Placepot Pointers

Placepot Pointers – Thursday 8th February



Last year’s corresponding toteplacepot dividend:

2017: £10.90 (6 favourites – 4 winners + 2 placed)


Thursday's Placepot permutation at Huntingdon: 

Leg 1 (1.15): 6 (Marmont), 7 (Kaddys Dream) & 3 (Now Listen Here)

Leg 2 (1.45): 1 (Abbreviate), 3 (Nobuttaboy) & 5 (Free Range)

Leg 3 (2.15): 5 (Vinndication) & 4 (Theclockisticking)

Leg 4 (2.50): 5 (Wild Blue Yonder) & 6 (Zipple Back)

Leg 5 (3.20): 7 (Minella For Me), 2 (Bally GIlbert) & 3 (Glenforde)

Leg 6 (3.55): 1 (Hoke Colburn), 4 (Braw Angus) & 6 (Boss Mans Ladder)

Suggested stake: 324 bets to 10p stakes


Overview for Thursday - please scroll down to the bottom of the page


1.15: At 7/2 and 8/1 in a place or two at the time of writing, MARMONT and NOW LISTEN HERE are a couple of potential movers (respectively) in the markets this morning, though not enough to get involved with aside from our favourite wager.  There is also quite a bit of realistic money in the positive queue on the exchanges for KADDYS DREAM from Robin Dickin’s in form yard, the trainer having saddled six of his last eleven runners to winning effect.

Favourite factor: This is a new race at Huntingdon with which to open proceedings


1.45: Seven-year-olds have secured five of the last six renewals of this contest, with ABBREVIATE and NOBUTTABOY in place to extend the advantage still further between them if they are up to the task.  FREE RANGE appears to be the potential joker in the pack to deny the relevant vintage representatives this time around.

Favourite factor: Six of the eleven market leaders have claimed Placepot positions during the last twelve years.  Four favourites won at 7/2-5/2-9/4- 13/8 via nine renewals during the period.


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2.15: Five and six-year-olds have shared ten of the last eleven contests (six-year-olds lead 6-4), though I have only left the stat in for those of you that keep records, as all six contenders represent the two vintages this time around.  This is an interesting puzzle to solve despite the lack of numbers, with VINNDICATION and THECLOCKISTICKING marginally preferred to their four rivals. Even the outsider (Dell Oro) is being backed on the exchanges at the time of writing which adds mystery to the potential drama in the making.

Favourite factor: Although favourites have won four renewals during the last twelve years, only three of the last ten market leaders have finished in the frame (exact science).

Record of the course winners in the ‘Sidney Banks’:

1/1—Equus Secretus (good)

1/1—Theclockisticking (good)


2.50: Eight of the last nine winners in total carried a minimum burden of 10-12 which eliminates seven of the nine strong field, if you take jockey claims into account.  RED INDIAN and DELL A’RCA are left but even then, Ben Pauling’s first named raider has (seemingly) a preferred option at Towcester this afternoon.  It all makes a messy affair and no mistake, whereby a chance is taken that WILD BLUE YONDER can make up for lost time having has just two races in the thick end of four years.  If the ‘bounce factor’ has not kicked in since an encouraging effort at Newbury in December, Alan King’s raider can at least gain a Placepot position en route to better things in the spring.  With Red Indian and probably Brillaire Momento being re-routed to Towcester, we’re left with ZIPPLE BACK and (arguably) DELL’ ARCA to consider as the main dangers.

Favourite factor: Three (11/10, 15/8 & 2/1) favourites have won during the study period, though five of the last eight market leaders have failed to secure toteplacepot positions.


3.20: Eight-year-olds have won three of the last seven contests (and four of the last ten), with MINELLA FOR ME being the lone vintage representative on this occasion.  Tom George is another trainer who has his team in decent order whereby the eight-year-old is the first name on the team sheet, followed by BALLY GILBERT and GLENFORDE.

Favourite factor: Seven of the eleven market leaders finished in the frame, statistics which include three winners.

Record of the course winner in the fifth race on the card:

1/3—Ratify (soft)


3.55: Six of the last nine winners have carried a minimum weight of 11-5 and the trio that catch the eye are HOKE COLBURN, BRAW ANGUS and BOSS MANS LADDER, the three horses being listed in order of preference. The overnight reserve nomination is offered to Amberjam who would have been included in the Placepot mix but for the claimer in the saddle which has enabled Lucy Wadham’s raider to slip into the ‘inferior’ sector of the handicap.
Favourite factor: Six of the last thirteen market leaders have secured Placepot positions, statistics which include five successful market leaders, two of which were returned as joint favourites.

Record of the course winners in the Placepot finale:

1/3—Braw Angus (soft)

1/1—Amberjam (soft)


All place details offered on my pages relate to an 'exact science', whereby horses that finish third in 5/6/7 runner races (and other such scenarios) are not 'placed' regarding my statistics.


Trainers with their relevant number of runners (two or more) on the Huntingdon card on Thursday – followed by their ratios at the track this season (in brackets) followed by the last five year figures + profits/losses accrued on both counts:

5 runners—Kim Bailey (2/8 – loss of 3 points) – 19/83 +40 points

5—Ben Pauling (2/8 – loss of 3) – 10/42 +85

3—Warren Greatrex (0/4) – 6/38 loss of 19

3—Alan King (1/15 – loss of 12) – 22/107 – loss of 28

3—Gary Moore (2/17 – loss of 2) – 16/97 +8

2—Robin Dickin (0/4) – 1/12 +7

2—Stuart Edmunds (2/6 +4) – 4/16 +2

2—John Groucott (First runners this season at the track) – 0/1

2—Harry Fry (0/2) – 4/16 – loss of 2 points

2—Donald McCain (0/4) – 2/28 – loss of 15

2—Dan Skelton (2/19 – loss of 9

+ 30 different trainers who each saddle just one runner on the card

61 declared runners


General overview - Corresponding Placepot dividends from last year:

Doncaster: £58.20 – 6 favourites – 2 winners – 2 placed – 2 unplaced

Chelmsford: £49.00 – 6 favourites – 2 winners – 2 placed – 2 unplaced

Newcastle: £20.20 – 7 favourites – 3 winners – 3 placed – 1 unplaced



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