Racing protocols remain unchanged following latest Government guidelines

New coronavirus guidelines issued by the Government on Monday will not necessitate any changes to the British Horseracing Authority’s current protocols for behind-closed-doors racing.

A new three-tier system for England has been unveiled as the Government tries to tackle the rising number of Covid-19 cases, with differing levels of restrictions imposed depending on whether an area is judged to be on medium, high or very high alert.

The BHA’s chief medical adviser Dr Jerry Hill has considered that new guidance and discussed it with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, with no need for any immediate revision to current practices – although he reminded all in the sport of their responsibility to follow the protocols in place.

He said: “Following close consideration of the detail behind the new Government guidelines, and discussion with DCMS, we can confirm that the new protocols do not affect the existing behind-closed-doors guidelines for British racing.

“We do, however, urge everyone involved in British racing who is taking part in any racing-related activities to check the restrictions in their local area and follow the relevant Government advice.

“It also goes without saying it remains critical that all of our industry participants follow Government’s and British racing’s coronavirus protocols at all times, whether at work or at home, to ensure that racing can continue behind closed doors.

“The BHA, in liaison with other stakeholders, have in place an on-going process of reviewing our guidelines to ensure they stay up to date with a rapidly changing situation and we anticipate the next version to be published soon.

“Participants should check and the Racing Admin website regularly to ensure they are following the latest advice.”

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