Place Bet Profits Auto review

Place Bet Profits Auto Bot Review

Introduction / The PlaceBetProfits System

A couple of years ago, we reviewed a new system called PlaceBetProfits. During our 60 day review it did pretty well. In fact, this very low risk strategy netted £162.70 without ever putting the bank under any stress at all. What's more, it had a 72.22% strike rate.

You can look at our review of the system here.

The system cost £40 per month at that time, and was very popular. Hardly surprising, because its cautious percentage of stake approach managed to turn a £500 starting bank into over £17,000.

£17,202.02 to be precise.

And you can now download the system for free, here.

As with all systems, and indeed all services - or even one's own betting methodology - the one thing which has to be invested is time. It takes roughly 20 minutes a day to go through the cards and find qualifiers. Not terrible by any means, but those minutes soon become hours, then days.

In fact, if one spent 20 minutes checking for qualifiers every day for a year (excepting the three days when there's no racing), one would cumulatively spend just over five DAYS a year checking! If that sounds bad, then the profit to be gleaned from it - based on recent history - would justify the effort.

But what if there was a way you could get the benefit of the approach without the daily chore of finding the picks? What if the whole thing could be automated? Well, guess what? I know you're ahead of me here... now it has been!

And it hasn't been automated by just any Tom, Dick or Sally. No, it has be robotized by an accredited Betfair software developer. And not just any Betfair accredited software developer either. Oh no.

This very cool piece of software has been hand-crafted by the very man who built the racecards, reports and form tools. Nige is his name, and I keep him locked away in a pretty corner of South Cumbria, from where he produces all sorts of wizard solutions.

I've been working with Nige for eight years now, and he's a great guy who produces great automated solutions, as Gold subscribers will attest. 🙂

Place Bet Profits Auto

To the software, and what it can do for you...

Step one: you install it on your computer - in about 30 seconds flat - and then you register your license key.

Step two: you choose what stakes you want to use; whether that's absolute stakes or percentage of bank; and whether you want to run the software in simulation mode or live. (Yes, it has a simulation mode, meaning you can try it out without risking a bean of your bankroll).

Step three: you check the historical bets tab to see how you're getting on at any point.

Erm, that's it.

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold

I've just started running it in simulation mode on my machine and there's very little to report at this time. But I'm confident both in the underlying profitability of the approach and, naturally, the quality of the software solution.

This is a set and forget deal - you set it up, and as long as your computer is running, the software will do its job without intervention.

If you'd had this software when the system was first launched, you'd have turned a bank of £500 into over £17,000 without actually doing anything aside from funding your Betfair account in the first place, and pressing the start button on the software.

Now, obviously, I'm not promising that will happen over the next couple of years. I'm not clairvoyant and nor am I irresponsible. You know as well as I do that betting involves risk, and what has happened in the past - even the very recent past - may not replicate to the same degree in the future.

But this is a very cool 'no effort' way to operate a proven low-risk long-term betting system.

How much? And for what?

Nige's PlaceBetProfits Auto bot costs £79 for a full year. There is no recurring billing, so if you love it and want to use it ongoing, just check in with Nige in a year's time and get that sorted. Easy. No surprises.

For that you'll get the system - actually you can download it for free from Nige's site here - and the software. Plus you'll receive download, install and license key instructions. They're all pretty straightforward and, of course, if you have any problems, drop Nige a line. He'll sort you out tout de suite.

You'll then have full access to the bot for a whole year, which works out at 21p a day.

In the first year of operation, PlaceBetProfits turned its £500 starting bank into £4,459.91. Which was pretty cool. To say the least.

Again, I'm not promising that will happen during your year running the software. Because I can't.

And in the second year of operation, that £4,459.91 'only' became £5,959,16. In year three, things went from there to £13,844.19.

This isn't theory - this all happened, as you can see when you download the system manual.

What now?

Nige is basically giving this away. He's a software developer, not a marketer; and that's a real shame because he has created a wizard bit of kit that almost nobody knows about, and therefore that almost nobody is benefiting from.

You can benefit from it. Click here to get your copy, and start putting this to work in the background for you, right now.

Get things set up, click start, and see how you go.

Oh, I almost forgot, it comes with a no quibble two week money back guarantee. So you can try this in simulation mode with that guarantee and, literally, risk nothing.

He's a very good guy, is Nige.

Do give this a try. Like I say, it's a slow burner, and in truth, over the course of two weeks you'll only just be starting to get a feel for the profit potential. But over the course of a year, I'm pretty confident you'll be wanting to renew that non-recurring subscription!

Click here to read more and to get started.


p.s. these are not affiliate links. Nige has created a brilliant piece of software, and I think a lot of people could benefit from it. So if you decide you want to try it, and then decide you're going to run it for the year, your gratitude goes entirely to the man who built it.

Check out Place Bet Profits Auto here.

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold
40 replies
  1. lynseyc02 says:

    Hi all, Ive just read this article about the place bet auto profits bot, It sounds great, I’m interested but would like to ask it is is compatible to working on a mac ?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Lynsey

      I think it’s Windows only – will check and reply again when I know.


        • Matt Bisogno says:

          It could run off a VPS, which is what a lot of people do with bot software. I’m not expert on such things, though I think tagadab is around £10 a month.

          Also, I think you can get Windows emulation software for Mac’s – again, I’m no expert.


          • lynseyc02 says:

            windows software on a mac sounds feasible, I’m not great with such things myself either but luckily i have a brother who knows his way around a computer so i shall seek his advice, thanks again.

  2. lickybits says:

    hi im interested in the place bets auto bott, hows does it work…
    if say i have £500 in my betfair account, does it search for potential bets each day and place them for you at stakes you have selected or percentage of betfair account you wish?
    do you need to switch computer say before racing for the day starts, run betbot, log into betfair?.
    does it place bets at a certain time before a selected horse for a race runs? say 20 mins before.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi again lickybits,

      Yes it finds the bets; yes it places according to your staking preferences; computer needs to be (and sleep mode switched off!); you can choose when before the official race time bets are placed.

      Basically, I recommend going with the defaults, and setting staking to 2% gain as per the system manual.

      It should go without saying that I also recommend using the simulation mode for a while to get a feel for things.

      Hope that helps,

  3. lickybits says:

    turning £500 into £17.000 is amazing,, what percentage of the betting bank was used.per selection.
    and does it place bets only on horse to be placed,

    i apologise in advance if these questions seem a little daft.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi lickybits – all is revealed in the system manual, a link to which is above. 🙂

  4. John says:

    Hi Matt, I am going away on holiday until 3rd December, will this still be on offer when I return.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi John

      Yes, there’s no ‘time limited offer’ or such like. I think Nige will limit the number of copies he sells (from a support perspective more than a liquidity one), but you should be fine.


  5. John S says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just had a look at the system and the results. As the place market has limited liquidity too many people using this system with bets going on in the £100s and sometimes even over a £1000 there could be problems getting matched at any reasonable price. What do you think?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi John

      As I’ve said above, whilst that is a fair question to some degree, it’s a) not a problem for day one, or any time soon; and b) there is plenty of liquidity in the place markets in the minutes up to off time to cover 100 users. This is not a software that will be sold 1000 times.

      Hope that adds some further colour.


  6. joetex says:

    Hi mat if all these systems work we would all be rich and you would be out off a job I use a system that in the last three months which I don’t put more than £6 bets on and it’s paid out £500 £350 £250 £250 and yesterday £400 its called geegeez gold you just got to know how to use it and it only takes me ten mins a day

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Joe

      I don’t know about ‘all systems’, but I know that this has a proven long term track record, and automation makes it enormously more accessible/feasible for busy (or, if like me, forgetful) people.

      Great to hear you’re doing so well with Geegeez Gold – you’re certainly not alone!! 😀


    • lynseyc02 says:

      sounds good, any pointers to share ?, I’m overwhelmed with all the reports and info, haven’t managed to hone in on anything sepcific yet, not meaning to be cheeky like.

  7. Andy says:

    First of all, can you use it with IPad (Apple). (Looks good enough to buy a Pc if necessary)
    Looks impressive. You need the bot to avoid getting cold feet over the large stakes.
    But what’s going on with the results list!
    The dates are all over the show. I presume the selections are in chronological order.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Andy

      It doesn’t work ‘native’ on any Apple device, but you can get Windows emulation on Apple, I believe. Not sure about iPad however.

      As for large stakes, I think some readers are getting a bit hung up on that. First thing is the small stakes and, as time passes, the stake size will grow more comfortable. It’s not like you’re suddenly betting well out of depth on day one. Or even day 101. 🙂


  8. bugsburgess says:

    Hi Matt,
    Have I missed something here ? When I watched the video of the standard system it appeared that I chose the favourite to be entered manually. If I have to do this say a few hours before the off and the favourite changes does the system substitute the current favourite without my involvement or does the bet go on the horse I had already chosen ?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Bugs

      I haven’t changed my settings since I started running the bot. The approach is explained in the free pdf, and setting up takes 30 seconds, one time.

      Hope that clarifies,

  9. TheDeafGuy says:

    Very clever piece of software! But it’s still just a basic “system” where the selections are concerned. Seen ’em come and seen ’em go. Running on simulation and we’ll see where we go from here.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Healthy scepticism welcome, Marcus. It’s great that it has a simulation mode and a guarantee, so as you say, “see where we go from here” 🙂


  10. Lynne says:

    I’ve been using an extremely similar system which came out back in 2005, and can confirm it does turn a profit. My problem with this system in the past has been partly boredom – I start choosing races that don’t ‘quite’ fit, and my stake control is not good. Also I go out to work so have to make the selections early in the day. It’s aggravating to get home and find there was some late steamer and my selection appeared to have lost a leg mid morning and wandered in last. This very nice bot should solve these problems for me 🙂

    I’m guessing that if we don’t want to do a particular race we just take the tick out of the box by the particular race and the bot ignores it?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks for your comment, Lynne, and yes, you’re right about discipline/odds movement. This manages both of those things. And yes, you can remove a race by unchecking it.


  11. Ian says:

    I have given this a go today. One qualifier Afjann Wolverhampton, one winner and a small profit of £1.04 for a £6.87 bet at 2% bank. I would be the first to admit that this is not my usual style at all – I am essentially a backer at odds no less than 5/2 and use level staking. However I was attracted to this system as a “set-up” and forget with essentially a solid track record and a low risk option. In addition the software is very slick and professional. I am very happy with day one!


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Good stuff, Ian. It’s a slow burner for sure, and it obviously won’t be a completely smooth ride. But it’s a really promising setup.

      I’m running in sim mode for now – a recommended approach for any newly adopted method, especially if it’s not your normal thing (it’s not mine either).


  12. malcolm pendrey says:

    hi matt
    I am intigued by the software. will be trying system manually. is the creator of it also able to produce a software bot for speed figures? years ago I did my own speed figures for
    the all weather. they worked very well for 2 years giving over 200 points level stakes profit, then starting losing at the time lingfield track was falling to bits! I blamed it going pear shaped on that! unlike most speed figures, I did not use a going allowance. what I did was find the fastest race of the meeting by comparing to my own average times. I used to note all class 3 times adjusted to 9st, that were fastest @ meeting for all tracks, then average the top 15%. when found fastest race , then compared the winners official rating against all other winners official ratings, adjusting by comparing weight carried and per furlong difference to points for 1 sec, hope still with me. for example, I think I had 5 furlong race as 24 points a sec.longer races would be less a second, think 10 furlong was 10 points a second. doing this in say a 6 race meeting means 5 ratings to compare against fastest. the LOWEST rating of all other 5 races would then be new rating of the fastest race winner if higher than already had. I only gave ratings to fastest race at meeting. would then give ratings to 2nd,3rd,4th, allowing for weight carried & distance beat. seeing the actual written workings would make it clearer. if winner not have official rating, but 2nd or 3rd did would work out winners OR by using them. also analysed races where no OR with relevant prize to OR, to give an average OR to use for value of race, when no OR for first 3. I think this approach is more sound than using a going allowance, which is open to interpretation. now if all of this could be on software, where press a button that gives the top-rated, that would be magic! if you think interesting perhaps you could ask your friend if feasable? I could send example of proper workings if needed
    malcolm pendrey

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Malcolm

      Anything is possible with technology, but not without money, I’m afraid.

      If you have a budget and a clear set of requirements, I’m sure Nige can quote you for the work!


  13. TheDeafGuy says:

    Re my previous post, only a few days running in sim mode but all winning bets so far. I would just like to add a word of realism here: the profits quoted are from a compound bank, i.e betting 2% of your bank no matter how much is in there. This obviously means that the more there is in your bank, the bigger the stake. So it’s unlikely you can achieve these profits unless you are happy to leave thousands in your account and end up betting hundreds per selection.

      • TheDeafGuy says:

        Sorry Matt, don’t think you did cover it. The historical profits were too blinding.

        • Matt Bisogno says:

          No, you’re right, Marcus. Just re-read my post and it’s not mentioned. It is however strongly referenced in the pdf of the system. Not the same thing, so thanks a lot for flagging. (As a reminder, I stand to gain nothing from mentioning this software, so a genuine oversight on my part).


        • TheDeafGuy says:

          And……(sorry Matt)… there enough liquidity in the place market to lay a bet of £260? (Which is what the stake would have been when we were on £13k profit). I’m not trying to undermine the product, just want everyone to understand they are not going to get rich with it,

          • Matt Bisogno says:

            Yes, I believe so, Marcus. The problem comes when people all try to do the same thing at the same time, so some common sense in terms of ‘seconds/minutes to post’ is required. In any case, it will be a nice problem to have nearer the time. If/when my account is showing £13k from a £500 starting bank, I will have already withdrawn a chunk at least three times.


            p.s. I think you’re in danger of under-estimating people a little here, by assuming they’re not aware of such things. And statements like “not going to get rich with it” are deeply subjective and, in my view at least, wide of the mark.

  14. TheDeafGuy says:

    Yes, I think you’re probably right. Having re-read I think I may have come across as a bit patronising to some. You have to understand though, Matt that I get offered loads of systems and tipsters and they all have big headlines about potential profit which are usually way overblown and not possible to achieve. I’m sure at least SOME people here just read the profit headlines and jump in. Not all members can be as clued up as others. (I’m NOT clued up, I’m a total amateur and my post was aimed at people like me). I appreciate your view on the “getting rich” bit. 🙂

  15. Robert Johnston says:

    Hi Matt
    This sounds brilliant – will it run on a Samsung Galaxy 6 smartphone?

  16. ratso says:

    This thread seems to have dried up since 25th November, how is this doing still?

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