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Apologies for the delay, dear reader, but I wanted to properly go through Project Betfair (PB) and let you know my thoughts. You see, on the face of it, this is better than your average S Brookes (for I assume it is he) product.

In fact, it is using some sound principles of form in its selection criteria (some of them reminiscent of the excellent Racing Secrets Exposed). Now, some basics...

- Project Betfair is a laying system, looking to oppose certain horses in certain races.

- The Project Betfair manual runs to 60 pages, and has a pretty good explanation of how to read the racecard in (useful if you, like me, are struggling to understand its vagaries)

- There are actually two systems in Project Betfair, one for win and one for place. I will only look at the win system for now, as the promotional emails are not plugging the place system (presumably because it hasn't performed well to date!). I will touch on the place system, but I'll post the win lay qualifiers here.

- The systems in Project Betfair are probably not for beginners: there are quite a few conditions to negotiate.

- Project Betfair costs £29, and is available from Clickbank, an online reseller who offer a money back guarantee on any product purchased through them for 60 days.

OK, to the system itself. It will likely take half an hour or so to find the selections each day. This is clearly stated in their materials, so if you need something that just tells you what to lay, then this is not for you. Rather, you should look for a member's service.

However, if you enjoy looking for the selections, and have the discipline to follow the rules, you might like this. Whether it is profitable or not remains to be seen, of course.

The easiest way to demonstrate this system would have been to run it through Racing System Builder. Unfortunately, one of the key system rules for Project Betfair is not available in RSB, so I can't test the historical performance.

The next easiest way then, is to review the races each day, and tell you the qualifiers. So this is what I'll do over the next week and, if it's worth continuing with, beyond.

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Today, the lays are:

12.20 Rio Cobolo

2.20 Loom

9.20 Nobelix
9.20 Royal Amnesty

So, let's see... Let's see how the horses perform. And let's see if the next promotional email identifies the same quartet...

NOTE: There is one horse here which does not appear in Project Betfair's 'potential qualifiers' email, and I am certain it should qualify. So, please use my list ;0)

The sales page for Project Betfair, if you'd like to read more, is here...


They race at Cheltenham today, and it's a handicap fest. Lots of very good animals competing on theoretically equal terms renders the job of the punter akin to that of the rigger: there's good money for those brave enough to get stuck in, but for the rest of us there may be little fish (which, as we all know, are sweet) elsewhere.

I shall be watching Cheltenham of course, and may be tempted to wager Garde Champetre. But I'll look elsewhere for my wager of the day.

For that, I'll go to Wolverhampton and in the 6.50, a claiming race, I think there is very good value to be had with Captain Cavendish. He's a course and distance winner, and also has a second at the track to his name from just three starts here (his last two reading 1st, 2nd).

Dropped back to his winning trip, and from a nursery to a claimer, with all his best form on the track, I make 16/1 way too big. Micky Fenton rides.

Good luck!


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  1. phil says:

    Hi matt this is email i recieved today from this system but the picks are totally different to yours except 1 so just wondering if they are making these picks up to sell the system
    cheers phil

    Most of you will be aware by now, that we launched Project Betfair
    yesterday – A system which had been created and tested secretly
    underground for months.


    Yesterday and Today it was put to the test and the results have so
    far been a 100% success rate so far!


    13.55 – Cheltenham – Character Building
    13.55 – Cheltenham – Possol
    14.20 – Doncaster – Loom
    18.20 – Wolverhampton – Royal Manor

  2. Raggster(kev) says:

    Ive trialed it for the first time on friday and just finished working out sats selections
    from 10 qualifiying races through the day cards the system filters out 8 of them leaving 2 selections for the day,Ive not checked the wolverhampton evening meeting yet,Theres some 60 pages to trawl through but the main workings of the system can be found on 3 or 4 pages.
    I really like the look of this system cos its filters are based on common sence thinking

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