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Placepot Pointers has moved house…

After a number of years, Placepot Pointers has completed its tenure on

My contract ended on Saturday after (literally) providing a daily column for 18 years for the Tote/Sporting Life/Geegeez.  I must have been doing something right to keep the work coming in.  Indeed, I was the longest serving freelance writer for the Sporting Life during my 16 year tenure with the company.

It’s only right for me to thank Matt Bisogno ( for his loyalty for these last few years.  Matt is simply cutting back his editorial team now and we part on the very best of terms.  Matt is one of the good guys in racing from my experience and I obviously recommend you continue to visit his site whenever you have some time to spare.

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  1. Andrew Raistrick
    Andrew Raistrick says:

    Sorry to see Mal go, but if anyone is thinking of signing up for his new service through here’s a warning. I did so nearly 2 weeks ago, paid the £15 subscription, but despite subsequent emails to them I have yet to receive any of Mal’s tips – it is possible that the link could be a scam. £15 isn’t a fortune to wave goodbye to, but I’d now rather it was in my bank account than theirs!

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      I’ll get this looked into directly, Andrew. That’s not good at all.


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