Placepot Pointers

Placepot Pointers – Sunday January 15



Last year’s corresponding toteplacepot dividend:

Meeting abandoned


Sunday's Placepot permutation at Kelso: 

Leg 1 (12.40): 3 (Progress Drive), 5 (Quietly) 2 (Perfect Pirate)

Leg 2 (1.10): 1 (Red Indian) & 7 (Helmsley Lad)

Leg 3 (1.40): 2 (Two Smokin Barrels) & 1 (Billy Billy)

Leg 4 (2.10): 7 (Marcus Antonius), 5 (Teo Vivo) & 2 (Nuts Well)

Leg 5 (2.40): 7 (Spanish Fleet), 1 (Fine Rightly) & 3 (De Vous A Moi)

Leg 6 (3.10): 8 (Hurricane Rita) & 3 (Snapping Turtle)

Suggested stake: 216 bets to 10p stakes


12.40: The analysis this evening is short and sweet given that the ground is frozen at Kelso at the time of writing and I understand that ‘locals’ do not hold a great deal of hope for the course to survive the morning (8.00) inspection.  Upwards and onward in positive mode by suggesting that this is a half decent opening event, with PROGRESS DRIVE, QUIETLY and PERFECT PIRATE hopefully leading their rivals home (in correct order)!

Favourite factor: The only (11/8) favourite to date duly obliged back in 2015.


1.10: RED INDIAN is asked to give seven pounds to 13 rivals which might be possible, given that the pick of the opposition should prove to be ordinary types such as DEAR SIRE and HELMSLEY LAD.

Favourite factor: The 13/8 favourite found one too good for him in the inaugural contest two years ago.


1.40: When the words mares, novices and freezing cold conditions are put together, it’s best to keep you powder dry I’ll wager though if pushed for naming a pair to finish in front of the other four contenders, the pin would come down on the side of TWO SMOKIN BARRELS and BILLY BILLY.

Favourite factor: The only 6/4 favourite to date snared a silver medal in 2015 alongside a Placepot position.

Record of the course winner in the third race on the card:

1/1—La Dama De Hierro (heavy)


2.10: The Lucinda Russell team will still be celebrating their big win on Saturday and there is every chance that MARCUS ANTONIUS can keep the bubbly flowing in this grade/company.  Others to consider include TEO VIVO and NUTS WELL.

Favourite factor: This is a new race on the Kelso card.

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Record of the course winners in the fourth race:

1/3—Teo Vivo (soft)

1/1—Marcus Antonius (good to soft)


2.40: A second successive seven runner (small field) contest which could create a decent Placepot dividend if the meeting goes ahead.  SPANISH FLEET, FINE RIGHTLY and DE VOUS A MOI form my ‘short list’.  New readers might like to know that the term ‘small field’ relates to 5/6/7 runner races from each way/Placepot perspectives.

Favourite factor: Another new event on the Kelso programme,

Record of the course winner in the fifth event:

1/2—Ash Park (good)

2/10—Jet Master (good & good to soft)


3.10: HURRICANE RITA is fancied to land the last leg of our favourite wager, with SNAPPING TURTLE expected to offer most resistance at the business end of proceedings.

Favourite factor: The inaugural 5/2 market leader was one of three horses that failed to finish the course.

Record of the course winner in the Placepot finale:

1/12—Bescot Springs (good to soft)

1/3—Brae On (good to soft)

1/4—Notonebuttwo (heavy)



All place details offered on my pages relate to an 'exact science', whereby horses that finish third in 5/6/7 runner races (and other such scenarios) are not 'placed' regarding my statistics.


Trainers with their relevant number of runners on the Kelso card on Sunday – followed by their five year ratio at the track + profits/losses accrued:

5 runners—Lucinda Russell (28/266 – loss of 95 points)

4—Ben Pauling (0/2)

3—George Bewley (10/66 – Profit of 21 points)

3—Rose Dobbin (14/114 – Profit of 14 points)

3—James Ewart (14/85 – Profit of 1 point)

3—Malcolm Jefferson (12/54 - loss of 3 points)

3—Nicky Richards (25/112 - Profit of 14 points)

2—Suart Coltherd (10/93 – loss of 35 points

2—Stuart Crawford (2/15 – loss of 9 points)

2—Tim Easterby (1/10 – loss of 1 point)

2—Kenny Johnson (1/9 – Profit of 1 point)

2—Sue Smith (8/70 – loss of 9 points)

2—Alistair Whillans (3/74 – loss of 51 points)

+ 21 different trainers who each saddle just one runner on the card

57 declared runners




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