Betfair Blueprint Review

Betfair Blueprint System

Another week, another system, dear reader, and such is the nature of the ever-turning merry-go-round that spins through our inbox with unerring consistency.

This system is marketed by Kris Jackman's BetterBet Publishing. I like Kris' systems as I think they involve a level of common sense that is missing in a majority of offerings. That's why his Racing Secrets [Exposed] is recommended by me, and why it's one of the top-selling systems of recent times.

I also have a lot of respect for Kris as a marketer - he knows his stuff and he does very well.

But... I am not a fan of Betfair Blueprint. The first thing to say is that this is not authored by Kris himself. Rather, he is promoting it on behalf of someone else. Nothing wrong with that. It's something I've done in the past with David Peat of Horse Profiles fame.

Moreover, the system angle does have merit. It's a backing system that looks to support certain horses in the place market.

So why my reticence towards Betfair Blueprint? Well, the main reason is that I'm not able to back test it due to the convalution of the criteria (they're not difficult to understand or implement, but they are difficult to feed into a historical database).

This in itself would be fine if I could trial it for a period of time before recommending it - or at least for a few days!

But there is apparently a 36 hour curfew, beyond which Betfair Blueprint will purportedly be pulled from the market.

Such a small window doesn't afford any kind of real time testing at all, and so I have to pass on it on this point alone.

However, I also have a couple of more deep-seated reservations:

1. two of the rules will have an inconsistent effect on horses in different races. Without giving the game away, race distance is a variable and not an absolute; and, dividing race going into halves is too arbitrary to be meaningful.

2. the system requires backing horses at pretty short prices (always odds on). Whilst losers will be fairly rare, they will be expensive and - over time - probably erode one's bank. Indeed, it's this point that specifically mandates that the system needs a good trial period before a verdict can be arrived at.

So I'll be giving the Betfair Blueprint the swerve. (Actually, I have already bought it - as I always buy products - so I could review it for you in an unbiased fashion, as I always do). I won't be refunding on it, because I can't say it doesn't work. Rather, I don't have the time to verify it and offer an opinion before the door will be closing (allegedly).