It stands to reason that not all racing systems can be great. In fact, most will not be. Of 100 systems, there might be a handful - maybe three or four - that are truly excellent, with another 15 to 20 worth a second glance.

By those maths then, some 75% of horse racing systems will be avoidable. That is, you should look to spend your pennies elsewhere. One of the objectives of the geegeez website is to help you sort the small amount of wheat from the pre-eminent volume of chaff: to find those few rare winning systems amidst all the others.

The purpose of this page is to list those systems that I've reviewed and personally felt were neither good nor average, but just poor. It is possible that the system could have had a bad run during the trial period, but typically I will only add a system here if it not only performs badly, but also is based on what I consider to be flawed or insubstantial logic.

Selector 2 4� / 10

Oh dear, we�re starting to get to the tail end of the systems to have been reviewed so far� this one looked interesting for a while, but then fell away rather badly. You can read the review here�

Lay365 2 / 10

Oh dear� this one is really not good. Dodgy results claims, managed from a hotmail email address, and worse.

Read why I�d swerve this one here�

Betting Exchange Profits 1� / 10

The worst pure betting system I�ve reviewed, and certainly one to avoid in my opinion. For information, the review is here�

Lay51 Operation 0 / 10

Far and away the worst horse racing system I�ve ever seen, do not even consider buying this.

Read why here�