Bookie Bomber System Review  

The Bookie Bomber System is apparently a betting system for horse racing anywhere in the world, that garners between 73% and... 100% (!)... strike rate. So the Bookie Bomber system sales copy tells me anyway.And yet, despite this pure brilliance, it is only £29. And there are only 200 available (and yet it's still up for grabs as I write - how bizarre). 

The Bookie Bomber system is eight pages of pdf long, and contains example screenshots of one possible race and qualifier. Although the race result is not shown, I can tell you the horse finished fourth of six... Of course, horses lose. And system horses lose. Even systems that get up to 100% strike rate (ahem), apparently. 

 However, to use a losing example without even showing the result lacks credibility, substance, professionalism, integrity... well, we are not talking about credible substantial professionals here, nor are we talking integrity. 

Bookie Bomber is a steaming pile of excrement, and will make you poorer than the £29 it cost you. 

Oh yeah, and it has a 'dream car' in the sales copy, as well as an actor (and a very good one at that) telling you 'his story'. 

Bookie Bomber gets a big thumbs down, and I encourage you to paper trade for at least a month if you've bought it. I'm confident you'll be emailing the refunds squad at Clickbank by the end of that period. If you're not, do please let me know along with your detailed betting records of using the Bookie Bomber. I'm especially interested if you're trying to use this system anywhere but in the UK.