Race Analysis Reports, 24th August 2013

Race Analysis Reports (beta)

Race Analysis Reports (beta)

Below are some selected races using the 'in development' Race Analysis Report. There are some important points to note if you'd like to play with this today:

1. Place tab excludes win data currently, and shows 2nd to 4th for all races irrespective of runners

2. Distance data is exact, meaning any slight variations are not catered for currently

3. Ratings info on the right hand side is not functional yet.

4. Where Class is 1 (i.e. Listed or above), all Group and Listed contests are included currently

5. Going and field size can be changed to cater for changes (i.e. heavy rain, glut of non-runners) - NOTE> Soft ground now, so change going to soft at York!

PLEASE NOTE - If you are reviewing this page AFTER racing, the grids are updated in real time as the results come in. That means there's more likely to be a correlation between the winner featuring highly in the grid. Hope that makes sense.

2.05 York - City Of York Stakes

3.50 York - Betfred Ebor

5.00 York - Betfred the Bonus King Handicap

2.55 Goodwood - Betfair Cash Out Heritage Handicap

5.15 Goodwood - Carlisle Support Services Handicap

3.20 Newmarket - Fly easyJet From London Southend Airport Handicap

5.20 Cartmel - totepool.com Cartmel Cup (Handicap Hurdle)

5.55 Cartmel - EWGA Racing Excellence 'Hands And Heels' Handicap Hurdle (Conditionals/Amateurs)

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33 replies
  1. Mal Boyle
    Mal Boyle says:

    Great innovation but then again, that is something we have come to expect at Geegeez! Mal

    • jeff says:

      I thought the Race Analysis Report is just about the best thing around and would love to trial it before it comes a the market

  2. bluecyprus says:

    Brilliant stuff saved me a load of time this morning very welcome addition to your impressive info

  3. martin says:

    I think the form of the RAR has been ‘franked’ with Mal’s and Tony’s comments above. Visiting the Geegeez site is like being a kid in a sweet shop.

    Great stuff!


    PS Number Theory and Oriental Fox look interesting e/w tickles…especially Oriental Fox, since he looks competitively handicapped.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      I’ve backed Oriental Fox, Martin, after my ‘Ebor man’, Scottish Paul, tipped it to me. He’s picked two 25/1 winners in recent years, and is some sort of judge on such matters!


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      It won’t be for everyone, Dion, but there will be plenty of explanations when they’re finished, so you may (or may not!) change your mind then.


  4. martin says:

    Fingers crossed for the Fox in 3.50…Matt.

    The ground has really turned, and living in Leeds I’m not surprised since there was quite a bit of rain about last night…although its not raining now. Judging by the number of NRs across the York card this morning ,it seems quite a few trainers were expecting fast ground for today’s racing…probably like everyone else.

    Good luck to everyone having a punt today


  5. phill says:

    Am I being thicker than scotch broth ? I cant see any data only the first line of each race ?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      You might need to reload the page, Phill. It does very occasionally do that.


  6. gerard says:

    just to say I have been lazy and never comment on this wonderful site. Your developments her at GeeGeez are fantastic and even more so is you enormous generosity in sharing all this stuff with us. The quality and depth the articles of all you and your contributers is amazing
    long life to GeeGeez

  7. John Begg says:

    Travelling to Norfolk this afternoon. Hoping my good lady might drive and I can get a signal – probably not. I will leave my tip for the Ebor “Guarantee “. I will take 17 on betfair. Best of luck everyone. John

  8. Colin Smith says:

    I jjust love it

    Keep up the good work. I am new to the site but wont bet without you now!

  9. Michael says:

    Superb innovations Matt. The idea that can you input going changes and field size and get an instant update is great. Your site goes from strength to strength and puts the Racing Post’s antiquated, self-serving effort to shame. This has come at the right time for me personally as I am having a pretty poor flat season this year as opposed to an excellent one last year. Three to avoid today (as I have them in doubles and trebles) : Mayfield Girl 16/1, Boots and Spurs 33/1 and Mister Music 16/1.

  10. peter glossop says:

    hi matt,

    Been away and missed the start to this, looks magic in terms of saving masses of time is it available for all races.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      It will be, Peter. Still in development at the moment, but wanted to show off some of the features. 🙂

  11. davidw601 says:

    Hi Matt
    are the horses in the green boxes the ones to be interested in or the red ones, only every top rated green horse won this afternoon at 5/2 5/1 14/1 13/2 25/1 8/1 14/1 and 10/1 that is simply unbelievable ratings if i am reading them correctly,very highly impressive will you be doing these everyday maybe for the main races or just for the big meetings ? Once again Matt many thanks for sharing these keep up the outstanding work
    All the best

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Dave

      The grids are updated as the results come in, so if you’re looking after the race, they’ll look slightly better for the winner and placed horses (on the placed grid), and slightly worse for unplaced nags.

      That said, they did do pretty well, and they have been doing very well since I’ve been testing them. They automate a lot of the basic (first stage) crunching I’ve historically done manually. I hope they’ll help others as much as they do me. 🙂


  12. PaulLeonard says:

    Matt is this getting put up for today, Sunday 25th. Very interesting bit of kit.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Paul,

      Sorry, it was just a ‘taster’ yesterday. The report is not ready yet, with a few things still to resolve. But hopefully from next weekend, with a favourable wind.

      Thanks for your interest, and glad you like it.


  13. RWH says:

    Hi Matt,
    I think your Traffic Light Charts are one of the best racing aides I have came across. Hope you get them online fulltime asap.
    Thanks for all your hard work and info.


  14. alpha2 says:

    Hi Matt, I’ve been overseas and just catching up on this. Where are the analysis sheets posted? Is there an overall explanation post? Can’t find it.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Hugh

      It’s all beta just now. (Much) more info to follow when they’re finished! 🙂


  15. Ian Dayson says:

    An incredible first 2 days for the new RAR’s. If this sort of level of consistency can be maintained, we at Geegeez will have lot to be thankful for in the future.

    What an excellent tool.

    Many thanks


  16. Roy Davies says:

    The charts are OUTSTANDING. Best bit of kit I`ve seen for ages. Please keep us updated Matt. Well done again.

  17. Barrie iones says:

    This looks great Race Analysis Reports,..
    Would you please send me details,.
    Is this a day by day report
    Thanking you Barrie Jones

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