Prize Tipping Competition Starts 1st July

At last, it's finally here. After a little trial run through Royal Ascot, the tipping league is now ready to go... and the monthly competition starts today! There is £200 in free bets up for grabs each month, courtesy of the lovely people at BetVictor, and here's how you can claim some of it.

1a. If you're not already registered, go here to sign up




1b. Choose the free bet offers you're interested in (up to £530 worth)



1c. Complete your registration



2a. Click the Tipping League menu item



2b. Have a quick scan of the rules



3. Start picking winners!

Click the 'Cards' tab, then choose the meeting and race time you're after.

Find your horse, choose your stake, click e/w for each way if required, and then click the 'Tip' link.



Check your progress...

To see where you are in the league, click the 'League' tab and choose the period (Day, Week, Month, etc) you're interested in.



That's it!

Obviously, once you're registered, you only need steps 2a. and 3. above. 🙂

Of course, if you want to do your form study first, then do check out our Today's Racing area, with racecards and results, as well as tips. That's in the top right of the sidebar column.

Your first 30 days for just £1
23 replies
  1. Neil says:

    Great competition, played since the Ascot competition.

    How many prizes are up for grabs each month, ie is it just the top three or more places.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Neil – top three:

      £100 to the winner
      £60 second place
      £40 third place

      We’ll see how that goes for a couple of months and then review. Hopefully it will prove popular! 🙂


  2. mintyrambler says:

    Hi There – Followed the instructions, pressed the tip button and informed that there is an error on the page. Any ideas ? I opened a new Bet Victor account last night – but not via the free bet offers screen.

    Confused Minty

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Minty

      If it says there’s an error in the page, there’s normally an explanation of what the error is. For instance, certain fields have to be completed in a certain way. e.g. password 8-10 characters, including upper case and a number.

      Please check the specific message you receive which should help.


  3. Keith Williams says:


    great comp. Unfortunately as I live in Spain Victor Chandler will not accept my bets. Only have two bookmakers to use due to the Spanish licensing system.
    Thanks for the offer.

    best regards.

    Keith Williams.

    • Bob Watson says:

      Hi Keith Williams , If you live in Spain then go onto a site called ” hide my arse” it makes your computer think you are in the UK and you can then use all of the normal betting sites . I have a place in Spain and when I go over there I use it all the time with betfair and have no problems at all. good luck Bob Watson.

  4. sportsquiz says:

    Hi, I’ve registered for the tipster comp, followed the instruction, put two tips on, but I’m not sure if they have been accepted. Where can I check this? My account says I haven’t put any on. Regards, Chris

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Chris

      They should appear under the ‘You’ tab. Please confirm you’re clicking the ‘Tip’ link on the right hand side, as well.


  5. mintyrambler says:

    Still having trouble entering picks. Account set up o.k. – as soon as I go into cards tab and choose a stake error appears for the page :
    ‘deferreds (…)’ is null or not an object

    Any help would be much appreciated – from a semi-ludite !

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Looking into it, Minty. We did have a site outage for about ten minutes in the last half an hour, which might have caused the issue.

      Been onto my web host about it. A bit annoyed.


  6. sohys123 says:

    Hi Matt, Sorry to bother u..Managed to place selection in the tipping Comp. Just the one thing ,my baance is reading 975 after placing a selection at 25 e/w, maybe a small problem that will sort itself out ? Balance should be 950 ?

    Cheers Graeme

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Looking into that for you, Graeme. Thanks for bringing to my attention.


  7. sohys123 says:

    no worries just a glitch on the e/w part i think……………… wish my bookie accounts worked like dat 🙂

    • sohys123 says:

      hi my returns were settled correctly and my Bal. is correct 🙂

      put another e/w selection up(still to run) and only the win part has been deducted so far,dare say after the race it will be settled correctly again,

      Cheers Graeme

      • Matt Bisogno says:

        Thanks Graeme – glad it’s all settled properly. We’ll look into why it’s not deducting the full amount straight away though.


  8. sportsquiz says:

    Hi Matt, yes I was clicking on “tip”, but nothing happened. I have since managed to do it successfully by going through Internet Explorer rather than AOL, so I guess it is a problem with AOL. All the best, Chris

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Yes, definitely an issue with AOL, Chris. I wouldn’t personally use them for anything at all – they always cause problems – but that’s just me!


  9. Paul Morrison says:

    Hi Matt
    Having some difficulty placing a tip today. Pressing ‘tip’ button has no effect.
    I did notice that when i logged in the balance showing was 900 (had a go at Royal Ascot).Does this mean i have to re-register for July?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Paul

      No, not at all. If you were registered, then you’re sorted. Which browser are you using?


  10. Paul gittings says:

    I placed a tip yesterday 25ew but my bank is showing a balance of username is procalc

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Paul

      Correct. Those who were playing earlier haven’t had their banks replenished. If you check the League – July tab, you’ll see you’re -50 as you should be.

      I’ll speak to my techie man about how we replenish banks so everyone’s on the same bank footing.


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