegee (and amongst Geegeez geegee people to boot), then keep 'em peeled for later in the week. [Sidenote, that might be the most e's I've ever used in a single sentence!]


They race at Beverley this evening, and as ever, there may be a draw bias favouring those drawn high. Although there was no FRP selection, this was in the main due to the fact that I didn't know which horse to go with in the 7.30 race.

I liked the look of all three of Bahamian Ballet, Select Committee and Lake Chini, and the best advice might be to perm them in an exacta. (Note, the Computer Straight Forecast - or CSF - penalises results where horses are closely aligned from their starting gates, meaning it's not a bet to employ when perming related drawn horses. Of course, this bias will also be reflected in the exacta, but usually to a lesser degree).

Strangely, for a Monday, there's also a really good (and high value) race up at Ayr this afternoon. Look Busy won the contest last year, and she's got a lot in her favour again this time. She's a classy filly who boasts a Group 2 verdict over Borderlescott already this season.

Her allotted weight reflects this to some degree, as she'll concede pounds all round here. But she is tough and consistent, and - granted normal luck in running - must go close.

In the same race, and from opposite sides of the field, I could make a case for both Captain Dunne and Fullandby. The former probably had the worst of the draw last time when apparently disappointing as favourite in a big field Newcastle sprint; the latter loves it here and boasts two wins and a 2nd from 4 starts. The other run was mid-division in the Ayr Gold Cup, and still only beaten five lengths when arguably outclassed.

They'd be my three against the field.

I'll have the latest on Betfair Espionage tomorrow morning - and the news at this point is mixed. Results have been excellent, operation may not be to everyone's tastes. Get the full story tomorrow.


Your first 30 days for just £1
7 replies
  1. bob marsden says:

    hi matt i wish you luck with your choices in7.30 at beverley tinight but if my pals horse had been drawn better commander wish would have had big chance anyway ive had a small wager on him so i hope one of us wins it lots of luck yours bobm

  2. Philip Hoddell says:

    Good news on Obvious and looking forward to her first run(for us).


  3. david montague says:

    hi team…
    theres just one comment…
    the blue strip on the right hand side…
    starting at tags…going down to recent comments…
    cannot read the whiteish text??…

    its just to light!!…

    great site…
    keep up the good work!!…

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi David

      You’re right about the tag text being too light against the background. The truth is I’m not sure how to change it!


  4. Hugh says:

    Hey Matt, have you noticed she only has two legs

    Seriously, she certainly looks fit, maybe a little light at the momet but strong.


  5. Ady says:

    Hi Matt
    I just want to wish you every success with Obvious, i’m just a little sad that unfortunately for me, i couldn’t really manage the investment this time (being a single parent).
    However, after seeing your proposed colours, i noticed that Eyes Like A Hawk (4:15 Yarmouth) carries the exact same colours, is that one of your also? If not, then possibly you have the Blue/White the wrong way round?

    Great site, keep up the good work.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Ady

      Thanks for the kind wishes. Regarding the colours, they are VERY similar. In fact, Eyes Like A Hawk (and the other WRB Racing horses) have royal blue and white quarters; we have dark blue and white quarters.

      We’ll have to try to avoid their horses….!


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