Racing Post Update, and a Very Quick Question…

Well, dear reader, the farce that is the Racing Post website 'upgrade' continues to plumb new depths of ineptitude. As of the time of writing, I was greeted by this message at their 'wonderful' new site:

I wonder how long it can possibly be before they bow to the inevitable pressure, and reinstate the old and much loved site, at least in parallel, and at least until the .com is working properly.

The problem they have is that they want us to use the new site, so they can flush all the bugs, errors, and other technical gremlins out. They want us to guinea pig test it. In fairness to them, that is no different from any other launcher of software, but it is something of a novelty in website launch terms.

In short, they've cocked up and I think now is the time for them to acknowledge that and pay their loyal following back, by reinstating the previous site until such time as things are running more stably.

If you agree, do join my facebook 'crusade' by clicking the link at the top of this post. I'm not normally a militant, but in this case I feel sufficiently moved to try to get some kind of petition together for the reinstatement of a perfectly efficient site. (And thanks in advance for your solidarity!)


It's December, as you may have noticed (xmas adverts filling the tv screen; bloody freezing; lights, trees and other festive adornments all over the shop, and - of course - Gavin's look at the Christmas betting markets!).

But this is also traditionally a time for quiet self-reflection. In the spirit of this, and in trying to do what it appears obvious that Racing Post didn't do, I'd like to ask you for some feedback on Geegeez.

This, my new home since I left Nag3, has only been going since early September, which is hard to believe when you think about it. Nevertheless, I'm conscious that it needs to grow as we move into the next year, and I am very keen for you to help me shape it into something of value.

Please bear in mind that I'm never likely to be able to challenge the likes of Racing Post, nor Oddschecker, or other major sites. But the benefit of being small, like Geegeez is, is that it is nimble, agile, flexible to your wishes and wants.

Your first 30 days for just £1

I do have some fairly ambitious plans for next year, but I can't reveal those until I know how my thoughts align to yours.

So I've created a very short (ten questions, mostly multiple choice) survey to help me understand things a little better.

I'd be very grateful if you would take five minutes to click the link below, and answer these questions to make 'our' site a little better in the coming months.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this - I'm confident that as we go into 2009, this little site will become much more akin to what you want it to be.


Finally today, I hope those of you who have signed up for Geegeez Laying System service are enjoying your trial period. We had one unpleasant reverse, when Bold Diva got up at 14/1 under a fantastic ride from the excellent Hayley Turner (seriously, if there's any of you avoiding this jockey because "she's a girl", you're mad! Her horses go off at longer odds because of this, which means they're very often great value...)

That reverse - one of the predicted swings to all the favourable roundabouts - means we're slightly down since launch last Friday, but still well in front since tracking started at the beginning of the month.

Do please continue to paper trade until you're happy that you know what you're doing, and that the system works for you. Please note, the Racing Post problems are causing me serious headaches with this service currently. Hopefully, they'll be resolved soonest.

I'm going to close the service to membership after Friday of this week, so if you want to try it, you've got a couple of days to sign up. As regular readers will know, this is not marketing hype. I don't want to cause problems to people getting their trades on, and I've been pleasantly surprised with the level of take up for the trial at this difficult time for punters, so I will shut the doors for a while.

They won't reopen this side of the new year, so if you want in, now is the time. I will remind you again before the end of the week, but please don't miss out if you intend to try this.

Have a good day - I'm off to put another jumper on - it's blooming freezing!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Jonathan says:

    Racing Post petition should be circulated throughout the online betting community. The new site is everything you suggest…CRAP! Slow to load, won’t accept passwords etc. The old site was far superior. I am now having to getting used to Sporting Life – at least it works!


  2. rubican says:

    The following is the content of an email I had previously sent to the Racing Post.


    As a long term appreciative user of the Racing Post website I must say that
    the new site is absolutely dire, a disaster of design over content.

    The site is certainly not as user friendly as the previous site and
    certainly requires more PC processing power to contend with the new
    website’s “enhancements”.

    A few issues that I think you need to address:

    1. The feedback, contact and other links at the bottom of the pages are
    extremely difficult to make out as the text merges into the background
    colour scheme.

    2. What is the point of providing the full results from race meetings but
    frequently not providing the SP of the runners in the race!!!

    3. When I print race cards the runners for the 1st race at each meeting
    only print. The remaining races result in a series of pages with adverts
    but no runners.

    I am a software Test Manager. Clearly your developers did not undertake any
    real testing on this new site before unleashing it on to the public.

    Unfortunately I will have to revert to the Sporting Life site until some
    significant improvements are made on your new site. Better still, let us
    have the ‘old’ site back.

    Yours in disappointment”

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