Placepot pointers – Wednesday March 23


Last year’s corresponding toteplacepot dividend:

2015: £64.30 (7 favourites - 3 winners & 4 unplaced)

Average Placepot dividend (all codes) in 2016 (calendar year): £601.64

Average NH Placepot dividend in 2016: £820.50

Average Warwick NH Placepot dividend in 2016: £350.50 (5 meetings)

Wednesday's Placepot permutation at Warwick: 

Leg 1 (2.10): 16 (Walking In The Air) & 4 (Derksen)

Leg 2 (2.40): 8 (Drumlee Sunset) & 10 (Mick's Lad)

Leg 3 (3.15): 9 (Swizzler), 1 (Brownville) & 2 (Epic Warrior)

Leg 4 (3.50): 1 (Bells Of Ailsworth), 5 (Nancy's Trix) & 6 (Carn Rock)

Leg 5 (4.20): 8 (Tara Well), 5 (The Last Bar) & 7 (Kentess Heiress)

Leg 6 (4.50): 2 (Nail 'M) & 1 (Crack Of Thunder)

Suggested stake:  216 bets to 10p stakes

2.10: Six-year-olds have won seven of the ten renewals to date with five-year-olds securing the other three contests thus far.  Last year's lone six-year-old obliged and the pick of the relevant sextet should prove to be WALKING IN THE AIR and DERKSEN.  The negative factor against the first named Dan Skelton raider is that WALKING IN THE AIR looks to have a favourite's chance which is not necessarily a good thing, as twelve of Dan's market leaders this month have been beaten.  The five-year-olds might be led home by CLONDAW FONZ this time around..

Favourite factor: Six favourites have won thus far, though three of the other four market leaders finished out of the frame.

Warwick record of course winners in the opening contest:

1/1--Walking In The Air

2.40: It is nothing short of baffling that trainers of four-year-olds are ignoring this event (bar one), as vintage representatives have won three of the last four renewals and five of the last nine contests,  The only handler on the ball here is Jose Santos, though his newcomer PAO DE ACUCA is asked to give a lot of experience away.  I rarely call Paul Webber's horses the right way whereby you might want to back Breath Of Blighty as I prefer the chances of DRUMLEE SUNSET and MICK'S LAD.

Favourite factor: The ten favourites to have run date (the market leader was withdrawn at the start four years ago) have snared six gold and three silver medals, whilst seven of the nine winners were returned at odds of 9/4 or less.

Warwick record of course winners in the second event on the card:

1/2--Crickel Wood

3.15: Three trainers stand out from the crowd here via current form evaluation and the relevant trio of horses are listed in order of preference as SWIZZLER (Ian Williams), BROWNVILLE (Nigel Twiston-Davies) and EPIC WARRIOR (David Pipe).  There is no history attached to the event, whereby I am quite content to let this trio do the talking for me.

Favourite factor: This is a new race on the Warwick card.

Warwick record of course winners in the third race:

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1/2--Bayley's Dream

3.50: Regular readers will know my stance relating to handicap hurdle events beyond the minimum trip which have the worst record for favourites in any sector of the sport under both codes.  I will offer a tentative and speculative trio against the other nine contenders accordingly, namely BELLS OF AILSWORTH, NANCY'S TRIX and CARN ROCK.

Favourite factor: Two of the four favourites have secured toteplacepot positions thus far having gained gold and silver medals.

4.20: Six-year-olds lead the five-year-olds 8-2 via just the ten contests (vintage representatives come here on a five timer) to date whereby TARA WELL, THE LAST BAR and KENTFORD HEIRESS are expected to get us safely through to the last leg of our favourite wager if we held live units going into this penultimate leg.

Favourite factor: Eight of the ten market leaders (all winners of their respective races) have secured toteplacepot positions.  Favourites come to the gig on a seven timer on this occasion.

Warwick record of course winners in the fifth contest:

1/2--Mini Muck

4.50: It has been the turn of the eight-year-olds to grab the headlines in this event as vintage representatives have snared four of the last ten contests (including the 2013 25/1 gold medallist) whilst also securing the silver medal in two of the last five years and a bronze twelve months ago.  Six of the last eight winners have carried weights of 11-3 or more and putting the stats and facts together suggests that NAIL 'M, BEBINN and course winner CRACK OF THUNDER should figure prominently, especially as the latter named Charlie Longsdon raider will appreciate better conditions than he has faced of late.

Favourite factor: Eleven of the last fourteen jollies have been beaten (includes four pairs of joint favourites), albeit four market leaders have finished in the money during the period (two winners).

Warwick record of course winners in the toteplacepot finale:

1/2--Crack Of Thunder

1/9--Handsome Buddy

1/4--Mission Complete


All place details offered on my pages relate to an 'exact science', whereby horses that finish third in 5/6/7 runner races (and other such scenarios) are not 'placed' regarding my statistics.


Trainers with their relevant number of runners on the Warwick card on Wednesday:

5--Nicky Henderson (3/12 at Warwick this season)

5--Charlie Longsdon (3/18)

5--Dan Skelton (8/26)

5--Paul Webber (1/7)

4--Robin Dickin (0/15)

4--Nigel Twsiton-Davies (2/34)

3--Philip Hobbs (4/9)

3--Jonjo O'Neill (4/23)

3--Ian Williams (2/21)

2--Steve Flook (--)

2--Michael Gates (0/4)

2--Laura Hurley (0/2)

2--Alan King (0/6)

2--Neil Mulholland (1/7)

2--Paul Nicholls (1/8)

2--Tim Vaughan (1/9)

+ 42 different trainers who each saddle just one runner on the card

93 declared runners


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