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Today's racecards appear on this page. They contain full horse, trainer and jockey form for today's racing.

In addition to Today's racecards, use our form profiling tools like Instant Expert and Full Form Filter. Plus,'s exclusive pace maps and speed ratings.


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Geegeez racecards feature horse, trainer and jockey form for all meetings in UK and Ireland today. You can get full runners and riders, draw analysis and pace maps, and latest odds. We also publish ratings for all races, individual horse comments and race verdicts/selections. As well as today's horse racing form, we also publish tomorrow's racecards and form for the next five days' racing.

Where can I find today’s racecards?

Today’s racecards can be found above on this page. You’ll find each meeting in the UK and Ireland, each race time, the race name and the distance of each race.

Today’s horse racing cards will show you all of the horses running today, the racecard number of each runner, the recent form figures for today’s runners plus the age, weight, trainer and jockey for each horse.

You’ll also find a number of figures on the horse racing cards today. These figures include the official rating, Racing Post Rating, Top Speed Rating and Dr Peter May’s Speed Rating.

These horse race cards allow you to get the best insight possible into all aspects of every race. The best chance you have of beating the bookies is to be equipped with every bit of information possible and that is what you’ll find from today horse racing card.

What are the horse racing meetings today?

The horse racing meetings today are all listed above. Each meeting is denoted within a blue bar and you are also able to view vital racecourse info and stats from today’s racecards above.

Today’s horse racing cards will show which racecourses have meetings today as long as they are in the UK or Ireland. All of the UK and Irish meetings are covered and all of today’s meetings are found in the horse racing cards today.

All horses running today are also listed within each race card as you’d expect, with all non runners removed from today horse racing card and then listed in a non runner section beneath each of the individual race cards.

Where can I find the racecards for tomorrow?

The racecards for tomorrow are always available, as are the horse race cards for the rest of the week. The day and date for these racecards can be selected at the top of the page.

The horse racing cards tomorrow are exactly the same format as today’s horse racing cards with all of the information you’ll get on the Geegeez racecards available for anyone who wants to get a head start on the horse racing for tomorrow.

The racecards tomorrow are important as many bookmakers will price up horse racing tomorrow the evening before each race takes place. The early value is often available at that time so looking at the horse racing cards tomorrow as early as possible can give punters the edge over the bookies.

So if you need to find the race cards tomorrow simply select the relevant day at the top of this page and you’ll be able to start your form study.

Where can I find tomorrow’s runners?

Tomorrow’s runners can easily be located by selecting each of the relevant racecards for tomorrow and browsing through each runner in each race. Alternatively if you are looking at horse racing for tomorrow and simply want a list of all tomorrow’s runners you can click on the following link to get all horses running today and horses running tomorrow.

The horse racing cards tomorrow can be viewed by selecting the correct day and date at the top of this page. It can be important to get a head start on the horse racing for tomorrow so that you can take the best prices as soon as the prices are made available with the bookies.

All of the horse racing tomorrow and later in the week are available on this page using the correct filters.

What is different about Geegeez Gold horse race cards?

The horse race cards available through Geegeez Gold are designed with knowledgeable and thorough bettors in mind. In our opinion these horse racing racecards are world class and the best available.

The Geegeez Gold horse racing cards show not only the usual information you’ll find on a number of other websites and databases, as well as extra ratings that many bettors find useful, but there is also an abundance of other crucial information and data available on the horses running today, the individual races and each racecourse itself.

Any Geegeez Gold member who looks at today’s racecards can view great tools such as the ‘Profiler’ or the ‘Instant Expert’. These allow bettors to compare a huge number of race variables across different runners, trainers, jockeys and sires.

Other features of the Geegeez Gold horse racing cards are the pace and draw tabs. The pace tabs display a pace map for each race, based on previous run data, showing how each race is likely to run. You’ll also find data based on run style for each course, distance and going description which highlights any course biases.

The draw data compares the records of low, middle and high drawn runners at the relevant race course over the relevant distance. The going reports can be filtered to get a more accurate view of any draw bias on the relevant ground. Members can dig deeper into the record of each individual draw that can be sorted on a great number of metrics.

All this racecard data is available on the racecards tomorrow also. Once the final declarations have been made for each race members are able to start analysing each race in a way that most bettors don’t even know is possible.

Besides each race on this horse race cards page is a link to the result. Once the race has been run the full result can be viewed with crucial information such as the finishing positions, distances beaten, in running comments and all the final odds and dividends. Full horse racing results today can also be viewed on the Geegeez horse race results page.

Where can I find the current going reports?

In depth going reports for today can be found on the BHA website. The correct going information is also displayed on the racecards above but there is also an option to change the going using the drop down menu.

By changing the going reports for a racecard the bettor is able to change the results that are displayed within the racecards when filtering only for ‘today’s going’. Changing the going report on today’s racecards can be particularly useful when studying in advance of predicted rainfall or even ahead of drying conditions.

Today’s horse racing cards on Geegeez are always highly customisable to allow bettors to find exactly what they need.

How do I find horse racing on TV today?

Horse racing on TV is normally only shown on terrestrial channels on Saturdays although there are occasions when there is horse racing on TV on Sundays plus major horse racing festivals tend to be shown during the midweek.

The current terrestrial TV rights to show live horse racing today are owned by ITV. The ITV Racing team is headed by presenter Ed Chamberlain and features a number of other knowledgeable presenters and pundits. If you want to find out the live horse racing on TV today then you can check out the live racing fixtures on the ITV Racing website.

There should be live horse racing on TV today and almost every day of the year on both Racing TV and Sky Sports Racing. These two broadcasters share the rights to showing UK racing live on TV although they own the rights to different tracks. Racing TV currently holds the rights to show horse racing live from Ireland.

Live horse racing streaming is available for racing that is shown on either ITV Racing, Racing TV or Sky Sports Racing. Sky Sports Racing is available through the Sky Go app whilst ITV Racing is also available on Sky Go as well as the ITV Hub.

If you want to watch live horse racing streaming from Racing TV you will need an existing Racing TV subscription. With that you are able to watch live horse racing streaming on the Racing TV website or through your television on the relevant channel (426 if watching Sky HD).

We also offer a comprehensive horse racing results service with all results on a single page, plus a full A-Z of today's runners as part of our winner-finding report suite.