Race of the Day 7th June 2018 (plus new bits)

In today's video presentation, I go through Thursday's 9.20 at Carlisle using pace, draw and form to land on a horse that looks over-priced; and I also reveal a few cool new features which are coming soon...

Watch and listen to the video below!

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    RonCombo says:

    Thanks Matt, enjoyed that. And as I write Mishaal is out to 12s. Love a drifter!

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      Matt Bisogno says:

      Wouldn’t mind seeing a penny or two of support for him from somewhere…!! Have backed him at 12’s and again at 14’s. Praying he doesn’t go to 16’s or it will start getting expensive!

      (Have also had a small saver on Yes You)


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    betman says:

    Hi Matt

    Great video as always – looking forward to use it. I am still a bit of an amateur when it comes to using the Query tool, but I can definitely see the value and loves to test various things.

    One thing I would love would be to have the option to select horses based on their ranked SR and OR values within each race, rather than just being able to select horses based on the absolute values. My reasoning is that an absolute SR value, for instance 80, doesn’t really tell me a lot if it is not compared to the other horses in the same race. It might be high by comparison or it might be low, but it’s the relative rating that makes it interesting (e.g., as we know a high SR vs the other horses tend to matter more in the short races). Maybe that functionality is already there and I am just not using it (like I said, I am still very much an amateur here), but if not, is this something you would consider implementing?

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      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi betman

      You’re in luck. We are in the process of adding SR rank to QT and, all being well, it should be online before the end of the month.


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    Stuart says:

    Hi Matt,
    Nice presentation as usual, however, using my OR KIS system it only took me 10 seconds to find both Baltic Prince and Mishaal as my selections for this race. Both win and place. Fingers crossed.


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    om0202 says:

    Good video Matt. My angle in to the race was the speed ratings and Captain Bob was 5 points clear. When I use the pace tab I use the data rather than the graphic as this gives a totally different picture of how the race might be run. Using the graphic tab suggests Captain Bob will likely be mid-division whereas the data shows that he is likely to be either held up or prominent. I’ve no idea which method is more reliable but working on the possibility of 50% that he will be ridden prominently I’ve taken a small ew interest.

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    cobweb47 says:

    I really don’t see the merit of Peter May’s SR’s in a recent race he didn’t even rate Battash in the first 3 when he clearly had far superior ratings and went on to win the race.

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    antony church says:

    great video matt not really used the querry tool yet but will start to get my head round it in due course for what its worth ive backed Baltic prince in that race got 11/1 drifted from yesterday

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    sunchu says:

    great video matt and I would like to use the querry tool but I cant seem to make it work I input stuff and nothing happens am I doing something wrong backed Baltic prince in the 9.20 got 11/1 before the R4 came in

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    briboy says:

    New features look really good, the query tool additions will save me a lot of time as trying to keep systems in the tracker tool is getting too difficult.
    Happy to help out if you need any testers before go live.

    great stuff as always, keep up the good work

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    CDB199 says:

    I think there is scope for a video (apologies if one done before, so please direct) done by the “stat of the day” team on how they pluck out all their stats and snippets. sure, plenty are to hand with just a few clicks and many are highlighted once you’ve tinkered with your own report angles.
    However, Chris seems to unearth deeper angles that yet i am unable to use geegeez to find easily myself. a nice video with start to finish analysis would be great, am educate us all in getting the most out of all areas of the site.

    good work on the new features btw. all adding value for us subscribers.

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    John Johns says:

    30 minutes of Waffle, stats, pace, front runners and graphs don’t mean a jot in racing, all the horses mentioned bar Baltic Prince got lost, up pops UNCLE CHARLIE . This was the 9.20 at Carlisle. ( Timeform was bang on the money. ) After over 50 years betting on horses I rely on instinct. If you look at the betting forecast 9 out of 10 horses that finished 1st last time out will be put up as Fav, 9 out of 10 of these loose.

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      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks for chipping in John, even though – with respect – you’re talking “pony and trap”.

      One in six horses last time out winners win again. Betting forecasts are irrelevant. Actual betting – prices available – dictate where value may lie. Value is about long term profit, not winning every race.

      I found three horses interesting in the race. The most competitive race of the day where, in the morning, they bet 6/1 the field in a ten horse race. One was a neck second, one was a fair fifth, the other bombed out. I discounted the bomb on the basis of price. I was happy with the methodology and the selection.

      However, the race wasn’t run anything like expected, as Baltic Prince missed the break. Reinforced couldn’t get across from the wide draw and Mishaal took them along half a stride quicker than ideal. As is was, he still led into the final furlong before tiring. Three of the first four home came from the back of the field, which tells you they went very hard.

      But you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing for 50 years, so you’re not going to take any notice of the above anyway…


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    If Only says:

    Funny how Jack the Judge turns up after the race!
    Keep up the great work Matt I for one enjoy it.
    I have only been betting for 55+ years so i am still getting the hang of it!
    Anyone tell you they know all they need to know are talking out of their jacksy.

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    Kim Chapman says:

    I think some people are crazy, they tell you your advise is rubbish and they are better than you, so why are they on your site looking for tips if they are so good, it is Ok people being wise after the event, bet he couldn,t give advice 1 day before the race and it be correct 100% of the time. I really enjoyed the video, nice to look into someones thought of how he selects his winners, I think you should make it a regular feature, maybe on Friday nights with a pint,looking at the best race on Saturday…..Keep up the great work

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