Premier League 2010/11 – Champs and Chumps

The 2010/11 Premier League season promises to be the most exciting since its inception in February 1982.  With the exception of fluke winners Blackburn in 94/95 it has been shared between three clubs Manchester United (11), Arsenal (3) and Chelsea (3).  However, the ‘big four dominance’ is about to be shattered by the richest side in world football.

The relegation issue appears clear cut.  Blackpool will illuminate and give neutrals a laugh but are certainties for relegation!  They are in serious danger of accumulating the second lowest number of points in the Premier League history (Derby County had 11 points in 2007/08).  In contradiction they look the poorest side to have gained promotion from the Championship.  Because of ground expansion four of their first five games are away so expect them to start bottom and remain there!

Generally speaking teams need to score at least 38 goals and win eight games to preserve their league status so West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers look particularly vulnerable!

Graham Dorrans

Graham Dorrans

The Baggies look less than mediocre.  Scanning the squad it is impossible to find a striker in the ranks though gifted midfield star Graham Dorrans scored 18 times last season.  Scott Carson is a decent keeper and will be given every chance to showcase his talents.  The Albion have been promoted four times in the last nine years surviving just one season, expect that trend to continue.

Wolverhampton Wanderers will hope two key men stay fit.  Kevin Doyle is yet to prove he is the genuine article.  He scored nine league goals last season and needs a few more this season.  Stephen Hunt looks a shrewd signing and it is imperative he chips in.  Between them they need at least 20 goals and this looks unlikely.  There is little goal threat elsewhere.

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Should Newcastle United start badly then there is a danger of internal strife re-igniting and destroying the new collectiveness.  It is worth noting that the skill quotient within the squad is below that of the one that got relegated in 2008/09.  They have not convinced with their transfer dealings during the close season and this represents a worry to fans!  The bottom six in ascending order look like Blackpool, WBA, Wolves or Newcastle, Bolton and Blackburn.

Manchester City has spent £125m this summer with a promise of more to come.  At their current odds of 7/1 they look fantastic value to win the title!  The squad is now so powerful only Chelsea can deny them.  Of course the acquired talent needs to gel but that is made somewhat less important due to the internal and emerging problems of Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United.

Chelsea are just about the best team at this moment in time but this ageing squad are in decline and need refurbishing.  Due to departures the squad are percentage points down on last season.  Meanwhile Arsenal remain fragile.  Captain Cesc Fabregas may not be fully committed this season despite his protestations.  In any case defence frailties and naivety rule out title aspirations!

Manchester United cannot win the Premier League for a number of reasons.  Importantly Sir Alex Ferguson has displayed a reckless disregard to Wayne Rooney and the burdens placed on him.  Expect him to miss more matches this year due to injury.  English football picked up the tab at the 2010 World Cup for him being rushed back after his injury in Munich.

To compound United’s problems they have not replaced Ronaldo, Tevez, Scholes, Giggs, and Gary Neville.  Edwin Van der Sar probably has one more season left.  Berbatov lacks energy and is not a United player while Hernandez will need a season to adjust.

The top six in descending order could be Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Everton.

- Paul Moon

Paul is a Betfair blogger and is renowned on that platform for his forthright views on various sports, notably football and boxing.

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17 replies
  1. Matt H
    Matt H says:

    I’m sure the layers would all love us to back Man City because they don’t stand a cat in hells chance of winning the title! Their signings have been no better than last season and on that occasion they couldn’t even get into the top four, let alone challenge for top spot.

    As for the relegation places, it’s hard to argue too much with your predictions but you have completely missed the signing of Steven Fletcher by Wolves. Fletcher was very impressive in a poor Burnley side and netted 12 times last season. With him and Doyle up top and Stephen Hunt in support, Wolves look to have a pretty strong attack this year.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Just one comment on the Wolves situation. (They are my bet of the season at 9/4 to get relegated).

      16 of the last 19 promoted sides who managed to avoid relegation in their first season, achieved a lower placing the following season.

      Given that Wolves were 17th last season, any lower placing sees them down. Fletcher did well enough, but Wolves have too many ‘no names’ and are a known commodity in the Premier League now. Bye Bye Wolves, hello 2.25 times my cash! 😉


  2. Ron Sheepskin
    Ron Sheepskin says:


    If you think Citeh will win with that defence you are living in cloud cuckoo land. And talk about internal strife, the palce that is most likely to happen is at Citeh whhere the unproven Mancini will struggle to keep this bunch of misfits happy. Indeed he is high on my list of managers to go.

    Fergie and Ancelotti’s teams need just a few tweaks which both have had and you undersetimate Arsenal at your peril. With a fully fit squad and a fresh defender plus burgeoning youth bursting to get into the team, this could be their year. Certainly worth backing in the “without Man U and Chelski” markets.

    Best of luck Matt but I fear you may be off the mark with your Citeh assessment!!

    All the best

    Ron Sheepskin (ex- Junior football manager!)

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Ron

      As it says, this is not my view. I actually share your thoughts and think City are a lay, and that ManU and Chelsea will have only Arsenal to worry about.

      We’ll see!

  3. Pat Donlan
    Pat Donlan says:

    Just read the article by Paul Moon and all I can say is why bother !! First off he insults Blackburns great performance of beating the so called top four to the title , the league table doesnt lie at the end of the season . Totally uncalled for . Then he tries to take the mickey out of Blackpool with silly and childish puns . At least give them time to enjoy at least one game before having a go at them!! He then goes into the prediction game predicting what is going to happen to Rooney !! Maybe he should tell Sir Alex , he might be able to do something about it !!! Everyone is entitled to their view but at least it should be not at a cheap laugh at others and on reality and not predictions . I for one wont be reading any of his writings again. Thanks for the info through-out the season.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Pat

      I specifically wanted Paul to write because he does have views, he does predict things (which may or may not happen!), and he does stimulate debate. I think these are key facets of a blog and of the content on a blog.

      It’s fine that you disagree with him – as do I on some things – but as it is a prediction piece, please accept Paul’s right to put gravy on his table or egg on his face, depending on the accuracy of his crystal ball! 🙂


  4. Samfou
    Samfou says:

    I think you completely forgot Tottenham in the mix, finishing only 5pts behind Arsenal. The side is very much the same and should be still stronger than Liverpool and Everton. Liverpool may have a new manager, but you have to note Fulham finished outside the top 10 last season, so I have no idea what’s the fuss is all about Hodgson?? I think the previous top 3 will not change, but I still can’t see City breaking it, maybe for fourth if they gel. The fourth place will be between City, Spurs and maybe Liverpool. Teams like Stoke and Birmingham will have a better season. with a top 10 finish as a success.

  5. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi would love to join a Fantasy Football League but have given up doing them as I always seem to pick players that lose their form or get injured and miss a lot of games through it. Last season for example I had £10 ew for Andrew Johnson of Fulham to be top League scorer and blow me two weeks later he got badley injured. A few years back I did a world cup competition and after the first phase Rooney was leading scorer and he wasn’t my original choice so I changed my team and put him in and blow me what does he do, yeh, broke his foot and so it goes on. So I’ve stopped entering these types of competitions for fear of getting people injured.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Steve

      The good thing with this league is that you can make substitutions each week. I believe the first sub is free, and then each one costs you points. So there’s no money spent, but if you make a lot of changes it will deduct points from your score.

      Hope that clarifies,

  6. geordie
    geordie says:

    Thanks matt as most of my interest will be on football from now on and a little on horses [laying] .
    Thease comments are very interesting . Kind regards geordie.

  7. Phil
    Phil says:

    Matt – you’re on a guaranteed loser with your Wolves lay. Your research is fundamentally flawed as Wolves were NOT “17th last season”. They actually finished 15th a comfortable 8 points above the 18th team, above Wigan and West Ham and only a point behind Bolton. Their £18million strengthening this summer will put them mid-table come season end. I’m actually tempted to back them on the handicap as Ebanks-Blake is on fire at the moment and appears to have put last years disastrous season behind him.
    We’ll see what happens but I think you’ll be the eggy faced one.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Phil

      Are you a Wolves fan? 😉

      You’re spot on about their finishing position last season, and I’ve no idea where I got 17th from. Major faux pas on my part. That said, I still can’t have Wolves and reckon they remain relegation bound.

      Matt (with potential egginess awaiting)

  8. Steve
    Steve says:

    Further to my previous comments, I’ve been out and just come back to hear the news that Steve Coppell has resigned and guess who had backed Bristol City ew to get promotion. Say no more.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Is this the second or third time Coppell’s turned his back on a club pronto? He’s a spineless individual in my opinion, and should be renamed Steve Bottle.

  9. NeilC
    NeilC says:

    I suspect Paul and Man City will be way off the pace for 2010/11. My own predictions have
    1. United
    2. Arsenal
    3. Chelsea
    4. Liverpool
    5. Everton
    6. Tottenham
    7/8. City and Villa.

    Agreed on Blackpool, West Brom and Wolves to drop.

    Disappointed that Paul didnt give us some punts and find us some value but I have done that at

  10. Kerry
    Kerry says:

    Hi Matt
    Can you pass this on to anyone interested in fantasy football
    Sun Dream Team 2010 -2011
    Ive created a mini league on The sun dream team if anyone is interested. The pin and password are:

    PIN: 121950
    PASS: derby


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