Quantum Betting System Review: Scam?

I received an email today, dear reader, about a system called Quantum Betting, which apparently is going to allow me to "put £18,431.36 in my pocket from just one single bet".

Naturally, my interest was piqued and of course my bulls**t detector was working on overdrive. I read on in the sales letter, and was told that I'd "finally be able to quit [my] limiting job and live life on [my] terms". Sounded too good to be true? Could Quantum Betting really be the answer to my prayers (and those of a million others)?

Well, obviously, no. It is a scam. A sales page so full of lies as to be almost a caricature. It is grotesque, and if you have fallen for this, then firstly I'm sorry and in a minute I'll tell you what to do. But secondly, STOP. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! Get Real!

I occasionally write this here, and I make no apology for writing it again...


I repeat, there is no such thing as a golden goose betting system.

My own systems and services are sold as 'portfolio systems'. That is, if you are disciplined and follow them sensibly, using the recommended bank, you will make a small to medium profit with them. If you have a group of such systems / services, you have a chance to make a second income. Possibly. Perhaps. Maybe.

But you shouldn't think like that. Betting should be fun. It should be for entertainment purposes only. And it should aim to put a couple of quid in, or to take a couple of quid out, of your pocket. In 99% of cases, that should be that.

If you still have delusions of quitting the day job by buying a £27 ebook, then - forgive me - but you're an idiot. I hope that doesn't offend too many people for two reasons.

1. I don't believe many people actually do believe the above, and

2. If you do, then you probably already know what I've just said to be true! 😉

OK, back to the Quantum Betting System which, in fairness, could have been any of a thousand useless pdf's masquerading as life-changing pension plans.

It is brief, weighing in as it does at ONE page (!). No graphics, no flim flam, just straight to the point. I'm actually fine with that. If you need to learn how to use Betfair, go to Betfair and use their excellent help functions. Or click here for the same: http://help.betfair.com/faq/index.en.html

Your first 30 days for just £1

It has been created using Adrian Massey's website. Again, I have no objection to that per se, either.

But here's the problem...

It just doesn't do what it says it does. Here are the results for this system (easily back checkable using the same tool):

Results broken down by Year
Bets     Wins     Win Strike Rate     Win %Return at Estimated Betfair Odds
2007    372    112    30.1%    108.8%
2008    432    116    26.9%    93.9%
2009    527    126    23.9%    84.8%
2010    186    52    28.0%    98.4%

The last column is the material one. It is the estimated return at Betfair SP. As this is a laying system, we're looking for a number less than 100%. And we get it... just about.

Factor in commission, and you might just break even. Or you might lose a bit of money.

But next let's consider the rules, and the logic behind them. There is a rule about number of runners, and another about going. Both of these choose convenient ranges with no obvious reason for them.

Every rule in a system should have logic supporting it. It should be possible to say, in advance, "I believe x to be the case, and I am going to look at the numbers to see if they support that notion".

If there is no logic, there is back-fitting. Coincidence. And a good chance that history will NOT repeat itself.

Quantum Betting is not very good, nor in fairness is it terrible. It is far from the worst betting system I've seen. But the email for it appeared in my inbox - unsolicited naturally enough - today, so I bought it and made an example of it.

It costs £27, and it promises that you'll be able to quit your job and make over £18,000 from a single bet. Who reading this actually believes that could be possible?

If a portfolio system costs £57 and offers to add to your betting enjoyment and put a FEW quid in your pocket... and if you follow that system and you save a FEW quid you'd otherwise have lost... then great. If you can find two or three of these, and use them in unison - as a portfolio - then so much the better.

Good runs will come, and bad runs will go, and your portfolio will - overall - see you out in front. Maybe. If you choose wisely (or are lucky).

[In the interests of total transparency, I should say at this point that my own Ready2Win system is currently showing a loss. At 3.23 points, and coming as it does off the back of one of the worst runs in TEN YEARS, I'm actually reassured rather than concerned by that. It's a classic portfolio system and, together with a couple of others, forms the backbone of my betting portfolio. I'll share the others in a coming post.]

So, here is my advice:

1. Be naturally cautious, and ask questions.

2. If it seems (way) to good to be true, you'd be daft to believe it was true.

3. Don't be daft!

4. You can always get a refund from Clickbank, by emailing refunds@clickbank.com with your receipt number.

5. Read reputable blog review sites (such as this one).

I'm conscious that the above may be considered sanctimonious and I've no desire to be the 'law' on such matters, so please feel free to find your own way in the betting system jungle. But, obvious as the above suggestions sound, you may find you've fallen foul of one or more of them.

Don't feel bad. Just try very hard not to let it happen again. (Again, for disclosure purposes, I've lost count of the number of crap systems I bought in my early years. I was addicted to them, and their crapness fueled my hunger for more of them).

Quantum Betting System? It's not a scam, but it's no good either.


p.s. what systems or services are you interested in having reviewed? Or what have you bought that's no good recently? Leave a comment and let others know. There will be more review action on here in coming months, so tell me what you're interested in.

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31 replies
  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    Hi Matt,

    When it comes to using Massey for laying systems you have to take into account the 5% commission taken from you from the exchange?

    My maths (and especially percentages) is ropey so I’m asking if just under 100% would still see you lose money due to the commission?

    Is that right? If so are you actually looking for something that has Win % return of 95% to break even with the commission you pay on winning lays in reality?

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Simon

      As I understand it, yes, that is the case. However, if any reader knows for sure that this is right or wrong, do please share with us.


  2. Lars
    Lars says:

    Hey Matt.
    Got the same mail and thought it was just to much rubbish on the same site. When site’s like this comes along (and it often does) one should never jump on the train right away, but wait and investigate the system on the net.
    Thanx for warning and have a great evening

  3. Ray
    Ray says:

    Hi Matt
    Please let me know a couple of good systems!! Im sick & Tired of searching and its really taking the fun out of betting.ive spent a bloody fortune on systems & starting to wonder if its all worth it!!

    A nice little system which is easy to follow & and gets a decent return from time to time. thats all i ask,is that too much

    Any Ideas

    Cheers Matt


  4. Connor Gallagher
    Connor Gallagher says:

    Hi Matt,

    I was just about to write a blog post reflecting on this week’s events myself. There’s been a ton of (what looks to be) absolute crap released just recently, but it seems you’re spot on once again and have covered everything pretty much! Thanks for saving me a job 😉

    Just on passing Ray – and I know this is something Matt would stand by too – you’d be hard pressed to find a system much better than Matt Watson’s Favourites Phenomenon. It’s hardly the most exciting product ever, but it’s a great little earner and is easy enough to follow.



  5. MEL
    MEL says:

    Would have to lay about 18,900 to win 18K on one bet? Perish the thought if it looses. Quite right too good to be true. Thanks for the review as some people are not aware of the traps.

    How about reviewing the HorseBetting Professor from Rich Allen, please?

  6. Greg Phillips
    Greg Phillips says:

    Hi Matt, I purchased just under a thousand systems for £30 last year for someone, can’t think of his name, low and behold a week late and i got a bloody job, they always turn up when you don’t want one!!! Anyway I am still trawling through them with the objective of trying to use strategies from different systems to create something profitable, Not getting very far due to the job. I seem to be getting good feedback about systems from a bloke in Australia called Steve Davidson. By the book is one system he sells I haven’t got it but it seems to get good write ups.


  7. r wardle
    r wardle says:

    hi there Matt,
    i purchased a system about 6 weeks ago and it has made me almost a thousand pounds profit in that time. However it would probably suit pensioners or people out of work.The system took my breath away when i looked at the setting up process and the money management required. However i took it all in my stride and actually it was not too difficult.The learning process is still continuing but hec its the first system i’ve ever won with. Everyone should do themseves a favour and purchase ” ALL BY THE BOOK”

  8. Martin
    Martin says:

    Hi Matt, Having read your comments re.Quantum System I would like
    to ask you about The Bet Catalyst system which you recommended
    in April as it was run by Richard Stoddart ,an aquaintance of yours.
    The system obviously had a good record otherwise you would not have recommended it but since joining in April I have received app.
    48 emails advising win and/or eachway bets of which I had one winner and 2 placed. I know every system has losing runs but it
    is worse when most of his selections finish well behind. I just wonder
    have you had any comeback from anyone else who joined his system as it seems his selection method has gone downhill and it
    cannot all be blamed on bad luck

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Martin

      With regards to the Bet Catalyst, as I trumpeted from the rafters at the time, it is a long odds service. As such, a bank of 150+ points was recommended. In the 48 bets you mention, you omit to mention that the winner was 25/1 and that a 50/1 shot tipped each way was placed.

      It is obviously going to be the case that horses who are 50/1 will generally finish down the field, but we are not betting on indexes here (i.e. we don’t get paid based on performance), only on win, place or don’t win. They might as well finish 4th as last for the difference it makes to the bottom line (though I do appreciate that would give a warmer feeling and be more fun).

      I was impressed with Bet Catalyst, and said so at the time. In my opinion, long odds services are the hardest of all services. If they promote after a winner, it is highly likely that there will be a long barren run for new subscribers. That is the very essence of the price point.

      I’m not having a go (of course). Rather, I’m reminding you (and others) that such a service will by its very nature have long losing runs, and will have many runners who look extremely disappointing.

      Best Regards,

  9. John Gibbons
    John Gibbons says:

    Hi Matt

    Yes a lot of rubbish about at the moment.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Glad for your comments about R2W – thought I was selecting

    Best wishes


  10. Jon
    Jon says:

    Quote from Matt:


    Actually there is! It’s a bit of software for laying horses which analyses Racing Post data etc and tells you which horse to lay. I got hold of a copy a couple of years ago, not that it works that well, mind…..!!


  11. Richard
    Richard says:

    Hi Matt,
    I have been receiving a series of Emails from Info UK Ltd to advertise a system called ZOETIC. Whereas most of the ‘scam’ schemes do not have any actual results this one seems to show a list of mainly successful deals. Have you come accross this scheme yet and is it any good ?

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Richard

      I know Info UK to be Benjamin Street, and I’m afraid I have very little time for him. He used to be a decent guy, but a few years ago he decided he’d sell any old rubbish and I’ve long since ignored his promotions. So, I can’t say whether that product is good or not, but personally I give BS (clue?!) a wide berth.


  12. Bill Gibson
    Bill Gibson says:

    Hello Matt
    Another top class analysis from you. I’m wondering if either you or any of your associates have done an analysis of “Copy the Bookie”
    If their results and claims are genuine it sounds like a good one to have.
    Kind Regards

  13. Neil Sayer
    Neil Sayer says:

    Hello Matt. I recently recieved an email about another system called The Bookie Bomber. Do you know this one. I’m a bit of a sceptic & suspect it’s another one of these too good to be true systems.



  14. David  Walker
    David Walker says:

    Hi Matt the two year old system that you gave away free is as a good as any system todate todate 22 bets 6 winners profit £269 to a £10 win sstake winners from 12/1 to 6/1 return on investment 122%

  15. Kris
    Kris says:

    Hi Greg, Martin and Matt,
    yes, Steve Davidson is down here in Oz, on the west coast. He does peddle some fine stuff, and his ‘All by the Book’ is a (very) low risk, medium return method that is based on Bookies variations, so you will need accounts with around 7 or 8 Bookmakers, and around 90 minutes spare at noon to sort out the day’s racing. Also, you will need to do plenty of moving around of funds between Bookies to even things out. Total required = around GBP2000 to make it worth your while, preferably more. It is profitable, and as such it is not a system or service, but rather a method. This is somewhat easily traceable by the Bookies, and as they only like losing punters, bets can become limited very quickly.
    Martin, yes, I invested in the Lay Catalyst as well, on Matt’s recommendation, as I have a lot of time for him, and respect his opinions. However, when someone recommends a dud, this then of course reflects back on them. Matt, I have kept detailed records since my purchase, May 1, and during this time there were 47 wagers placed for the one winner — and for the life of me, I don’t know where you got the 25-1 from?? The winner paid BSP 9.67, Pepper Lane at Redcar on June 1. So all up so far, the service is down from a 200 point starting bank to 52.4 points, where it embarrassingly sits today, a loss of almost 150 points. This is one for the ‘Recycle Bin’, I’m afraid, as things are most definately not looking good. If it was a horse, you would put it out of it’s misery — I think England has a better chance of qualifying for the next round of the WC.
    Be that as it may, I do enjoy the site very much.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Kris

      Thanks for the comments on ‘All By The Book’ – very helpful.

      Regarding Pepper Lane (and indeed all Bet Catalyst selections), in most / all cases, early prices are recommended. These are very often best odds guaranteed. Pepper Lane was recommended at 25/1 morning price. I appreciate the difficulties for someone such as yourself in a far distant time zone, but I do feel it fair to reflect the service as it is presented.

      In summary, I am not saying Bet Catalyst is a dud…. yet. Rather, I am suggesting that long odds services do need a long period of service before arriving at a conclusion.

      The original review is here, where you can find John’s final comments:

      And the full Bet Catalyst thread is here:

      Best Regards,

  16. Alan
    Alan says:

    Have read your comments on purchase of systems and fully agree.

    To make a profit from laying the strike rate must be over 90% and there has to be a limit on the price you lay at. The first system I came across showed a wonderful profit after 3 months of operation. When I studied the actual results it showed that any price was acceptable for laying. After a few days a profit in excess of £900 was showing. On the following day a loss of £900 was made. Not for me! Start all over again? Too dispirited.

    I then devised a system which gave 19 consecutive successful lays then along came the 20th and I found I cannot walk on water. However the loss wasn’t great as I limited my price to lay at no more than 5.00. It is this that is the key to successful laying. Any idiot can name a 25/1 horse to lose but occasionally the horse makes you an idiot.

    I have system that looks for long priced horses and although I don’t win many I make a profit from those that do win. Today 9 points profit at SP and 12.66 points on Betfair (5% deducted).

    Back to laying. As Matt says discipline is the most important factor when gambling. No fancy thoughts or feelings in the water. Discipline.

    I have a system I use for laying that has a limiting price of 5.00. Though in actual fact I use 4.00 as the liability figure brings tears to my eyes when I use 5.00.

    This system is all about favourites no named horse other than a favourite. I have 5 years worth of data on favourites and their performance at each and every UK course. Each evening I list out the following days races and for each race evaluate how the favourite performed. There are 7 factors which I consider. I assess the race in two ways and if both ways agree the favourite is either a bet or a lay.

    If the favourite is odds-on no bet or lay. If the Favourite is less than 2/1 no bet. If there are joint favourites no bet or lay. If the price is over 5.00 no bet.

    One thing I learned when laying was that the 5% charge was a pain. To overcome this I added the 5% to my lay therefore £1 became £1.06, £2.00 became £2.11, etc

    This month using the system up to the 21st I have made 28.4 points profit (5% deducted). The strike rates for laying are 66% and betting 33%. A mathematical coincidence, nothing else. So how does this tie in with my previous must have 90%? PRICE.

    This month I have had 9 losing days out of 21 so there must be something right somewhere.

    As a sample for those who want to try tomorrows selections at Bath the favourite should win the 7.10. Ignore the 8.10 and lay all the other favourites. STICK TO THE RULES.

  17. Graeme
    Graeme says:

    I get so tired of these “make a gazillion tomorrow and tell your boss to “%$”£$ off”.

    IF these systems ever worked racing would cease to exist overnight IMO and there has never been,and never will be, any loopholes in betfair either so that’s out. here’s a thought the word “guru” in several languages is “teacher” so why do some system peddlers say “the Betfair gurus don’t want you to know this or that???? strange how a “teacher” doesn’t want to teach you anything.

    there is a Footie trading system from The Tradinghouse i would like to have tested if you don’t mind.

  18. Joanne Jones
    Joanne Jones says:

    Thanks for such an interesting selection of ems, questions and answers.
    Yes, along with many others, I too have purchased systems that promised all but didn’t and now I am very sceptical of new “exciting” launches. There seem to be so many niches systems that conflict that sometimes I feel I am going round in circles.
    I have used Steve Davidson’s tennis and football perms services and find them quite good.

  19. morton wishart
    morton wishart says:

    I cannot describe the pleasure and knowledge I get from reading all these reviews you get in when you tell us a real time story.
    I love it.

  20. RON
    RON says:

    HI Matt I agree with everything thats been said regarding Systems do they really work against your own judgement in selecting winners I also agree with Peter his comments regarding a nice simple System that gives winners at the moment I am only betting on Class 1 2 3 Races with a max of 12 Runners using past form and top Trainers and Jockeys I have had a limited amount of winners at nice prices is this the answer and give systems a red card. best wishes Ron

  21. Paul Williamson
    Paul Williamson says:

    Hi Matt, Once again, well done spot on as usual, they just keep churning them out one after another week after week. well done
    once again kind regards Paul

  22. steven
    steven says:

    hi Matt, i’ve enjoyed reading your post and other peoples comments, there’s nothing like a bit of mud slinging, i mean friendly discussion, about racing systems to bring a smile to your face. I think most people expect too much too soon, i know i do. I can’t cope with long losing runs, after 3 or 4 losers i’m reaching for the valium so i stay clear of systems promising 66-1 winners. to get that winner you have to go through a lot of losers. talking of losers, i bought your ready to win system even though i had reservations about the selection process. i don’t like systems that rely on a horse being favourite because it is too subjective, the favourite can change too often before a race so it all depends on when you place the bet. i place my bets late morning trying to sneak a bit of value. knowing this, my selections will be different to yours but i’m hoping that in time things will even out as they tend to do. i was glad to discover that you are losing too as i have just finished a run of 14 losers. even after that i am only 0.2 of a point down before todays racing. here’s hoping for a turnaround soon. Its strange how many systems can work for years until you tell someone and then they blow up in your face, have fun all.

  23. tom tom tom
    tom tom tom says:

    I like what i have read it is honest and truthful. It seems half the world is trying to be a tipster .Belive me I Have been gambling before most of you were born. I will give you some tips.
    Fact you can only win a small percentage as bookmakers will soon close your account. Fact betting tax (in the past put most pro betters out of business.) Fact worried money seldom wins (only bet what you can afford to lose if you can half that amount all the better) . Fact if I am like you I get loads of spam mail relating to betting and the contents are crap. It is pointless making money just for self life becomes very boring. The more you know the luckier you get. I would allow Matt to be a member of Densa he helps others with his knowledge Many things continue because they contain a lie. Densa is nonprofitable

  24. Alan
    Alan says:

    For those who followed (or didn’t) my favourite forecasts at Bath yesterday you finished up with two successful lays, the 7.40 and the 9.10 (if you followed the rules.)

    I had nine bets in my search for long priced winners. Two were successful. Profit for day 21 points SP and 30 points Betfair SP. Winners were Ailsa Craig and Camerooney. Cheers For Thea was another selection but I had backed it under ‘All By The Book”.

    All By The Book takes time but needs lots of resources. I have written a program to extract the races and list the horses in each race. To speed things up I employ two computers to establish race prices and stakes. Price changes are a nightmare and I have yet to find the optimum time for bet placement.

    All that said, if you lose money its peanuts compared to the stakes.

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