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Placepot Picks: Southwell, 8th May 2013


Last five toteplacepot returns at Southwell:

May 1--£418.90 (three clear favourites secured toteplacepot posiitons)

April 19--£141.20 (five)

April 16--£84.00 (three)

April 9--£476.30 (three)

April 3--£1,016.60 (three)

Toteplacepot returns for the last five corresponding meetings:

2012--£136.70 (four clear favourites secured toteplacepot posiitons)

2011--£72.20 (five)

2010--£88.60 (three)

2009--£183.90 (three)

2008--£3.70 (five)


1.25: KINGSCOMBE, ZAMMY and PELICAN ROCK are my trio against the other eight contenders on this occasion.

Trainer trends: Only Michael Wigham (of the represented trainers) has saddled a winner during the last fortnight at the time of writing.

Vintage stats: Four-year-olds have secured half (3/6) the available toteplacepot positions thus far.

Weight information: Horses carrying 9-1 or less have secured five of the six each way/toteplacepot positions thus far.

Favourite/SP facts: Only one of the three favourites has secured a toteplacepot position via two renewals.

Draw trends: 12-13-10 (10 ran)--8-2-5 (14 ran)

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1.55: FLIRTINASKIRT is the first name on the team sheet, accompanied by CHARTER and BE LUCKY in a race that should not prove difficult to win.

Trainer trends: Ed McMahon (Flirtinaskirt) had saddled two of his last runners to winning effect as I scribbled this column.

Vintage stats: Three-year-olds have secured all nine toteplacepot positions thus far.

Weight information: Vintage stats rather than weight trends ten to rule these mixed maiden events.

Favourite/SP facts: The three market leaders have secured a medal of each colour thus far, snaring toteplacepot positions in the process.


2.25: EMILY HALL possesses ticks in the trainer and vintage boxes which might prove good enough to capture this prize.  Other for consideration over your late night tipple/early morning beverage include course and distance winners THORPE BAY and RIDGEWAY HAWK.

Trainer trends: Only Brian Smart (Emily Hall) is turning out anything like consistent winners regarding the represented trainers in this event.

Vintage stats: Four-year-olds have won half of the six contests to date.

Weight information: The last three winners have carried a minimum burden of 8-12.

Favourite/SP facts: Four of the last five favoruites have secured toteplacepot positions, statistics which include two (11/4 & Evens) winners.


2.55: Four-year-old representative MEN DON'T CRY is nominated alongside SEAWOOD and course and distance winner JUST FIVE from a toteplacepot perspective, not wishing to become involved in single wagers.

Relevant information: This is the second division of the opening race whereby the trends (brief as they are) apply.


3.25: NORDIKHAB appears to have TESTAMATTA and UNA BELLA COSA to beat in what appears to be a very ordinary Median Auction maiden event.

Trainer trends: Kevin Ryan (Nordikhab) saddled one of the two gold medallists thus far.

Vintage stats: Three-year-olds have dominated this event as they tend to do in mixed vintage maiden contests.

Weight information: Not applicable in this type if event.

Favourite/SP facts: Odds on favourites (2/5 & 8/13) have landed both renewals to date.


4.00: ELUSIVE BONUS demands the call having been declared by David O'Meara who is sending out more than his fair share of gold medallists just now.  Course and distance winners SIX WIVES and WICKED WENCH are marginally preferred to ROYAL AWARD of the remaining nine runners.

Trainer trends: Only David O'Meara (Elusive Bonus) can be described as being in good form at the time of writing relating to the nine represented handlers.

Vintage stats: Four-year-olds have won two of the three renewals thus far.

Weight information: No obvious trend given that the various vintages are allocated weights rather than having to earn them in their respective careers thus far.

Favourite/SP facts: Two of the three market leaders have secured toteplacepot positions, statistics which include one (11/4) winner.


Mal's toteplacepot permutation:

1.25: A 2-5   B 8

1.55: A 8-6

2.25: A 10-1   B 7

2.55: A 3-7

3.25: A 7-9

4.00: A 5-8   B 10

= 216 lines.

Readers can use the ticket builder at to create their own part perms. For instance, creating the A's and B's suggested in the perm.

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