Racing Revelation – Final Review


The “Racing Revelation” system is a horse betting system that encompasses both Flat and National Hunt racing.  To understand the system requires a modicum of prior experience.

Selections can be found using either Racing Post Online (recommended by the author) or Sporting Life Online though whichever you choose will be a matter of individual preference. There are currently no costs associated  with viewing the race cards on either site.

Before arriving at possible selections, there are a number of factors to be discounted such as particular courses, number of runners, race types  etc.,  Once these are taken into account there is still an element of "work" to be undertaken which can be time consuming. To mitigate against this the author offers an email service where selections are provided without needing to undertake any analysis yourself, the cost of this email service is £9.99 per month.

Note: the system contains two "methods" the main method and the alternative method. The purpose of the 'alternative' method is to "help maintain a more steady flow of winners without the long losing runs" associated with the 'main' method. This will mean lower profits over the long term nonetheless, the 'alternative' method is quoted as showing "a profit of over 350 points to Betfair SP over the last 14 months " (more on this later).

System Claims

I will quote from the system manual directly "Overall the system is showing a profit of over 400 points to SP and almost 750 points to Betfair SP for the last 14 months. There was only 1 losing month (September 2009), every other month made a profit."

A full list of results (January 2009 - February 2010) is provided to all purchasers of the system.

System Results – 5th May to 5th June 2010

I did not undertake the analysis of qualifying horses myself, rather I was fortunate enough to receive the email service from the author so all of the work was done for me. Whilst this made my job of reviewer easier it did allow errors on my part to creep in (see below).

Main Method Results - following all selections in the author's email (as posted, by me, during the review)

Selections = 148

Non-runners = 4

Winners = 24

Second = 19

Third = 20

Unplaced = 81

Strike Rate = 16.67%

Total Stakes = £1440.00

Total Return = £1312.80

Loss to SP = - £127.20 (- 12.72 points @ £10 per point)

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Main Method Results - ignoring those that exceed the recommended 20/1 SP price cap.

Possible qualifiers = 148

Non-runners = 4

Non-qualifiers = 17

Winners = 24

Second = 19

Third = 20

Unplaced = 64

Strike Rate = 18.90%

Total Stakes = £1270.00

Total Return = £1312.80

Profit to SP = £42.80 (4.28 points @ £10 per point) - a winning month.


Alternative Method

Selections = 73

Winners = 17

Second = 12

Third = 13

Unplaced = 31

Strike Rate = 23.29%

Total Stakes = £730.00

Total Return = £497.80

Loss to SP = - £232.20 (- 23.22 points @ £10 per point)


Unfortunately the results during the review have not been very inspiring, a small profit on the 'main' method and a substantial loss on the 'alternative' method. When you add to this the initial cost of the system (£97, but currently at an introductory price of £47) and, if so selected, £9.99 per month for the email service, then I wouldn't expect anyone to get rich soon nor indeed achieve the quoted profitability experienced over the quoted 14 month period.

I would suggest totally ignoring the 'alternative' method as once you start to incur losses the restrictions imposed on selections for this method makes it very difficult to recover these losses.

The basic premise of the system does have merit though I would be keen to introduce additional filters that would reduce the number of selections and increase profitability. Unfortunately, and based on the current review, I could not recommend this system as it is currently designed.  I have provided Matt with a spreadsheet that identifies all selections.

Happy punting


Postscript:  I have continued to monitor the system (6th June - 15th June 2010), the 'main' method is showing a slight profit of £6.59 whilst the 'alternative' method continues to rack up losses (- £83.41).

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