Backing Star System Review

Backing Star System Review

Backing Star - Pretty much a burnt out star.

The Backing Star System is a tipping service that delivers selections to bet in the UK racing market. The selections are generally available by 10am in the morning and delivered in two ways: either through the members' area of the main site by use of a password available to subscribers, and, straight to the inbox of your email address.

Backing Star backs horses in the win and place markets on the Exchanges and recommends 5 different staking plans. You can choose to one or all of the staking places, which use a combination of win bets, place bets, level stakes, percentage stakes and progressive staking strategies.  So there should be something for everyone with Backing Star.

All information required to place the Backing Star selections is available from the members' website, so if you forget the rules for applying the tips then they are available at the click of a button. Once you have received the Backing Star selections for the day then the advice is to only make the bet on races of nine runners or less, within one minute of the official race start and where the odds are 4.0 or less.   After this it is up to you to select which staking plan you wish to follow.  In summary, the staking plans recommended for Backing Star are:

All banks are  £100 and a 5% Betfair commission should be deducted.

Plan A - Level Stakes Place Market Only: 100 point betting bank
Plan B - 2% staking Place Market Only
Plan C - Level Stakes Win Market Only: 100 point betting bank
Plan D - 3% staking Each Way Bets (i.e. 1.5% Win and 1.5% Place)
Plan E - 1%, 2%, 4% progressive staking (maximum 4%)

So how did Backing Star perform over the duration of our 45 day review?

Backing Star System Review Results....

Total     Select       Win     Place       UP       NQ        NR
811         540        147      152       241     226        45

As can be seen from the above, of the 811 selections only 540 or 66.58% qualified for placing bets. Although there were 45 non runners, there were a staggering 226 (27.87%) selections which did not qualify under the over nine runners per race rule. I did query this with Mohit the owner of Backing Star but never received a reply. I can understand races with 10 runners where there could be the possibility of a non runner. However there were many instances of up to 14 runners hence making it highly unlikely that such races/selections would qualify. So why post these selections?

Onto the results and the full breakdown of the entire backing Star 45 days is shown below. Of the 540 selections that qualified 299 (55.37%) qualified for a payout which seems a pretty low percentage for a mainly place bet system as the majority of selections would be short priced favourites which have place prices in the region of 1.20 thus earning very little profit. Also I find 241 (44.63%) selections unplaced to represent a very high percentage.

All in all of the 45 days of proofing Backing Star there were 16 days showing a profit across the whole 5 plans.

To sum up I found this to be a medium to low risk strategy on Plans A, B, and D. Plan D relies on winners and thus is high risk and to be honest the method of Plan E was pretty high risk due to the conditions of the Plan.

The Backing Star website claims some amazing profits from July 2010 until April 2011 with Plan D showing an increase of the bank for this Plan by 42 times (£1000 starting bank to £42,000 in this period)!  After the 45 day review period only 2 Plans showed a profit: Plan A a mere 16p and Plan D (place) £2.32 (both before Betfair 5% commission) thus showing an overall loss. The remainder of the Plans showed a loss

To summarise I do not feel that Backing Star is value for money as the subscriptions are £199.98 for 12 months, £119.97 for 6 months, £75.97 for 3 months, and £29.97 for 1 month and thus fail it with a rating of 1/5

Backing Star proved to be a burnt out star!