A few geegeez.co.uk things to update on this morning, as follows.

The Elhafei Syndicate is now sold out. The horse I bought a fortnight ago at the sales is probably sold out based on expressions of interest received yesterday and this morning. I'm awaiting final confirmation from a couple of people but, pending receipt of that, he's full up and we're excited to see how he goes. Many thanks if you were interested but didn't / couldn't come on board this time.

Tipping League downscaling. I've made a few changes to the geegeez tipping league. Firstly, there is no longer a monthly prize for the top scorer. And secondly, the tipping league will - from later this week - no longer be accessible from the card icon. However, those who like to play will still be able to do so from the menu item at the top of every page. I was thinking about closing the tipping league down altogether, but I know many of you enjoy playing.

New things arriving this week (or next). We've got some new bells and whistles imminently arriving. Hopefully this week but maybe next, we'll introduce the following:

- The ability to review pace maps based on the field's last two, three or four races. Currently it defaults to last four, but that doesn't always capture a change in run style by connections, so we've added a little more flexibility

- The inclusion of weight for age (WFA) into ratings calculations, and the ability to include or exclude it

- The ability to ignore jockey allowances in ratings calculations

- The ability to rate a race 'on the fly' in the card. Behind a new icon, you'll be able to add your notes for a horse, score/rate it, and add a price. There will also be some 'book calculation' which makes for better pricing up of the race.

- The inclusion of your R1 and R2 ratings in the inline form on the card.

We've still a bit of testing to do but, as I say, I hope we'll have all of these new features, as well as a few bug fixes, live this week.

That's all for now.


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  1. Steve Packer
    Steve Packer says:

    Ah go on Matt see out the month with the tipping league with the monthly prize It’s not easy to get to the top of the month, and even harder staying there.

    Down the road I would like if there was some type of system competion, where we would put forward systems for a trial period, say 3 months, using the best of what geegeez offer. Members would benefit by learning how others profit, from your site, which in turn make geegeez an even better source for information

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Steve

      Sorry again about pulling stumps on the tip league. I agree that the system/QT competition is a great idea. I’m not exactly sure how to manage that at this stage, though I have some ideas; but it’s something we might look to put in place towards the end of the year. It’d be great to share some ideas in that way.


  2. FinJod08
    FinJod08 says:

    Hi Matt,
    From what you’ve said there does that mean that’s we can do a our own tissue for a race on the cards?

  3. harrycodlife
    harrycodlife says:

    The ability to price up our own tissue from the cards will be very useful.

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