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Private Racing Club Review

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Welcome to our review of the Private Racing Club

"Working together to beat the bookies"
That's the ethos behind the Private Racing Club (PRC from now on), which has been the sole focus of Adrian Barnard's work over the last three years or so and it's not your average, run of the mill tipping service. In fact, it isn't a tipping service at all, nor does it claim to be.

PRC originally started over three years ago as a set of ratings designed to help people find the likely winners of races. Adrian invited a group of like-minded individuals to join him in an invitation-only group to share the ratings on a daily basis. Since its inception, it has grown and grown and the ratings have diversified greatly, so that each race is treated individually and a specific ratings set will apply to this. This has increased the success rate of the ratings.

PRC has an active members area (similar to a forum) which currently has over 36,000 posts, where the members share their ideas with a view to formulating a mini portfolio: the results of which have been very promising.

There is something on the site for everyone be they novice or experienced. It may seem a bit daunting at first with so many different ratings to deal with but they are all there for a reason and are constantly being developed.

An example of this is the Course and Code rating which is a neural based rating. These ratings are individually produced for each course and code of racing so you would have flat racing at Newmarket and National Hunt racing at Uttoxeter. Each rating is tailored to each course and is re-trained at least once a month keeping them accurate and effective.

Your first 30 days for just £1

I don't want to spend too much time explaining each rating or how they work as that is done in the comprehensive user guide. There are so many different parts to the service including ready built systems to get you started while you investigate the different ratings and develop your own methods.

There is one important factor that distinguishes this from other services and that is the active members' forum. There you will always get help and guidance from Adrian and the other members. Together the members create and develop working strategies and test new ideas and theories. I, personally haven't come across any other site that makes this much information available in one place so whatever you are looking for is available – If it is ready-made systems or ratings then it is all on site.

Membership is offered via Clickbank which gives you a full 60 day no quibble guarantee and is priced at just £49.00 for the user guide and access to the private members area for one month. Further continued access is then rebilled at a very reasonable £14.99 per month. I was invited to join the site over three years ago and I've never regretted it once. But what will you get for your money?

The first part of the guide explains to you how the different ratings are created and why they all work in a different way.
There are reasons why PRC uses so many different ratings and they briefly explain this in the most simple terms.

They also provide a link to a video going through the different ratings sheets.

Then they start to look at the different ratings in more depth, and run through the types of races where the individual ratings are best used. The different ratings work in different ways depending on the type of race and the course etc. This helps you to make your best picks.

The PRC have pre-built some methods and systems for you to use but there are many more on the website as well. The pre-built methods and systems will ensure you a good profit as you learn more and more. All the rules and methods are there so you can make your picks the night before if you are not able to during the day.

Why do these systems work better than the stand alone systems you see advertised every day? The simple reason behind this is that hey are based on fluid information not fixed and rigid rules and this information is only available to the site's members.

There are many systems/strategies on the website, here are a couple of examples:
The Acca system has made 283 points of profit since January 2012
The simple, safe favourites system has already made 82 points profit so far this year.

But there are many more systems on the PRC website with all the rules explained so that you can find all your selections the day before racing, in fact there's far too much for me to go into in such a short blog piece and now for the first time in over three years Adrian has been persuaded to make it available to a slightly wider audience (membership will be capped at 150).

The service is available all year round covering National Hunt and both variants of Flat racing 7 days a week and everything is based on sound logical racing principles and designed and priced to fit nicely into a betting portfolio or as a stand alone method.

The PRC information is available the night before racing to make it easy for people who can't be at a computer during the day and will help secure the best early prices and everything is designed to suit both novice and experienced punters. You can make things as simple or as complex as you like ie you can choose to bet in a way that suits you: Low risk or high returns, the choice is yours.
As I said earlier, I've been a member for over three years and I'm happy to vouch for the service, but there's no need to take my word for it. Simply click here, sign up and paper trade for a month or two. If you like what you see (I think you will!), then stick with it: if it's not your cup of tea, Adrian will give you your money back.

Chris Worrall
Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Avatar
    Dennis Ross says:

    Hi Chris,

    Did the Members ever get the database which was promised as part of a sales drive last October? It still hadn’t materialised by the time I left at the end of April.

  2. Avatar
    Dennis Ross says:

    Should I take the fact that no-one has bothered to reply in 11 days as a no then?

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Dennis

      You should take it as an ‘I don’t know’. Suggest you ask the vendor directly. We review the products, we are not their owners, vendors, promoters or keepers.


    • Avatar
      Chris Worrall says:

      Unfortunately, it appears that some of legal (copyright/licensing etc included) hurdles regarding the new software haven’t yet been overcome and it is accepted that these issues can take lots of time (and expense) to sort. Any new memberships are not being sold on the basis of a database being in situ. This is why the current subscription fees being offered in this review are greatly reduced from their original price. However, I can verify that all the features I listed in the review are currently available to all subscribers.

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    Michael Webb says:

    I joined 3 years ago and then left because of work commitments. I re-joined again this year and boy has a lot changed ! It isn`t for everyone, there is so much info on the site and it does take time to work it all out but I see a lot of names that were there 3 years ago so they must be getting something right. To be fair to Ade he seems to put a tremendous effort in to develop new ratings and things and always responds fast to emails etc. Even with the numerous video`s and help sections I am only just getting to grips with it.

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    Paul says:

    Hi, im thinking about joining his phone servise As it seems a much stress free
    Service and i just dont have the time to go there with all the information.
    I know its more costly as you have to put money on for the club to aswell
    As a lump some for your self to make it well worth while to make a decent
    Profit longturm….
    How can i access his 2013 results for this service ?

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